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    Hi everyone,

    I am new in these treatments so I was wondering if there is anyone available to give me some advices.
    2 years ago my mother was diagnosed with colon-rectal cancer, which she had done first a permanent colostomy and and after she did some chemotherapy and after a number of sessions, she was apparently “cured”. This month she did a scan and it shows that she has metastases in her right lung. Accordingly to her oncologist it's stage IV. They did not perform a biopsy to determinate which stage is.

    After some research I found cancer tutor website and the Cellect-Budwig Protocol which seems to me it's the right protocol under the circumstances. I have already signed up and purchased the videos. My question is… can this protocol be used at the same time as my mother is doing chemotherapy? Her doctor suggested her to have a more aggressive chemotherapy sessions this time and they are due 9th January.

    I would like my mother to start this protocol ASAP, so she can handle the chemotherapy in a better way (if that is even possible), but like I said before I am not sure if both treatments work well together. Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you in advance,


    Merry Christmas to all!


    Hi Sofia,

    It is unbelievable how such academically intelligent people can cut and poison a ‘SYMPTOM' of cancer, then say ‘You Are Cured'.

    Anyone, in regards to your question…'can this protocol be used at the same time as my mother is doing chemotherapy?'
    Short answer is YES.

    But make sure you read this page first –

    Kind Regards
    Alex D



    Dear Alex,

    Thank you so much for your help!! As I said.. everything it's new for me and I am kind of lost with all the information.





    I reviewed the ingredients in Cellect Powder. It looks like no more than a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement for $100 per month. It includes Colostrum but Colostrum includes growth factors which may not be good for anyone with cancer. Is there any real evidence that this has worked for anyone?

    I have a similar comment on the Budwig Protocol. Most cancer experts recommend to avoid dairy products because of the growth factors, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics they may contain.

    Recommending treatments with no supporting evidence is not helpful.


    Hi Dan,

    People should be using an organic quark that contains no added growth hormones etc,,, but I agree dairy should otherwise be avoided. The only reason dairy is used is because the cottage cheese provides the sulfur protein needed to make the flaxseed oil water soluble so it can be easily absorbed into the cell membrane. If there was anything else that could be mixed to make the flaxseed water soluble then I ‘guess' it could also be used.
    As for the Cellect, no comment as I don't use it. I think its to expensive and no retailer in my country.
    If your looking for evidence, Mike Vrentas may be the best person to speak too to lead you in the right direction.

    Kind Regards
    Alex D



    Goat yogurt will cause less inflammation, I have heard from dietitians.

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