Tag: Cancer Prevention

Can you imagine the world without cancer? Dr. Margaret Cuomo says it’s a dream that can become a reality. There are 4,600 new cases of cancer reported each day. In A World Without Cancer, Dr. Cuomo highlights 10 lifestyle changes to lower the risk of cancer while improving the quality of life. A World Without Cancer […]

Vitamin D deficiency is too common today affecting an estimated 1 billion people worldwide or 90 percent of the world’s population. Dr. Michael Holick, a leading authority on Vitamin D research, predicts Vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition worldwide. (5) Increasing concern for sunscreen use, reduced intake of Vitamin D in food […]

A cancer prevention program is generally a cancer treatment which is simple to use, inexpensive, and can be used indefinitely without worrying about alkalinity, etc. The key is the word “indefinite.” This implies it is not too expensive, is easy to use and there are no restrictions on using the protocol for long periods of […]