At the bottom of this web page are links to several articles on specific types of cancer, such as liver cancer, multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, etc. However, there are some general comments that apply to all of these articles.

My time is generally spent on treatment protocols, not on specific types of cancer. The good news is that there is someone who has researched alternative cancer treatments for specific types of cancers. His name is Ralph Moss and he is the author of several books on alternative medicine. He has an excellent reputation.

He has special reports, called the Moss Reports, for many types of cancer. They cost about $300.00 a piece but are probably well worth the price.

His website is at:

There are also a set of videos, such as for Multiple Myeloma, available online. For example, ERIC SCHEINBART, M.D. – “Alternative Therapies In The Treatment Of Multiple Myeloma.” See:
Cancer Control Society

There is also another option to search for information about your type of cancer. On my web page is a list of over 200 different types of alternative cancer treatments. Any treatment plan that has a blue header is a treatment type. Those with green headers are informational items. This web page can be found at:
Over 200 Alternative Treatments

Let me explain how to use this list. Suppose you have Multiple Myeloma and you want to know if Ellagic Acid has been successfully used on Multiple Myeloma. Then go to the Google search engine and type in the following search command:
“Multiple Myeloma” “Ellagic Acid” in the search box. Note the quotes around “Multiple Myeloma” and “Ellagic Acid” Put these quotes in as shown.

When I did this search I got 83 hits. Most of these hits, as always, are useless to connecting “multiple myeloma” to “ellagic acid” (i.e. it is a coincidence the site had both phrases), but this type of research is well worth the time.

If a person does this type of search for the more than 200 alternative treatments I list, they may find life-saving information. I simply don't have time to do such a thing for all types of cancer. But for someone with only one type of cancer to deal with, they might have time to do it.

One request. If you do such a search and find something important, please let me know so I can put it on my website.

There is a ton of good information on the internet, but it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Here are the links to my articles.

Articles On Specific Types of Cancer