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    Hello. We have 11 y o sweet at that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Doctors say – no cures, be ready. By the way we are not going to give up and try to find any alternative way to stop this disease. As we read online, many cases of baking soda treatment, but here is a question about pets – how to administer baking soda to cat? Since our cat lost an appetite and barely drinks, we started fluids IV-s. So, here is another question then – would be it possible to add soda to the fluids solution?
    Please, help us, cat needs a treatment as soon as possible since his tumor is very aggressive. We didn't do a biopsy, but US showed a cavity in the tumor and poor blood supply that means the tumor grows fast.


    Hi Galina,

    Have you tried or thought about squirting the Bi Carb water via an oral syringe directly in the mouth?




    Hello Alex. Yes, we gave him couple syringes, but cat produced tonnes of saliva and had too much sufferings. We feed him with a syringe, so try to suffer him as less as possible. We give him CBD oil, LifeGold drops, salmon Oil, arginine, and vit. B17. The vitamin and the Arginine are bitter, so I make tiny meatballs with raw ground meat and powders, and put them one by one very deep in cat's mouth. Oils and drops we mix with Purina A/D food and beef broth into consistence of paste or sour-cream, so it is easy to give with a syringe. And only soda is hard to give to this cat. He is scared and upset with the feeding and treatment giving processes, so I cannot find a way how to give him soda without extra stress so he wouldn't spill it out with saliva . I hoped it could be given withing fluids underneath of skin (he doesn't drink enough), but not sure this is safe. Our doctors are very conservative and follow the official protocols of cancer treatment, so I cannot ask their advise about soda. No ways.

    Please, anyone, if you have any ideas, help us!



    Have you tried “Oxygen Elements” by Global Health Trax.I believe there are testimonials you can read and people to contact.It alkalizes system


    Jan Hope this site is helpful.Oxygen Elements Max., I was told it can be put in water bowl, diluted in food or water and given orally and applied to skin for absorption

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