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    Larry Bryant

    Can anyone tell me if it is absolutely necessary to use organic cottage cheese with the Budwig Protocol for cancer, or is it alright to use regular lowfat cottage cheese that is purchased at a grocery store? If the organic cottage cheese is required, what are the best brands to use? Cost is a factor as well. Thanks



    I read somewhere that you want organic because in the us, there is the danger of growth hormone laden cottage cheese. That isn't good. Organic guarantees that you don't get this nasty stuff. In Canada however, dairy producers aren't allowed to give their cows this nasty stuff. Depends on where you live actually. Research your country's growth hormone laws. Do they ban this stuff? If not, you'll have to go for organic because it doesn't have that stuff. In Canada, you could probably get away with regular cottage cheese. However, I'm using Organic Meadow ( I got it on sale! Whee!) found in the natural foods section of my local grocery store. Some grocery stores will stock both regular and organic together.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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