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How to prevent cancer

A cancer prevention program is generally a cancer treatment which is simple to use, inexpensive, and can be used indefinitely without worrying about alkalinity, etc.

The key is the word “indefinite.” This implies it is not too expensive, is easy to use and there are no restrictions on using the protocol for long periods of time. This is why the Kelmun Protocol (baking soda and maple syrup) would not be a good cancer prevention program. The Kelmun can only be used for six weeks at a time.

The items on this page fit those requirements, but so do many other natural cancer treatments.

Prevention Protocol 1

The recommended protocol for cancer prevention:
MSM / LIPH protocol.

Here is the article on this website about MSM/LIPH: MSM / LIPH Protocol

Both items in the above protocol (MSM and LIPH) kill microbes and help revert cancer cells into normal cells by themselves. They are also very synergistic together.

The dose for MSM and LIPH can be half of the treatment dose, but that is up to you (depending on your risk factor).

In addition, you can look at the Dirt Cheap Protocol for other items (but do not use the Kelmun Protocol as it is not an indefinite treatment), if you feel you have an abnormal risk factor for getting cancer.

For example, Aloe Arborescens is easy to take and is a top-notch cancer treatment by itself. In addition, the Bob Beck Protocol is an absolutely outstanding cancer prevention protocol but it takes more effort to use. I will discuss that below as it is its own category.

Prevention Protocol 2

If for any reason you do not want to use the Cadillac of cancer prevention protocols, the next best thing is a seaweed juice called Fucoidan. However, I want to make it very clear that I only endorse one brand of Fucoidan. The reason I endorse one brand is that they own the key patents on extracting fucoidan from the seaweed. Fucoidan, being a complex sugar, is very difficult to extract.

Because health food stores are not allowed to sell cancer treatments, this product is sold through multi-level marketing. That is not because it is a weak cancer treatment, rather precisely because it is a strong cancer treatment.

Fucoidan has been shown in more than 100 scientific studies to safely kill cancer cells.

The therapeutic dose of Fucoidan to use as a potent cancer treatment is 16 ounces a day (actually, one-half of a liter bottle). To prevent cancer I would recommend 1/4th bottle a day.

Unless a person already has an advanced type of cancer and didn't know it, I cannot conceive of someone getting cancer if they took 1/4 bottle of Fucoidan daily. Here is an article on this product as a cancer treatment: Fucoidan

I might add that there are some brands of Noni Juice, Mangosteen Juice and Wolfberry Juice which might be just as good as Fucoidan if you pick the right brand.

Prevention Protocol 3

(Do not use this option if you are on strong prescription drugs.)

When someone asks how to prevent cancer it takes about about one second to give an answer: the Bob Beck Protocol.

Researchers estimate that a “reference man” – who is aged 20-30, 1.7 meters tall (5 feet 6 inches), and weighs 70 kilograms (155 pounds) – is likely to contain around 3.9 x 1013 microbes in his body. (1) Some of these microbes are the microbes that cause cancer, but the vast majority of them simply suppress the immune system. (2)

The Bob Beck Protocol consists of four protocols. Three of the protocols you can make at home and the device for the fourth protocol (ozonated water) costs about $350. If you buy all four protocols off the shelf from Sota Instruments, it will cost you a little more than $1,000. And unlike pills, two or three people can use these devices on the same days.

The Bob Beck Protocol was designed as a cure for AIDS. It is a valid treatment for AIDS, HPV, Hepatitis A, B and C, and a host of other microbial diseases.

But more importantly, it cleans the entire body of microbes. You go from two pounds of microbes to zero pounds of microbes. When the body is cleared of microbes, the immune system kicks in like you cannot believe. It literally eats any cancer cells in the body.

The point is that when you have been on the Bob Beck Protocol for a few months you have:

  • Zero microbes in the body,
  • Zero cancer cells in the body,
  • A supercharged immune system,
  • You have “immortal blood.”

What is “immortal blood”? It is blood so clean of microbes, and so healthy, that if you put it on a microscope slide it will evaporate without dying. The blood of a normal person will die within a day or two of being put on a microscope slide. “Immortal blood” is so strong, healthy, and microbe free that it never dies (however, it evaporates in about 50 days).

The vendor recommended for this protocol is Sota Instruments. Here are the devices:

1) “Silver Pulser,” technically a “blood purifier” and colloidal silver maker in one device. The Canadian government will not allow the Sota company to call it a “blood purifier,” so they call it a “silver pulser.”

We recommend Sota because you will be using it two hours every day. With this device, it is easy to strap the device on your arm, and have two thin wires go down to your wrist to where a strap is wrapped around the wrist. In other words, you are very mobile and are able to walk around, watch T.V., surf the web, and so on. Plus it is the authentic technology of Bob Beck.

2) “Magnetic Pulser,” which is used to clean microbes out of the lymph system. Use the Sota product as the faster and more powerful pulsers seem to have been shut down or gone out of business.

3) Colloidal Silver, which is made by a section of the “Silver Pulser” mentioned above.

A different option is this vendor which probably makes a more effective silver particle: The Silver Edge company. Actually, the silver made by the Silver Edge device is a lot more potent that the silver made by the Sota device, but the Sota device is quite adequate for cancer prevention.

4) Ozonated Water, which is self-explanatory. Ozone kills microbes and supports the other anti-microbial parts of this protocol.

To learn how to use this protocol in detail, you have two sources you should study. First, several articles on this website: The Bob Beck Protocol (several articles)

Second, it is essential to go to YouTube and watch two of Bob Beck's videos: Granada and Ventura.

Prevention Protocol 4

A quote from a website: “Bruce Fife, doctor of naturopathy and author of Coconut Oil Miracle, speaking about the staggering results of cancer research conducted over many decades, showing that mice exposed to cancer via carcinogens all got cancer, except the ones who had been given coconut oil. It is a very potent anti-cancer remedy that every single person can take for pennies a day.”

From a theoretical standpoint, the main reason coconut oil may be so good is lauric acid, which has potent anti-viral activity and is in human breast milk. The human body converts lauric acid to a derivative called “monolaurin” which is the substance that protects infants from viral, bacterial, protozoal and other infections. Cancer is a microbial disease (see What Causes Cancer).

Prevention Protocol 5

This protocol uses MSM (i.e. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), a perfectly safe and necessary molecule for the brain, and colloidal silver. Both items kill microbes but the MSM also helps get the colloidal silver inside of any cancer cells by opening the ports of any cancer cells in the body. Then the colloidal silver can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells (see What Causes Cancer to understand this concept).

Every person has cancer cells in their body. (3) While this protocol is not as powerful as the Bob Beck Protocol, it is still very powerful at getting rid of microbes in the blood and keeping cancer cells out of the body.

The theory behind this protocol is totally different than the Bob Beck Protocol. While the Bob Beck Protocol is designed to supercharge the immune system, this protocol works by reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

This is actually a cancer treatment, but it is so simple that you can use it as a cancer prevention program. In fact, you could use the Bob Beck Protocol on most days, but on the days you cannot break away to do the Bob Beck Protocol, you could use this protocol.

For prevention, you could use half the doses of a treatment.

Here is a link to the article: MSM / CS Protocol

Prevention Protocol 6

If you want to prevent cancer by going to a grocery store, asparagus has helped many cancer patients. Of course, those who are at risk for blood clots should not use this protocol. But for most people, it is perfectly safe.

For a cancer patient, the treatment is to cook, puree and take four tablespoons of asparagus twice a day for treatment or once a day for prevention.

Prevention Protocol 7

Just about any cancer treatment can be used for a cancer prevention program. This YouTube video identifies one very simple cancer treatment as a cancer prevention program: Laetrile / Vitamin B17 As A Cancer Prevention Program

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer and other health conditions. This is a website dedicated to helping smokers (whether they have cancer or not) stop smoking: Drop Cigarettes Website



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