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    So the purpose of this post is ultimately about healing (my) teeth.

    The cancer diet protocols on this site are amazing in that they enable the body to heal. And I would think,IF the body is recovering / healing, usually good things are happening to the whole body–including the teeth. But the conflict is that everything I've read on this site OPPOSES (by avoiding ALL dairy) Weston A. Price diets which can reverse tooth decay.

    I'm trying to heal my teeth and the only information I found is that for Fermented Cod Liver Oil and raw milk, raw butter, etc are the only things that HEAL your teeth. All my research to this point would lead me to believe along the lines Weston A. Price, that if your teeth are healing there's a lot of good going on in the rest of your body.

    I know both approaches are true. But, would love comments that help me balance these.

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