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  • The 31 Day Home Cancer Cure
    by Ty Bollinger – This book is about a highly successful 31 day treatment for cancer. The key to its success is in getting rid of massive numbers of parasites that are suppressing your immune system. By getting rid of these parasites the immune system is supercharged. In addition, this book discusses a “smart bomb” that targets and kills cancer cells. It also discusses a key immune-boosting supplement.
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    The 31 Day Home Cancer Cure
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  • Cancer – Step Outside the Box
    by Ty Bollinger – Ty's book is now in its sixth edition. Part I discusses the problems with the medical establishment and their treatments. Part 2 provides details on cancer biology, more than a dozen of the most potent alternative cancer treatments, plus other treatment issues. He then has a large section on herbs, the cancer diet, super supplements, etc. He then details other issues, such as aspartame, vaccinations, mercury, etc.
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    Cancer – Step Outside the Box
    6th Edition Paperback


  • A Physician's Guide to Natural Health Products, 2nd Edition
    Dr. Howensine, an MD, has been in natural medicine for many years. He is very well known and his credibility is superb.
    The last I heard he was very sick, but his book is still available, even if he is not.
    A Physician's Guide to Natural Health Products, 2nd Edition


  • Killing Cancer – Not People
    by Robert G. Wright (i.e. Bob Wright) – Bob Wright's new book is both a treatment book and a reference manual. At over 360 pages it covers a lot of territory. It covers what to do now, the cancer diet, supplements, etc. Of course it also includes a very strong cancer treatment. He is an expert in both nutrition and alkalinity.
    Killing Cancer Not People – Newest Edition


  • Now We Can Easily Put An End To Cancer
    by Dr. John Lubecki – This book talks about an “imprinter” which instantly gets rid of all infections and radiation. The laser he discusses removes all metals. Once this is done the cancer stops immediately. The doctors in Europe who discovered this say that any doctor who does not know this does not know how to treat cancer. The method not only makes cancer impossible but it also makes most other health problems easy to cure and easy to prevent.
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    Now We Can Easily Put An End To Cancer
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  • The Cancer Survivor's Bible
    by Jonathan Chamberlain – This website actually has 4 books on cancer:
    Cancer – Don't Panic (free)
    Cancer Survivor's Stories (free)
    The Cancer Survivor's Bible (550 pages, the main book – highly rated)
    The Amazing Cancer Kid (true story of a cancer survivor)
    All books are reviewed on Amazon (UK)
    The website:
    Fighting Cancer


  • Super Cancer Fighters: Proven Natural Remedies …
    by Bill Bodri – [For families that absolutely refuse to use natural medicine by itself, there is a book for them that talks about integrative medicine and integrative clinics.]
    From Amazon: “Finally you don't have to choose between mainstream and alternative cancer therapies. There are some small things you can do at home which have big results that complement traditional therapies. There are integrative physicians and international cancer clinics which use a combination of holistic, complementary medicine therapies to help people get well.”
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    Super Cancer Fighters
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  • The Amish Cancer Secret
    by Frank Cousineau, With Andrew Scholberg – The author interviewed many Amish people and constructed their methods of treating cancer successfully. This book also discusses clinics that use natural medicine. Testimonials are given in countries as far away as Australia.
    For more information:
    The Amish Cancer Secret


  • Your Road to Health
    by Mike Vrentas – This is a five and one-half hour audio book which details the treatment of cancer and type 2 diabetes in theory and practice. These audio files should be in everyone's library because the information is critical for ALL people, not just cancer patients. The information on the importance of the Budwig Diet and iodine are alone worth the price of this audio book!! His discussions drill down to the cellular level.
    While this audio book was originally designed to help those on the Cellect-Budwig protocol, it was expanded to cover many other important topics. It provides detailed case studies on both cancer and type 2 diabetes. The eBook is available for download (using broadband) or on CDs.
    Here’s more information on Cellect-Budwig:


  • Beating Cancer Gently
    by Bill Henderson – Bill Henderson's book is a classic in alternative cancer treatments. His protocol costs about $200 a month (Bill does not sell the products), yet it is one of the true “Stage IV” protocols! Chapter 5 of the book details the official Bill Henderson Protocol.
    For more information:
    Beating Cancer Gently
    Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing


  • Cancer Salves – A Botanical Approach To Treatment
    by Ingrid Naiman -This book is on botanical escharotic treatments for cancer. Based on extensive experience in the field, this book is a comprehensive overview of the salves and how to use them.
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    Cancer Salves Available Here


  • Cancer Research Secrets
    by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, PhD – Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has extensive experience with alternative cancer treatments. This book represents the key things he has learned dealing with cancer. The more than 40 chapters discuss many protocols, including many treatments that work and seven treatments that he considers do not work.
    For more information:
    Cancer Research Secrets – Therapies Which Work and Those Which Don't


  • Natural Cancer Remedies … That Work!
    by Morton Walker, D.P.M. – This book discusses 10 major alternative cancer treatments plus there is an eleventh chapter on early detection and monitoring. One of the treatments is specific to shrinking tumors.
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  • Natural Medicine (Free eBook)
    by by Jerry Hoover, N.D. – This free eBook talks about Cancer, Diabetes, AIDS, Anemia, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis and a host of other health conditions.
    For more information:
    Natural Medicine