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    I'm hopeful that somebody can help me with a couple of questions.
    My wife has advanced breast cancer, and she's thinking about taking colloidal silver after researching it's anti -cancer effects.
    However she is on blood thinners,(anti – coagulants actually).
    This would seem to rule out her taking DMSO or MSM, to aid the colloidal silver to get inside the cancer cells.

    How effective is it to take colloidal silver without a”delivery system” like DMSO or MSM ) ?

    Are there other things she can take to get the colloidal silver where it needs to go ?

    I read that honey could be one such, is it as simple as taking a spoonful of organic honey with the colloidal c silver dosage ?

    Very grateful for any help from cancer tutor or another forum member with accurate information on these questions ?

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Alastair,

    Taking Colloidal Silver without MSM is beneficial but a lot less effective. Have you heard of Bob Beck? Many people use colloidal silver when doing The Bob Beck Protocol as it opens up the cell for the colloidal silver to enter. The downside to the Bob Beck Protocol is people that are on prescription drugs. You may still be able to do the protocol, but caution is advised. You would have to read through the protocol and see if its viable for you. This is not a protocol I've extensively researched or personally doing, so thats all I can offer. Hopefully you get more answers or ideas from others.

    Kind Regards
    Alex D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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