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    For sale within the Continental USA or Canada:

    GB4000 + MOPA Combo with one plasma ray tube (includes copper collars, tube stand, reflector)

    – Instruction manuals and setup DVD

    – All cables and connectors

    – Contact pads and bars

    – Reference manual of frequencies

    – Windows programming software

    – Royal Rife documentary DVD


    This is the same system shown at the top of the official GB4000 High RF Frequency Generator web page: and it is in excellent condition.

    Upon purchase, I will have all items professionally packaged by Fed Ex, insured, and shipped (standard ground) to you free if you are within the continental USA. If you are in Canada you will only pay the difference between USA and Canada shipping.

    If you are interested or would like to see photos, please contact me:

    Send an email to


    Send SMS text to (847) 580-1221 (this is my business line so if you call you will most likely get voice mail).

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