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    So what kind or brand of cottage cheese should I get to use with this protocol if I'm in America? Does anyone know? Thanks!


    Fred Patrick

    I did an extensive inquiry about the Quark Cheese that is needed for the Budwig diet. I even touched base with the Bkudwig group in the United Kingdom.
    The Quark cheese that Britain USED to have is now almost impossible to find over there, as manufacturers have stopped making it and/or the medical cartel
    pressured the dairy industry to curtail its manufacture. I looked into the Cellect-Budwig protocol, and I have been a nurse for over 30 years and I read
    90% of what they wrote, and most of it is poorly presented, many times statements made that Ms. Budwig were supposed to have stated were changed. There were
    glaring inconsistencies with what you could or could not substitute for the protocol. Ms. Budwig must have written so many different ingredients over her
    time, that the people were not able to get the ORIGINAL neccessary ingredients to put the protocol into a therapuetic state. Here in the USA, most milk is Ultra Pastuerized and not able to be used in the protocol. She did not condone camel, sheep or goat milk, so that severely impacts the people that might want to use that protocol. I eliminated her diet because finding the ingredients is almost impossible to get. The Budwig Website is atrocious and the person who runs the website
    is not user friendly.



    Not true. The budwig diet is good a deal it works. I know I am on it. You can buy Nancy's cottage cheese low fat organic with probiotics in most health stores and some grocery stores in the US.



    Nancy's cottage cheese organic with probiotics. It does work. It's a great diet. I am on it and it does work!

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