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Fibrin: Cancer’s best friend?

In all my years of research looking for natural ways to reverse cancer, I hear many who claim having a strong immune system is the key. However, I beg to differ with this claim because of fibrin.

Going back as far as 1666, the Italian biologist Marcello Malpighi discovered that our cells, when injured, form a special protective coating called fibrin. This is essential to protect the wound while blood and oxygen rush in and repair the damaged tissues.

Many people at that time considered this to be a great discovery, which it is. However, when it comes to cancer it’s very bad news. Of course, in 1666 there is very little cancer. Now we have apparently one in three people developing cancer and even one in two people in some countries.

Fibrin coating protects cancer cells from the immune system

Why is this fibrin coating a problem in treating cancer? The reason is that when cancer cells cover themselves with this protein fibrin coating they effectively hide from our immune system. The immune system is not able to do its work properly.

It’s almost as though the cancer cells are hiding in a cement army bunker and the artillery just bounces off. This thick protective coating prevents the body’s own defenses from getting inside the cell and/or cancer tumor to destroy it.


Chemo and radiation have difficulty penetrating fibrin

We know chemotherapy and radiation are both very powerful tools in destroying cancer. However, research indicates that this sticky fibrin coating is so effective that it makes it difficult even for chemotherapy and radiation to pass through it.

So even if you have a healthy immune system working at its optimum levels, if it is not able to penetrate this fibrin protection and thus cancer may continue growing and spreading throughout the body. For this reason, I do not agree that having just a strong immune system is the key to reversing cancer.

It also explains why immunotherapy is not the full answer to cancer. A better way is to first remove the protein membrane, so the immune system can then destroy the cancer cell.

More is needed than a strong immune system

Of course, it is important to have a strong immune system but that on its own will not be enough. What can be done to remove this fibrin coating from the cancer cells?

Fruit enzymes and citrus extracts strip away the fibrin. Fortunately, researchers have found using a combination of a specific enzymeA protein that speeds up chemical reactions in the body. along with citrus fruit extracts, this will strip off this fibrin protein shield causing no harm to the healthy cells.

At the Budwig Center, we routinely use these enzyme and citrus extracts with our cancer patients along with several Budwig-approved therapies, such as hyperthermia, laser, colonics, cell regenerations, PEMF, photonic light, parbio magnetism, Matrix regeneration, spinal realignment, etc., along with many natural remedies.

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