An Even Bigger Reason For The Great Deception

But the problem is much deeper than just advertising money. The issue of cross-ownership and cross-board of directors control is a far more significant reason for the great deception.

For example, as I write this, General Electric owns 80 percent of the NBC network. General Electric also owns 14 major NBC affiliates. General Electric's partner, Telemundo (which owns the other 20 percent of NBC), owns 16 major television stations. (By the way, GE now owns Telemundo.)

Why is this significant? General Electric has a major division called: “GE Healthcare.” This division includes “GE Medical Systems Information Technologies,” “GE Healthcare Cintricity Pharmacy” (which has sold about 6 billion prescriptions) and other orthodox health-related organizations. All of these organizations and many more are heavily involved in orthodox medicine. Thus, the same company, General Electric, has major ownership in both the media and orthodox medicine.

CBS has a longstanding advertising policy that prohibits the sale of advertising time for the advocacy of viewpoints on controversial issues of public importance. In other words, they can censor any advertisement they want. So much for freedom of the press.

A local FOX station in Florida fired two of its reporters, Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, for refusing to back down on an investigative reporting segment that exposed Monsanto chemical company for adding a toxic chemical, BGH, which causes cancer, to milk. The national FOX network has stood solidly behind the Florida station, not the journalists. Are you surprised?

For decades the 3 major television networks were so liberal that they were no longer able to control the conservatives. Something had to be done to manipulate and keep the conservatives from figuring out what was going on in Washington. In 1985, the Fox Network was founded with the main purpose of controlling the conservatives by diverting their attention from the real corruption in Washington and focusing the attention of the conservatives on unimportant issues that would not threaten the profits of the main conspiracy.

All of what has been said is just the tip of the iceberg. There is the issue of cross-board of directors control, such as between large cancer research clinics and pharmaceutical companies. There is also the issue that 42 U.S. Senators (42 percent) own stock in the pharmaceutical industry.

Then there is the issue of the revolving door between the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. There is the issue discovered by a Los Angeles Times investigation that found out more than 500 employees of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were receiving bribes (i.e. “outside consulting fees”) from the pharmaceutical industry. When the head of the NIH slapped a one- year moratorium on these bribes (because they got caught, not because of any modicum of integrity), he was jeered by the crowd of NIH employees. Follow the money trail, it all leads back to the pharmaceutical industry and American Medical Association (AMA) and beyond.

Now you know why the government and the AMA don't want you to know the whole truth about your cancer treatment options. Now you know why medical doctors are not allowed to use natural substances in the treatment of cancer even after a person is sent home to die.

If alternative medicine is capable of having a consistent cure rate of 90 percent or more, on newly diagnosed cancer patients, then clearly orthodox medicine is also capable of having a 90 percent true cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients if doctors were allowed to use natural substances in the treatment of disease. That is exactly why doctors are not allowed to use alternative medicine to treat disease – ever.

If medical doctors were allowed to use alternative medicine on cancer patients they sent home to die, they could cure 50 percent of them. That would lead to questions of why the alternative cancer treatment was not used first. That is why medical doctors are not allowed to use alternative medicine even after the pharmaceutical industry and doctors already have their money and the patient is sent home to die. This point is so important it cannot be made often enough. After orthodox medicine has all the money they can get from a cancer patient, the individual medical doctor is still not allowed to cure the patient with alternative medicine. This is the most telling fact of all in the battle between orthodox and alternative medicine. It would be too embarrassing to orthodox medicine for their cancer patients to be cured with alternative medicine after the orthodox treatments failed. So to avoid the embarrassment, they do not allow doctors to use effective treatments even after they have the patient's money.

While individual doctors may or may not know what is going on, and may or may not be at fault for what is going on, it is clear that the individual medical doctors can be severely criticized for not having the guts to clean house within the national and state AMA boards and stand up for their patient's health. They can also be severely criticized for not desiring to learn more about alternative cancer treatments. Most doctors don't want to “rock the boat.”

What you hear from the “cancer industry” and the media does not come from anyone who is concerned about your health, what you hear comes from people who care about their personal assets. What you hear is controlled very carefully by a wide network of cross-controlled organizations and advertising money.

Indeed, those of us who are interested in telling people about their cancer treatment options feel as the reformer Upton Sinclair felt in 1919:

  • “I was determined to get something done about the Condemned Meat Industry. I was determined to get something done about the atrocious conditions under which men, women and children were working the Chicago stockyards. In my efforts to get something done, I was like an animal in a cage. The bars of this cage were newspapers, which stood between me and the public; and inside the cage I roamed up and down, testing one bar after another, and finding them impossible to break.”

~ Upton Sinclair, The Brass Check: A Study of American Journalism, page 39
Even though Sinclair was famous by 1919, he had to self-publish this book.

With the total control of information by the media, and the total dependence of Americans on this mode of information, is it any wonder that virtually every newly diagnosed cancer patient chooses to go with orthodox medicine?

A Summary

Let us summarize all of the things above:

1) The true cure rate of orthodox medicine could easily be 90 percent or higher if they used the most effective orthodox cancer treatments or the most effective alternative cancer treatments.

2) Because of a wide variety of problems, but mainly because most cancer patients go with orthodox cancer treatments first, the true cure rate of alternative medicine is unknown, but it is probably around 10 percent to 15 percent (this includes patients who went to alternative practitioners who did not know what they are doing).

3) Like orthodox medicine, the true cure rate of alternative cancer treatments could be 90 percent or higher if newly diagnosed cancer patients went with alternative cancer treatments instead of orthodox cancer treatments and they found and used the most effective of the alternative cancer treatments for their situation.

4) Orthodox medicine and alternative medicine have essentially the same potential, especially if orthodox medicine used the best of the alternative cancer treatments. But a medical doctor stands at risk of losing their medical license, and possibly going to jail, should they use the most effective cancer treatments, either orthodox or alternative. Thus, going with orthodox cancer treatments is almost always a mistake, because of the corruption in modern medicine.

5) Thus, for a newly diagnosed cancer patient, because they have the option to use alternative cancer treatments, and the freedom to do their homework on the Internet and in the right books, their only hope of achieving a high chance of survival is to use alternative cancer treatments.

In short, the war between alternative cancer treatments and orthodox cancer treatments has nothing to do with science, it is a war of information and freedom. From a scientific standpoint, if the right treatment is chosen for a given situation, and the patient avoids orthodox medicine (except in rare situations), because of the corruption of orthodox medicine, alternative cancer treatments are far superior. But the side that wins the most cancer patients is the side with the most money.

In other words, because they are corrupt, Big Pharma and Big Medicine have the most money and the most influence over the media (who are essentially owned and controlled by the same people who own and control the pharmaceutical industry), thus almost all newly diagnosed cancer patients choose the worst possible option because the media has suppressed the truth, deceived them into thinking current orthodox medicine is wonderful and brainwashed them into picking their worst possible option.

Medicine is not a “healing art”, it is a business. Their goal is not to cure people, but to maximize their profits. Cancer is one of the key diseases that is a “goose that lays golden eggs” for orthodox medicine. No one wants to kill that goose.

Chapter 6: Alternative Medicine Quiz