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    Has anyone looked into Dr J Tennant's device or his theory on cancer?

    Based on my limited understanding of the high RF protocol, this topic is OT since high RF is intended to work differently than Tennant's device. However since Rife is discussed here I thought it would be the best place to post.

    Tennant has a large section on Rife–its history and technology–in his very interesting book on cancer. He spent a week reviewing a very old Rife machine, supposedly one from 1937-39 that had been hidden by walling it up in a secret hiding place in an old CA medical clinic. This was from before Rife became an alcoholic and his lab was destroyed. Tennant spent time in Britain with the more recent owner of the old Rife unit, A. Scoon and a UK Rife research group, that made attempts to reverse engineer it.

    This is Tennant's book on cancer including a one paragraph summary of his theory on the cause of cancer.

    Essentially low voltage (low pH) on the acupuncture meridian servicing the cancerous organ creates an environment that favors the development of cancer. Factors that tend to reduce the voltage include scars, toxins, low thyroid, negative emotions, and especially dental infections from root canals, etc. Factors that tend to raise the voltage include alkaline foods and water, grounding, his biomodulator electronic acupuncture device, etc.

    He thinks Rife devices work in the body primary to raise voltage rather than to kill microbes directly. The microbes–cell wall deficient fungus, etc–need a low voltage environment to thrive.

    In his book on Cancer he does a nice job describing how many well-respected alternative cancer treatments integrate well with his theory on cancer. Among these treatments include Beard-Kelly-Gonzales enzyme protocol, alkaline foods and water, oxygen promoting therapies, therapies to deal with emotions, liver and other detox, Seyfreid/keto, etc.

    If history shows Tennant is mostly correct, I expect his thought to be considered an essential component of the Beard-Kelly-Gonzales tradition.



    I found your post interesting thanks.
    Makes me think about the budwig diet as well, and would make sense since it is reasoned to help put voltage back in the cells.



    Hi ALL,

    Recently found out about Dr. Tennant. Makes sense from a novice standpoint.

    Was wondering if anyone knew of anyone selling his equipment used or at a discount?

    To Your Best,

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