Tips for cancer patients who cannot keep down their food

When someone has advanced cancer, they can reach a very critical stage where they are not even able to keep down their food. Does that mean its now too late to help this person? Not according to Dr. Johanna Budwig, the famous German doctor who could pull all kinds of ‘‘tricks out of the hat’’ in treating all types of cancer and even advanced cancer patients.

In her book Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases, on page 32, Dr. Budwig makes the following statement:

“I often take very sick cancer patients away from the hospital where they are said to have only a few days left to live, or perhaps only a few hours. This is mostly accompanied by very good results. The very first thing which these patients and their families tell me is that, in the hospital, it was said they could no longer urinate or produce bowel movements. They suffered from dry coughing without being able to bring up any mucous. Everything was blocked. It greatly encourages them when suddenly in all these symptoms, the surface-active fats [flaxseed oil and quark] with their wealth of electrons, start reactivating the vital functions and the patients immediately begin to feel better. It is very interesting to ask how this sudden change is possible. It has to do with the reaction patterns, with the character of electrons.”

Dr. Budwig understood that ‘‘energy heals cancer’’ and she said:

“Yes, this energy is now movable, and it is easily released. It is precisely this energy that heals cancer or does not even allow it to occur. If this vital element is present, then no tumor can occur. … Let’s take for example a patient with a breast tumor. … I soak the surrounding tissue with fat and protein [flaxseed oil] through the diet, use my ….oils for external application…”

Using flaxseed oil

In addition to applying flaxseed oil topically, Dr. Budwig was known for administrating pure flaxseed (linseed) oil enemas. She would warm up the oil to room temperature and give a flaxseed oil enema to patients that were very weak and/or who could not keep their food down. She would often give warm flaxseed oil massages. Further, she would cover the entire body of very sick patients in flaxseed oil and then wrap them up in a natural cloth or sheepskin and have them sleep all night benefitting from the electron-rich oil.

Other treatments

Herbal teas were also a favorite of Dr. Budwig, she especially liked to give her patients peppermint and rosehips tea and with a little raw honey. Even patients that we not able to keep their food down were able to enjoy her teas.

Epsom salt baths were also encouraged as the magnesium can also improve cancer patient’s overall well-being. Both the struggles of being a cancer patient as well as a lack of magnesium in the body are associated with symptoms of depression. Taking Epsom salt baths daily can help relieve symptoms of the illness and also reduce anxiety and irritability and improve sleep patterns. Bathing in salt water is effective in eliminating toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects., relaxing and rejuvenating the skin, while balancing the body’s energies.

The sodium contained in seawater helps the body remove toxins and by-products of metabolism through the lymph system. This is important because it helps eliminate fluid that is trapped around the ankles, thighs, and knees. Immersing in warm salted water helps relieve muscle cramps and pain and brings relaxation to the entire body. In short, we can remove acids through the liver, lungs, and kidneys as well as through the skin with warm water baths with sea salt due to osmosis and improve the body’s alkalizing ability.

Outdoors in the open as much as possible was Dr. Budwig’s motto and in fact, she said: “The sicker the person, the more time should be spent outdoors.” When I visited Dr. Budwig in August 2000 I saw her patients sunbathing at her clinic. In her book Flax Oil as a True Aid featured in this section highlight the vital importance she assigned to sunlight as a crucial healing and health maintenance factor and why the “electrons in our food [from essential omega-3 fatty acids] serve as the resonance system for the sun's energy.”

In her books and as an invited guest speaker she often presented her research on the relationship between healthy fats and the photons from solar energy. Sunlight contains photons which are the purest form of energy. Our bodies were designed to absorb these photons. When we eat electron rich food such as the Budwig flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture and then go outdoors in the sun, we attract electromagnetic waves of the sunbeams in the photons.  According to Johanna:

“Matter always has its own vibration, and so, of course, does the living body. The absorption of energy must correspond to one’s own wavelength.”

What Dr. Budwig was trying to explain is that the human body and the sun are designed to work together. She often compared the human body to that of an antenna that attracts the sun and then with the electron rich foods we eat the vital functions of the body are activated. Very sick patients she would expose only for brief moments in the sun, but she would often keep them outdoors in shaded areas.

How did Dr. Budwig use ground flaxseed and honey to restore very sick cancer patients energy and appetite? Why did she give weak cancer patients champagne? How did she take a cancer patient, who could not even keep his food down, and restore their health with her Daily Rebuilding Program?

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