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    A few minor issues I have hit. ( Until now )
    It began dr.Budwig diet accompanied by a cocktail of supplements / mushrooms plus vitamin D3 and melatonin.
    Yesterday has demonstrated tolerance MSM ptr, no rash, but with a bad headache upon awakening today.
    So began the first day of super MSM.
    I know it must pass at least 2 hours between FOCC and water MSM. It is very difficult to make an appointment to meet this range for 2 hours and up and down and making site FOCC the range of 3: hours between the doses of MSM water.
    It can take once daily MSM water every 4 hours?
    Interval 2:00 ptr needed to go get water only to keep MSM and to FOCC or snacks / juices crushed flax seeds?
    It is known that vitamin C dose of liposomal of them after 30 minutes after taking the dose of MSM water.
    It's okay if you over eat FOCC only 1.5 hours?
    And I want to know if water MSM has continuously without breaks (in the same doses that day three) or recommend ptr a definite period, then pause and resume again?



    MSM only stays in the system for 12 hours so every four hours might be too much. I have a pill supplement that contains the optimal amount of MSM and Vitamin C that might be easier to consume than water MSM. Check out

    D Kent Yogi
    D Kent Yogi

    Is it okay to take vitamin c with Budwig? I thought I read one shouldn't? U wouldn't stake my life on it, but seems to me…..


    Cheryl Good

    I read that you should not take the msm water within 3 hours of taking the budwig. We forgot and did the msm about 30 minutes after the budwig. What will happen?

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi Cheryl,

    Don't worry. The reason we say that is because the MSM is an antioxidant and the Budwig is oxidizing. They will just cancel each other's effectiveness out. 🙂




    In regards this topic, I have decided to advise my mother (who has lung cancer metastases stage IV) to take the Budwig protocol along with the MSM + Vitamin C in her fight to fight the cancer. Also she is already doing the juicy protocol. My mother has decided to do chemotherapy and she will start her sessions on the 9th of January 2018. Unfortunately we cannot afford to buy the Cellect product and it looks like they don't ship it to our country.

    Can anyone tell me if I am making the right decision under our circumstances? Is anything else I should had to my mother's protocol? I am the one responsible in my family to look into alternative treatments and English is not my primary language and sometimes I get confused in what to choose our to do.

    Thank you in advance!



    Keep a 2 or 3 hour time gap between Budwig and other treatment. Do a Bowel/Liver Flush, add one alkaline protocol such as Kelmun or any other, and depending on finances add MSM/LIPH, Beta Glucan and an essential oil Air Nebulizer/Humidifier(which can be used while sleeping).
    Alex D


    Forgot to mention to also add Turmeric.
    Have you read this article?


    Hello. I am trying to establish the order with which to some of the therapies. Any comments are appreciated.

    Coral Calcium – alkaline treatment

    Budwig cottage cheese/flax seed oil twice daily

    Co-Q-10 Stockholm once daily

    Turmeric three times daily/trojan horse

    Juicing minimum 32 ounces carrot plus additional 32 ounces assorted cancer fighting cruciferus vegetables
    Anti-cancer large salad

    Transfer Point beta glucans

    So some of these are anti-oxidants in their own right. Can you please place them in the correct order with recommended hours required in between?

    Thank you.


    Hi Roie,

    You can almost do them in any order so long as you have kept the right time gaps in between. The hardest to fit in is Budwig as it requires the longest time gap (2-4 hours on either side) and is a (major) oxidant.
    So my preference when doing a protocol that is Oxidative and others that are Anti-oxiditive, is to do the Oxidative protocol first, because if you have caused some oxidative stress the antioxidant protocols you do later will help ‘clean up' the free radicals.
    Also, I do so many more protocols that I need to find ways to fit everything into one day so I prefer doing the Budwig first thing for breakfast as I wake up on an empty stomach and so can skip the time gap on one side. Then I wait 2 hours, and do another Budwig, allowing me to skip one side time gap again and not have to worry about mixing or taking anything that interferes with the protocol. Note that I only waited 2 hours in-between, as I'm doing Budwig back to back. If I wasn't doing it back to back, then I would wait 3 hours either side.
    Doing it back to back requires me to keep a total of 5 hours free for the day. Doing it in between other protocols will require me to keep a total of 12 hours free for the day. This is just my preference and I hope its not too confusing. It may make more sense if you chart out an hourly day schedule. Ideally it might be better to do one Budwig morning and one Budwig afternoon but it is up to you to decide when you can best fit it into your daily schedule.

    The rest are easy.
    Juicing and salad is regarded as your meals.
    Beta Glucan take on empty stomach, wait 30mins before eating. (I schedule this in 3 hours after my second Budwig).
    The Coral Calcium you will take with a meal. When taking Coral Calcium, CT recommends the patient take at least two oranges a day (for the Vitamin D) and at least one banana a day (for the potassium).
    The CoQ10 you will also take with a meal and preferably with your largest meal of the day. Furthermore, take a tablespoon of coconut oil the same time you have the CoQ10 for better absorption.
    The Turmeric from memory did not have a recommended time gap but as some antioxidants can act as (minor) pro-oxidants such as CoQ10 and even the alkalinity caused from the Calcium, I would space it in-between meals.

    Kind regards
    Alex D



    OK. My husband was recently diagnosed with Prostate cancer that has metastasized to a small spot on his tail bone. His routine so far is this:

    6:30am MSM water 4 oz
    6:45am Lyph 2oz
    6:45am 2x Transfer Point Beta glucans

    1 TSP restore sporbiotic
    FOCC 3 TB FO and ^ Tbl Cottage Cheese 2 T fresh ground Flax seeds
    Then his supplements as follows right after eating:
    2x Fermented Turmeric and chlorella
    2 grams Calcium Ascorbate (I am thinking he needs to do this at lunch now?)
    1x 400mg neem leaf
    1x Iodine
    1x fish oil
    1x Milk Thistle/Dandelion
    1x Lycopene
    2x Agaricus blazei Mushroom extract
    2x DIM
    1x Ginger Root Extract

    Artisan Well water (7.8 ph) all day

    Organic Salad with FO dressing (from Budwig diet)

    At dinner pretty much the same supplements as above with the addition of 1x selenium and 1x zinc

    Bedtime around 10pm with:
    MSM water 4 oz
    15 min later Lyph 2oz
    2x Transfer Point Beta Glucans

    That's about it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



    Mrs. K

    I have a question regarding budwig protocol along with high dose vitamin C IV (and dmso) treatments….It seems I have read conflicting reports on whether or not it’s OK to do them together? And by that I mean in conjunction not at the exact same time… I am doing vitamin C high-dose IV treatments twice a week and I have also been on the budwig protocol for a few weeks now… (eating the mixture twice a day) and I’m wondering if it’s OK to continue as long as I space out my budwig mixture intake far enough out from my actual IV infusions? Like if I allow 3-4 hours between them? or maybe skip them all together on the days of my IV infusions? Can anyone give me further insight on this?
    Thank you in advance… this is my first post on this website… 🙂


    Mrs. K

    Do Budwig, wait 3hours, then do Vitamin C.




    I'm basically starting on this journey of health and I have just now come to this site to learn about the B.P.
    I have much to learn and only a few caveats of trivia to offer. One of them is this —

    -If you have cancer limit your intake of carrot juice. The brilliant Dr. Max Gerson used carrot juice as part of his
    diet protocol because he wanted to shove as much potassium into the cell as possible and he helped thousands with
    his well constructed diet. However, since his time the carrot (and most ALL fruits) have been so overengineered
    for sweetness that the sugar content today maybe as much as thirty times higher than carrots of his and Norman
    Walkers day. Consequently, you end up taking in so much suger the good effects of the potassium are overwhelmed as
    so much sugar only helps to feed the cancer.
    Keep with the green juice and add broccoli sprouts, as they are the best cancer fighter known. Also, to add extra potassium get ahold of a good “potassium compound”. It isn't pure potassium which would be harmful, and simple mix it with distilled water and put a tablespoon full in your juice. This will boost your potassium intake without the
    sugar……. P. Gluconare, P. Acetate and Mono-P. Phosphate are the ingredients.
    This is just my opinion and belief.

    Best of luck,



    Hello All. i have been doing the Budwig protocol for a year now. I have a lot of energy and have followed the regiment very strictly. I have breast cancer and had decided to heal naturally, rather than have surgery and chemo and radiation.
    The surgeon had told me 18 months ago that I had either stage 2 or 3 cancer and she wanted to do the biopsy to determine what stage and type. After much research I decided not to do the biopsy and have not pierced the tumor wall.
    I have done many of the recommended dirt cheap components in the protocol. I also drink wheatgrass juice.
    My tumor has grown but my health and energy is amazing. My HMO doctor calls me his healthy patient except for the fact that I have a breast tumor. All of my bloodwork (non cancer indicators) are very good.
    I have lost weight but stabilized within my BMI range and have not lost a pound for about 6 months now. I am going to start to work on tumor shrinkage, but first I want to do more with the DMSO and the MSM water.
    So I would like to know the order and time frame for doing MSM water, LIPH, Budwig and Vitamin C and wheatgrass juice. i am also considering doing the DMSO night time protocol.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    I found cancer tutor 18 months ago, and I feel blessed to have found this wealth of knowledge.
    I am fighting for my life and I believe I am winning the fight. I have never felt better in my whole life.
    So many common ailments that I had just lived with have disappeared and I know my immune system is fighting – but I recently learned breast cancer has its own immune system. So who knew?? This is the reason i believe the MSM water will be beneficial.
    Thanks for allowing me to ramble.

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