Most people could not name five of the more than 400 alternative cancer treatments. Fewer still could name the five most potent alternative cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients.

Some people wonder why the scores of billions of dollars spent on the “War on Cancer” that President Nixon started in 1971/72 has not produced a cure for cancer. Have researchers been looking for more profitable “treatments” for cancer or have they been looking for cures for cancer?

The average person knows almost nothing about either orthodox cancer treatments or alternative cancer treatments outside of what they have heard on television or read in the media. If a survey were taken, the average person would probably think that the true cure rate of orthodox cancer treatments was 40 percent or more and the true cure rate for alternative cancer treatments was close to zero percent. This is total nonsense, but more will be said about that later in this eBook.

Is what you know about cancer treatments based on who has the most truth, or is it based on who has the most money? Is what you know about cancer treatments carefully designed to deceive you? Are you being sold a “bill of goods?”

This website is just as important for people who don't have cancer as it is for people who do have cancer. Why would someone who doesn't have cancer be concerned about the truth? The reason is that if they are diagnosed with cancer, their doctor will immediately put intense pressure on them to commit to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Unless you know whether alternative cancer treatments or orthodox cancer treatments are superior, before you are diagnosed, there is a 100% chance you will make the wrong decision.

If you read this eBook, you are assured of hearing many things that have never entered your mind before. You will read things that you will never hear on television or read in print. You will learn a lot about the techniques of deception that you are exposed to every day. You will learn things that the people of orthodox medicine don't want you to know. And all the information in this eBook is free.

To visualize what is going on in the “cancer industry” today (the term “cancer industry” was coined by Dr. Ralph Moss, Ph.D), and to see behind their massive facade, here is a short story that will describe how orthodox medicine currently treats cancer patients.

A Story of Orthodox Medicine and Cancer

Suppose you own a nice, comfortable, $300,000 house in the country, near a small city. While are out at the store your house catches on fire. As you return home you see that two rooms of your house are in flames and the fire is spreading. You immediately call the fire department. Twenty minutes later three fire trucks show up.

The men and women in the first fire truck pull out heavy suits and axes and run to the house and start cutting down parts of the house that have already burned but are still smoldering. They furiously cut and cut and when they have cut out about 10% of the parts of the house that have already burned, they quit and go back to their fire truck. Note that they did absolutely nothing to stop the spreading of the fire. What they cut out wasn't even burning and it certainly had nothing to do with stopping the raging fire.

You watch the men and women in the second fire truck pull out a fire hose and start spraying a powder on the fire. The amount of powder they were spraying did not seem to be enough to put out the fire. But you notice that while the powder is slowing down the spreading of the fire, it is also severely damaging the parts of the house that are not on fire. Puzzled, you ask the fireman what the powder is. They say it is a very toxic acid that is capable of putting the fire out, but they can't spray very much of it on the fire because if they did, the entire house would be reduced to a pile of rubble by the acid. Thus, all they can do is slow down the spreading of the fire, but they can't stop it. They tell you that the house will last one hour longer if they use the chemical.

Even more puzzled, you ask them why they did not bring water in their fire truck. They said that in firefighter school they were taught that water was useless in putting out house fires. They said that using water on a house fire is an “old wives tale” and water is not effective. They also said that the state firefighter's union would fire any firefighter that used water on a house fire because water is not a “proven” way to fight fires.

By sheer coincidence, you are also aware that the federal regulatory agency, the Fire Development Administration (FDA), has researched water and they were the ones who declared that water is an “unproven” method to put out house fires. The FDA says there is “insufficient evidence” as to water's effectiveness and safety. You silently mumble to yourself that there must be a huge connection between the FDA, the firefighter's union, the firefighter schools and the chemical companies.

While you have been talking to the men and women in the second truck, five men have jumped out of the third fire truck. They ask you where the couch is in the living room. You point in the general direction of the couch in the living room, which you assume by now is on fire. Each of them immediately pulls out a 30-06 caliber rifle and starts shooting at the couch from where they are standing next to their fire truck. You scream at them and ask them what they are doing. They respond that they have been taught in firefighter's school that couches are very bad to have in a house during a fire, so they are trying to shoot the couch to pieces. They comment: “We think we are doing some good.” You say that even if the couch is helping spread the fire, that they are blowing holes in the front and back of the house trying to shoot the couch to pieces from outside the house. Furthermore, very impatiently, you say the fire has already spread far beyond where the couch is located.

While the spreading of the house fire did slow down because of the toxic acids, within two hours you no longer have a house. The firemen and women were quite proud that they slowed down the fire. They tell you that your house lasted an extra hour because of their work. You doubt the accuracy of that number. They give each other “high fives”, get in their fire trucks, and head back to the fire station.

Between the fire, the acid, and the bullets, your house has been reduced to rubble. The cutting out of the wood that had already burned, by the first fire truck, had absolutely no effect on stopping the fire. In fact, nothing anyone did stopped the spreading of the fire, it only slowed it down.

You are astonished at what you have seen. You ponder why the “investigative journalists” have not jumped on this situation. Then you realize how much money the chemical companies spend on television advertisements and you realize why the “investigative journalists” have kept their mouths shut.

A week later, as you drive by the fire department, you notice that all of the cars in the parking lot are very expensive cars.

A month later you know why they are driving very expensive cars. They have sent you a bill for their services: $100,000. But they note in the bill that the house insurance company will pay most of the bill. You are amazed when you look at your house insurance policy and realize the insurance company will not pay the bill if the fire department uses water.

You ponder to yourself: “What is the connection between the fire department, the firefighter's union, the firefighter's school, the FDA, the insurance companies, the television stations and the chemical companies?”

One thing is clear to you: you now know why all of your friends think the firefighters are heroes, the television stations constantly portray them as heroes in their shows.

End of Story

The Explanation

What has just been described is how “modern medicine” treats cancer that has already metastasized. Cancer can be compared to a fire. It is a fire that will spread until it kills you. But “modern medicine” does nothing that will put out the fire.

The first fire truck represents surgery to cut out tumors or parts of the body, where there are concentrations of cancer cells, after cancer has already started to spread throughout the body. The third fire truck represents radiation, which is used to shrink tumors after cancer has already started to spread throughout the body. While the second fire truck represents chemotherapy, the “progress” chemotherapy is making is frequently judged by its ability to shrink tumors. Oncologists love to tell the cancer patient that their tumors are shrinking.

But, even if chemotherapy does slow down the progress of cancer, and even if it puts cancer patients into remission, it is almost always a temporary Pyrrhic victory because cancer almost always returns.

The Food and Drug Administration (the real FDA) has approved scores of chemotherapy drugs, but none of them can stop the spread of cancer because chemotherapy drugs do not target cancer cells.

There are scores of natural substances that do target cancer cells and can stop the spread of cancer. But the FDA has never approved a single one of these natural substances (natural substances cannot be patented by the pharmaceutical companies).

Insurance companies will not pay for natural cancer treatments (i.e. alternative cancer treatments). The media never says anything good about alternative cancer treatments, but, constantly glorifies the medical profession in television show after television show. Medical schools have not taught a single truthful thing about alternative cancer treatments since 1910.

The Importance of the Spreading of Cancer

To understand how all of this relates to the spreading of cancer, consider this quote by an M.D., the late Dr. Philip Binzel:

“When a patient is found to have a tumor, the only thing the doctor discusses with that patient is what he intends to do about the tumor. If a patient with a tumor is receiving radiation or chemotherapy, the only question that is asked is, “How is the tumor doing?” No one ever asks how the patient is doing. In my medical training, I remember well seeing patients who were getting radiation and/or chemotherapy. The tumor would get smaller and smaller, but the patient would be getting sicker and sicker. At autopsy we would hear, “Isn't that marvelous! The tumor is gone!” Yes, it was, but so was the patient. How many millions of times are we going to have to repeat these scenarios before we realize that we are treating the wrong thing?In primary cancer, with only a few exceptions, the tumor is neither health-endangering nor life-threatening. I am going to repeat that statement. In primary cancer, with few exceptions, the tumor is neither health-endangering nor life-threatening. What is health-endangering and life-threatening is the spread of that disease through the rest of the body.There is nothing in surgery that will prevent the spread of cancer. There is nothing in radiation that will prevent the spread of the disease. There is nothing in chemotherapy that will prevent the spread of the disease. How do we know? Just look at the statistics! There is a statistic known as “survival time.” Survival time is defined as that interval of time between when the diagnosis of cancer is first made in a given patient and when that patient dies from his disease.In the past fifty years, tremendous progress has been made in the early diagnosis of cancer. In that period of time, tremendous progress had been made in the surgical ability to remove tumors. Tremendous progress has been made in the use of radiation and chemotherapy in their ability to shrink or destroy tumors. But, the survival time of the cancer patient today is no greater than it was fifty years ago. What does this mean? It obviously means that we are treating the wrong thing!”

~ Philip Binzel, M.D., Alive and Well, Chapter 14

In other words, if cancer has not spread from the tumor, the tumor presents no danger to the patient (with rare exceptions, such as when a tumor blocks the fluid in the common bile duct).

It is important to understand that the vast majority of cells in a tumor are healthy cells. Cancer cells cannot form tissue. Thus, if the cancer were contained within the tumor, there would not be enough cancer cells in the person's body to endanger their life. Likewise, if a man had prostate cancer, and the cancer was contained inside the prostate gland, there could not be enough cancer cells inside the prostate gland to endanger the patient's life.

Even if the cancer cells in a tumor were killed, or the tumor was cut out, it would not solve the problem of the spreading of cancer if cancer has already spread. There would be no benefit to the patient because it is the spreading of cancer that kills cancer patients, not cancer inside the tumor. Yet the focus of orthodox medicine is shrinking the tumors.

Chemotherapy (i.e. the second fire truck in the example) is so toxic to cancer patients that if they gave enough of it to a cancer patient to kill all of the cancer cells, the patient would die from the side-effects of the chemotherapy immediately. So doctors give chemotherapy in very low doses (though they seem like very high doses), not enough to actually cure you. In the meantime, cancer continues to spread. Chemotherapy may put a patient “in remission,” but so many cancer patients who go into remission eventually come out of remission and later die.

Incredibly, doctors use radiation, the third fire truck, even after cancer has started to spread. They are interested in shrinking a tumor. As mentioned above, the tumor is not the problem, it is the spreading of cancer that is the problem.

About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative medicine vendors, practitioners and consultants fall into one of three categories.

  1. Experts in alternative cancer treatments who care about the cancer patients they work with. These people may or may not make their living working with cancer patients. Some of them make a lot of money treating cancer successfully and others make virtually nothing. But the common thread is that they care about the cancer patients and do a very good job working with them.
  2. Vendors who mean well, and would like to help cancer patients, but simply don't know how to help them. They may be selling one product line and simply don't know anything outside of that product line.
  3. Con artists who couldn't care less about any patient because they are only in it for the money.

Fortunately, the first category has quite a few people in it.

Mother Nature obviously fits in the first category. It is just a matter of finding the best products from Mother Nature and then the right people who know how to use those products.

Chapter 3: Integrity