What Big Pharma Has Achieved With Their Big Money

It seems to be the plan of Big Pharma to effectively neuter alternative medicine, especially as it relates to their most profitable products such as cancer drugs, heart drugs, allergy drugs, and more. I will now discuss why the bogus concept of “scientific evidence” is so important to the plan of Big Pharma.

Big Pharma has …

Blocked alternative cancer treatment training by medical doctors by taking over the medical schools and destroying the schools that taught natural medicine.

Blocked dissemination of information about alternative cancer treatments over the mass media by buying their “investigative journalists” with their advertising money.

Blocked the use of the term “scientific evidence” for alternative cancer treatments by controlling the “definition” of “scientific evidence” (i.e. they use the political definition) and by controlling the FDA and NIH.

Blocked financial contributions to alternative cancer treatment charitable organizations by their control of terms like “unproven treatments” and by setting up (or taking control of) huge “charitable” organizations that are totally controlled by orthodox medicine (e.g. ACS, Leukaemia (sic) Foundation, etc.).

Blocked research money for alternative cancer treatments on “live patients” (and thus valid statistical information) by their control of the FDA and NIH and their control of research money.

Blocked any investigation of corruption in medicine by their control of the members of Congress.

Blocked the ability of any medical doctor from using alternative cancer treatments by taking total control of Congress and the AMA (both national and state associations) and by using such terms as “unproven treatment.”

Controlled the research direction of the cancer research organizations with their massive research dollars (both direct and indirect dollars).

Blocked the ability of natural substance vendors to tell the scientific truth about their products to their customers by their control of the FDA and FTC and their control of the definition of “scientific evidence.”

Blocked the publicity and significance of the many discoveries in natural medicine by legitimate research institutions by their control of the media, the FDA and their control of the term “scientific evidence.”

Destroyed much evidence about the usefulness of alternative cancer treatments by shutting down many medical clinics by their control of the FDA and AMA.

Flooded the World with bogus, highly sophisticated statistical misinformation and carefully designed terminology by their control of the ACS and other organizations.

Actively Trying to Destroy Internet web sites that tell the truth about alternative cancer treatments by their control of the FDA and by their control of the term “scientific evidence.”

Actively Trying to Destroy the manufacture and distribution of natural products by their control of the FDA, FTC and Codex (the United Nations equivalent of the FDA) and by their control of the term “scientific evidence.”

The goal of neutering alternative medicine is supported by billions of dollars put out by Big Pharma.  Further, the FDA, NIH, NCI, ACS, medical schools and the leaders of these organizations work together, motivated by their piece of Big Pharma's profits. Had Big Pharma not spent billions of dollars to achieve the above aims, none of the above things would have happened.

Treating the Symptoms

It should come as no surprise that the same government and medical corruption that is going on relative to cancer is also going on relative to heart disease, arthritis, asthma, psychological problems, Alzheimer's and many other diseases. Big Pharma and the AMA learned long ago that the path to massive profits is to treat symptoms. By treating symptoms you have not “cured” the patient, you have simply perpetuated the disease in the most profitable way.

In many cases, the drugs that treat the symptoms interfere with the body's own healing mechanisms and thus increase the amount of time the body needs to cure the disease. This increases the amount of time the patient is on medication. This is true, for example, with Prozac and many other mind-altering drugs. Many drugs are also addictive.

Alzheimer's and Dementia

There are many different causes of Alzheimer's and dementia. In fact, it is a wide range of different diseases. There is one potential cause, however, that stands out: heavy metals in the body. In fact, when Rome was the world's greatest power, it is now known that the lead in their wine glasses and the lead in their water conduits caused severe mental illness among Rome's elite.

Not only has a major cause of Alzheimer's been known about for decades, there has been a cure for this cause of Alzheimer's since 1952 – it is called EDTA chelation. But EDTA chelation is not profitable enough for orthodox medicine. It is not that EDTA chelation is not expensive, it is expensive. The problem is that it cures the patient too quickly, and it does not treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's. In short, it is not profitable enough for Big Pharma and it is not “sophisticated” enough, meaning it is too simple.

Let's first talk about what may be the major the cause of Alzheimer's/dementia:

In large measure, those martyred by dementia are showing the results of toxicity from mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals. Their neurons have been poisoned. They are turned into Alzheimer’s victims directly through the efforts of dentists who blindly follow the party line of their trade union organisation, the [American Dental Association].
Dr Casdorph, M.D.

It turns out that the American Dental Association (ADA) is just as corrupt as the Alzheimer's Association, the AMA, the American Cancer Society, ad nauseum. Let us continue:

Worldwide, conservatively, more than 20 million people have iatrogenic diseases caused by one medical specialty: dentists. The ADA is fighting a rear guard action to keep the public from learning that dentists, by use of mercury-silver amalgam fillings for decades, have poisoned more than 85 per cent of our population. The ADA has covered up its culpability in the same way breast implant and cigarette manufacturers deny disease connection to those products. Potential economic liability to amalgam manufacturers, their distributors, dentists and the ADA is incalculable.
Tom Warren

Three thousand doctors of the Toxicology Society came together at a medical conference in Seattle, Washington, several years ago to condemn mercury-silver amalgam fillings. Their revelations should have made banner front page headlines all around the world. Just three short stories appeared in the Press.
Tom Warren

Now let's talk about the cure:

The Alzheimer's type of dementia does respond rather well to [EDTA] chelation therapy. Fifteen Alzheimer's disease patients, in a private clinical setting, were tested first, then administered chelation therapy, and were observed by loved ones to have returned to normal, or near normal, functioning. It was a gratifying experience for everyone involved with the testing and treatment: diagnosticians, clinicians, health care technicians, the patients, plus their family and friends.
Dr Casdorph, M.D. & Dr Morton Walker

Everyone was gratified except Big Pharma. For more information on dementia, see:

Cancer-causing Suspects

Newer products, such as aspartame, MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), cysteine, and others, are nipping at the heels of heavy metals for the title of doing the most damage to human brains and causing birth defects. The problem with these items, however, is that they kill brain cells, and thus cannot be reversed.

Aspartame, root canals, dental amalgam, and trans-fatty acids may all be major causes of cancer.

Aspartame is known to be a major cause of brain cancer, especially in young people under 40, who grew up on aspartame. It may be a cause of cancer by suppressing the immune system. If you know someone who is pregnant or may become pregnant who uses aspartame, have them read this article immediately: Click Here

The mercury in dental amalgam is known to severely suppress the immune system. In many cases, cancer is nothing but a symptom of a suppressed immune system.

Dental amalgam is a safe-haven for microbes. Cancer is known to be caused by microbes and more especially infections in the jawbone and mouth which can spread outside of that area.

Trans-fatty acids are rigid molecules that stick to the sides of cell walls (in place of the flexible cholesterol molecules). This rigidity causes a cell to be unable to absorb large molecules, such as insulin (trans-fatty acids are perhaps the leading cause of Type II diabetes) and oxygen clusters (oxygen travels throughout the body in clusters). Because oxygen clusters cannot get into the cells, the trans-fatty acids may cause the cells to become anaerobic, which is the first step to a cell becoming cancerous.

Not only is modern “medicine” intentionally suppressing the knowledge and use of effective treatments for cancer and other diseases, they are also intentionally suppressing the knowledge of the major causes of cancer and many other diseases. In fact, these two things are highly related. They suppress knowledge of the causes, which in turn allows them to focus their “theories” on treating the symptoms of diseases, which in turn allows them to suppress effective treatments. That is one of the reasons why the FDA refuses to admit that cancer is a nutritional or metabolic disease. In fact, it has been known for more than 100 years that cancer is caused (at the cellular level) by microbes which get inside of cancer cells. But if you suppress the immune system, the routinely forming cancer cells can multiply out of control.

The single most dominant cause of cancer may be the way the soil is destroyed by over-farming and chemical fertilizing, coupled with food processing and the meat, dairy and sugar centered “Western” diet of Americans. If the soil is nutritionally “sick” (e.g. virtually zero trace elements), the plants grown in that soil will also be nutritionally “sick,” and the people that eat those plants will be nutritionally sick. My father (who won a Congressional Medal of Honor for his work with the Public Health Service) was warning me about the soil over 40 years ago! Dr. Max Gerson was warning people about the soil over 50 years ago.

This lack of nutrients in the soil leads to “sick” food and a weakened immune system. But you won't hear Big Pharma or the AMA campaigning to get the soil fixed or to correct the basic flaws in the American diet.

Let us talk about cholesterol drugs. A good friend of mine was in the hospital because of quadruple bypass surgery. I asked him how long he had been taking cholesterol drugs before his surgery. He said about six years. For six years he had been taking cholesterol reducing drugs, then had a quadruple bypass. Another friend of mine went to the doctor feeling fine. His cholesterol level was 195 and the doctor was quite pleased with this. A week later he had a heart attack and a quintuple bypass.

What is wrong with these pictures? There are many scientific studies (which were not funded by Big Pharma) which have shown little if any, relationship between cholesterol and heart disease. But, cholesterol drugs are enormously profitable to Big Pharma. This is yet another case of “who funded the study?” See my article on cancer and heart disease prevention for links to a few natural heart disease prevention web sites. Click Here (search for the word “Matthias”)

One of scores of examples of absurd double-standards done by our corrupt government, consider that over a 10 year period the FDA claims the herb Ephedra killed approximately 155 Americans. Ephedra competes with profitable products like Claritin. During the same 10 years, the tobacco industry caused the death of approximately 4 million Americans. Tobacco is allowed to be sold because of “warning labels.” But, rather than allow “warning labels” on ephedra bottles (for those with high blood pressure or other heart problems) Ephedra was banned by the FDA. In other words, tobacco, which killed 4 million Americans can still be sold, but ephedra, which killed 155 Americans, was banned.

In studying different diseases and their causes, the same substances keep showing up over and over again as major causes of a wide variety of diseases. A short list of man-made substances (e.g. aspartame, trans-fatty acids, mercury poison from dental amalgam, etc.) seem to be the major causes of diseases such as: cancer, heart disease, depression, Type I diabetes, Type II diabetes, birth defects, etc. The reason is primarily because these things weaken the immune system.

But, cancer at the cellular level is caused by only one thing: microbes which are inside the cancer cells.

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