When someone first sees a website on “alternative cancer treatments” they almost always have three questions.

First, is it really possible “alternative cancer treatments” can cure cancer, even the cancer of someone who has already had extensive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery?

Second, are alternative cancer treatments more effective than chemotherapy, surgery and radiation (the “orthodox” cancer treatments), and if they are, why doesn't orthodox medicine use alternative cancer treatments?

Third, what is the purpose of the Cancer Tutor website, meaning what is different about the Cancer Tutor website?

These three questions will be very briefly answered in this chapter. But the rest of this eBook is spread over 13 other chapters and will go into massive detail answering these questions.

The First Question

The first question is basically how do alternative cancer treatments compare to orthodox cancer treatments?

The late Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist turned alternative cancer treatment guru, treated over 33,000 cancer patients with alternative cancer treatments. He had studied the masters of alternative cancer treatments, such as Dr. Max Gerson, and then improved on their superb protocols. Dr. Kelley kept meticulous records.

His cure rate on cancer patients who went to him, instead of orthodox medicine, was about 90 percent. He did not do as well treating cancer patients who went to orthodox medicine first, then afterwards went to him.

Do not underestimate Mother Nature's ability to cure cancer.

So what is a comparable cure rate for the orthodox treatments? The answer depends on which definition of “cure” you use and what definition of “cancer” you use. These definitions are changed from time to time to make it appear that orthodox cancer treatments are far more effective than they actually are. Television advertisements also make orthodox cancer treatments look far more effective than they really are.

How many people do you know who used only orthodox medicine and were diagnosed with cancer over 10 years ago (and the cancer had spread beyond the ability of doctors to cut the cancer out) and are still alive? I will bet the answer is none.

Now here is another interesting fact, Dr. Kelley did not have access to some of the recently developed products which are far more potent than what he used (and yet they are just as safe).

So how does someone explain why alternative cancer treatments are far more effective than orthodox cancer treatments? Let me explain it with a story.

Suppose you own an antique dining room table which is worth many tens of thousands of dollars. Suppose your butler tells you that there are dozens of cockroaches crawling around on your priceless table and you will be having dinner guests in one hour.

Your butler, as he is leaving your house, gives you four options for getting rid of the cockroaches:

  1. He offers you a chainsaw to “slash” the little critters to pieces,
  2. He offers you a large and powerful flamethrower to “burn” the critters to pieces,
  3. He offers you two gallons of a highly, highly toxic liquid chemical to “poison” the critters,
  4. and He offers you an old $1 flyswatter.

Which of the four options would you pick? Would you choose one of the first three options (slash, burn and poison) because they are highly potent at killing cockroaches or would you choose the cheap, wimpy flyswatter?

Think about why you would make your choice.

Most likely you would pick the flyswatter because the other three items, which are massively powerful at killing cockroaches; are also massively powerful at destroying your priceless table.

In a similar way of thinking, alternative cancer treatments (the flyswatter), while not as “powerful” as the other items, are far more effective at treating cancer because these treatments either target cancer cells or do not damage your non-cancerous cells, Thus they can be given in much higher doses than any of the “orthodox” cancer treatments.

Chemotherapy (the toxic chemical above), surgery (the chainsaw above) and radiation (the flamethrower above) do kill cancer cells, but they do not TARGET cancer cells, thus they cannot cure cancer (which has spread) without killing the patient first.

Now a very important question. Can alternative cancer treatments cure someone who has already had extensive orthodox cancer treatments?

Several years ago I interviewed several alternative cancer treatment experts and asked them this very question. Every one of them, without exception, said that over 95 percent of their cancer patients had already had extensive orthodox cancer treatments and that their overall cure rate was about 50 percent.

The 50 percent was an average. Each case is different and individual cases may have an expected cure rate of anywhere from less than 10 percent all the way to 80 percent.

Did you notice the drop from a cure rate of over 90 percent (for newly diagnosed cancer patients who start with one of the top alternative cancer treatments) versus about 50 percent (for those who went with orthodox medicine first and then found one of the most potent alternative cancer treatments).

Has that 50 percent cure rate changed in the past several years? There are several new products available to alternative medicine which did not exist several years ago, such as Cellect and a superb electromedicine protocol (i.e. a “frequency generator” or “Rife Machine”). However, while Cellect, and a few other products, have shown very, very promising early results, to be honest no one really knows whether they will be able to push the overall cure rate of advanced cancer patients above 50 percent.

However, there are some alternative cancer treatment clinics in Germany, Mexico and the United States (and a few other places) which probably can beat the 50 percent cure rate. The German cancer clinics have the best reputation, but there are a few Mexican clinics that are very comparable.

The Second Question

Now let us talk about the second question: if the best of the alternative cancer treatments have a 90 percent cure rate, and orthodox medicine has a much lower cure rate, why does orthodox medicine use chemotherapy, radiation and surgery?

To answer this question we have to go back a hundred years. In about 1910 the pharmaceutical industry and the American Medical Association (AMA) and Congress all agreed that anyone with the designation of “Medical Doctor” would only be allowed to use prescription drugs (i.e. highly profitable man-made molecules) in the treatment of all diseases.

This was a win-win situation for Big Medicine (the AMA) and Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry) because the AMA was nothing more than a labor union and Big Pharma was only interested in making massive profits.

However, for cancer patients and other patients with serious diseases, the agreement was a disaster. Prescription drugs (and surgery and radiation) cannot cure any disease.

It gets worse.

Enter the FDA (Food and Drug Administation). The FDA made things even worse, in fact much worse. The FDA has existed in various forms for over a hundred years, but since 1910 it has been the “Police Force” of Big Pharma and Big Medicine. The FDA was the gift to Big Pharma and Big Medicine by Congress for all the “benefits” Big Pharma showed to Congress.

The FDA has “rigged” their regulations to make sure that it is impossible for natural products to be “approved” or “proven” to treat disease. In other words, anything designed and built by Mother Nature cannot be patented and no one in their right mind is going to spend a billion dollars, out of their own pocket, to get a natural product, which cannot generate huge profits, “approved” by the FDA. That is exactly the way the FDA designed things to be.

This leaves the door wide open for Big Pharma and Big Medicine to have no competition in the treatment of diseases. Everything designed and built by nature is “unproven” to treat any disease, especially cancer.

For example, if a medical doctor uses one of the potent alternative cancer treatments they will almost certainly lose their license to practice medicine. This is because they are using “unapproved” treatments, meaning natural treatments.

By using “approved” substances (i.e. prescription drugs), instead of “unapproved” substances (i.e. natural substances) all diseases are guaranteed to be “chronic” diseases, meaning very, very profitable for a long time. It was profits that the AMA and Big Pharma were interested in and Congress gave them everything they wanted, even their own police force.

This mentality has forced all medical doctors, trained since 1910, to become little more than drug salesmen.

The Third Question

What about the third question, what is special about the Cancer Tutor website?

First, you must understand that over 99 percent of all newly diagnosed cancer patients start their cancer treatment with orthodox drugs and treatments. You can thank Big Media for that.

Almost all of the cancer patients who look into alternative cancer treatments have been sent home to die and you can thank the media for that. The media makes sure everyone in America gets a full diet of televisions shows which glorify prescription-drug selling medical doctors.

It would be time consuming, but easy to do, to find more than 400 alternative cancer treatments discussed on the Internet. One article on this website lists more than 200 alternative cancer treatments (I got tired of changing the article several years ago so I quit adding new treatments to it). Many of my older articles mention 300 alternative cancer treatments instead of the newer and more accurate “400” number.

While almost all of these 400 plus alternative cancer treatments will cure or significantly help most newly diagnosed cancer patients, very few of these treatments will be of much help to someone who has had large numbers of orthodox cancer treatments because most alternative cancer treatments aren't strong enough or do not work fast enough.

In fact, there are only about fifteen of the alternative cancer treatments which can give an advanced cancer patient, who is in critical condition, any hope of survival.

What is unique about this website is that it identifies the dozen or so alternative cancer treatments which are strong enough to give an advanced cancer patient a fighting chance for survival. This website also identifies some of the top alternative cancer clinics in Germany, Mexico and the U.S. which have additional treatments which cannot be done at home.

One thing the reader must understand is that I have been researching cancer treatments, and working with cancer patients, since 2002. A person entering medical school in 2002 would have graduated from medical school by now.

This website is closely affiliated with the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (Independent Cancer Research Foundation) which is one of the rare non-profit organizations which is not controlled by orthodox medicine – directly or indirectly. The Cancer Tutor website benefits from their research, as any other alternative cancer treatment website could. In fact, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation keeps in touch, and exchanges information with, at least three other non-profit alternative cancer treatment organizations.

Two of the people I work with frequently have more years in researching cancer than I do.

This short chapter is only the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of answering these three questions. The rest of this eBook will answer these questions in much greater detail.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments