Note: The Jon Barron book is neither a cancer diet nor a cancer treatment program. I mention this superb book because it contains a great deal of information that is critical for a cancer patient to understand.

How it works

The Jon Barron “Baseline of Health” is sometimes viewed as a diet to build the immune system, detoxify the liver, etc. But it is much more than that. For example, by fine tuning your circulatory system, using antioxidants, and exercising, you get far more oxygen to cancer cells, and that by itself helps stop the spread of cancer and the extra oxygen can kill cancer cells. As another example, beneficial bacteria manufacture Transfer Factor, which builds the immune system, and the immune system then is able to kill cancer cells. Transfer Factor should be considered as a supplemental treatment.

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Jon Barron: Baseline of Health

The Jon Barron treatment includes everything from cleaning out your colon (in order to better absorb nutrients and for other reasons) all the way to exercising every day. But this process is loaded with things that treat cancer. It takes an entire book: “Lessons from the Miracle Doctors” to explain the process and how it works. This is not a cancer treatment that simply gives you a list of pills to take, though he does supplement the diet with vitamins, enzymes, probiotics (i.e. “friendly bacteria” for your colon), and so on. His book is free and can be download from the internet (see my links).

Unless you are near death (in which case you should be looking at the grape cure combination diet #1, alkalinization, ozone therapy, etc.), no matter what other treatment plan you use, you need to read this book. It is probably the best “big picture” book on why a person gets cancer, and how to fix the cause. It is an amazing book, and it is free.

To entice you to read the book, I will summarize (and occasionally comment) on each chapter, but do not use this summary as a substitute for actually reading the book.

Forward and Chapter 1 – There Has To Be an Alternative

In the Forward and this chapter he gives a “big picture” overview of orthodox medicine, with lots of statistics. Why he is so diplomatic, I do not know, because in other chapters he frequently slams doctors, the medical community, and/or the pharmaceutical industry.

Chapter 2 – The Baseline of Health

This chapter is dedicated to explaining that different people have different issues to deal with, and why fixing one thing in one person does not fix the same thing in another person. He also gives an overview of his Baseline of Health.

Chapter 3 – Intestinal Cleansing, Detoxification, and Rebuilding

Before you can fix a lot of things in your body, you first must fix the colon. He talks about the 10-20 pounds of decaying fecal matter in the average American's colon, enzymes, good and bad bacteria, toxins, parasites, candida, heavy metals, and other things that exist in the colon. As if all of that weren't enough, colon/rectal cancer is the number one overall cancer among men and women. Fixing the colon also allows nutrients to be better absorbed, etc. The colon is the “first line of defense in the body's immune system…”

Chapter 4 – The Probiotic Miracle

Probiotics are the friendly microorganisms (generally bacteria) that exist in the colon. Most people have very few friendly bacteria in their colons. Our diets, chlorine in water, etc. kill most of the good bacteria.

Chapter 5 – Enzymes = Life

As with friendly bacteria, the average person lacks enough enzymes in their body. He quotes a Dr. Howell: “…a person's life span is directly related to the exhaustion of their enzyme potential.” Enzymes are required for every chemical action in our body. He links the lack of enzymes to the function of your immune system and a host of diseases.

Chapter 6 – Diet the Slow Killer

In this chapter, he talks about meat, milk, plastic fats (i.e. unnatural fats), refined products, and organic foods. He describes what our basic diet should be like, then proceeds to talk about meat and dairy (he does not recommend a completely vegetarian diet). He then slams trans fatty acids or hydrogenated oils. He talks about carbohydrates and the glycemic index. He mentions aspartame, but should have slammed aspartame and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), and a few other things, but he didn't.

Chapter 7 – Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are complex molecules from plants that are not otherwise classified. In this chapter he talks about something the average person is unaware of, but what the experts call: “chemical farming.” The nutrients in the foods we eat are far less today than it was even 40 years ago because of farming practices (which are driven by the chemical and seed companies). As one person put it, we can eat like a king, and die of malnutrition (this is why he recommends supplements). This is where he really pushes organic foods. He also talks about the Omega “Essential Fatty Acids” or EFAs, which are so critical to our cells. He also talks about the manufacture of supplements – this is a CRITICAL part of his book.

Chapter 8 – Miracle Herbs

Here he not only talks about individual herbs but more importantly, how they work together. He also talks about the wide variety in the quality of some herbal products (e.g. pesticides, insecticides, DDT, etc.).

Chapter 9 – Free Radicals and Antioxidants

In this chapter, he talks about what causes free radicals, how bad they are (e.g. the chain reactions they produce), and what we can do about them. I suspect he wrote this book before water ionizers became well known because he does not mention them. He talks in detail about a large number of antioxidants.

Chapter 10 – Balancing Hormone Levels in the Body

This is one of the chapters where he slams the medical community for some of the products they prescribe. The main purpose of this chapter is to explain the correct way hormones should be used. The list of health problems that can occur in the human body because of insufficient hormones, or the wrong hormones, includes tumors, breast cancer, migraine headaches, and a lot of other problems.

Chapter 11 – Dying of Thirst

This chapter is about both the quantity and quality of the water we drink. “On average, drinking water in the United States currently contains over 2,100 toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer, cell mutation, and nervous disorders.” That's not all it contains. He focuses on chlorine and fluoride as two of the worst. He talks about how taking a shower causes chloride to get absorbed into the body through the skin. As above, he does not seem to be aware of water ionizers.

Chapter 12 – Your Mouth Is Killing You

In this chapter, he talks about aluminum cookware (Alzheimer's disease, etc.), fluoride treatments, dental amalgam (Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) and root canals (perpetual infections). It is sad that the American Dental Association is just as corrupt as the American Medical Association. Somehow he forgot the corrupt Alzheimer's Association, which is well-known to ignore the truth about aluminum and aluminum/fluoride issues.

Chapter 13 – Cleansing Your Liver and Blood

The liver is the primary filter of our body. He talks about the abuse we do to our liver because of our diet, symptoms of liver dysfunction, the damage caused by this abuse (e.g. gall stones), and how to detoxify or cleanse the liver. He discusses a 5-day cleanse and a 30-day cleanse. “During the course of a cleanse, it's not uncommon to pass some 2,000 of those [gall] stones.” He also talks about cleansing the blood. As part of this, he talks about chelation and oral chelation. His discussion on oral chelation, I feel, is very shallow. There are many pieces to oral chelation he does not mention. He also talks about pH.

Chapter 14 – Optimizing Your Immune System

This chapter talks about the wonders of the immune system. In many ways, your immune system is the most awesome system in your body, …” The ability of the immune system to identify good and bad cells (and cells that turn from good to bad), communicate with itself, defend against invaders, build “factories” to mass produce “weapons,” shut itself down after it has won, remembers invaders DNA (and what worked to kill them), etc. is absolutely amazing. He goes into the different types of white blood cells and what they do. He talks about the organs that are directly involved with the immune system. He also talks about vaccines (somehow he forgot the dangers of mercury). He then talks about optimizing your immune system with herbs and other plants.

Chapter 15 – The Thought That Kills

In this chapter, he mainly talks about stress and depression. He discusses some of the chemical reactions that take place in the body because of our thoughts (both good and bad) and how these chemical reactions in turn cause disease and other problems. In discussing depression he mentions Prozac, but fails to mention that Prozac was introduced in America four days after the FDA banned L-Tryptophan, which would have competed with Prozac and all of the other SSRI drugs. L-Tryptophan is a harmless, necessary amino acid, with a perfect safety record, but the FDA made it illegal so Prozac would have no competition. His discussion on natural remedies for depression is excellent.

Chapter 16 – Exercise: Move or Die

Here he talks mainly about blood flow and the lymph system. The lymph system, our “sewer system” for toxins, has no “pump” of its own (like the heart), so exercise (i.e. our muscles) is the main way it works. He also talks about how it is the muscles that burn fat (even in our sleep), not exercise.

Chapter 17 – It's All About Energy

This is a very esoteric chapter about “scalar energy.” He, like I, am a big fan of Nikola Tesla. Jon touts his invention of “Scalar Enhanced” ™ products. I do not doubt the things in this chapter (as an author of a physics book myself), but it is way ahead of modern science. If “Scalar Enhanced” ™ products work better for you, then definitely use them. That is the bottom line.

Chapter 18 – Let's Talk About Cancer

Most readers will be disappointed that he does not add a new treatment plan to his diet specifically for cancer, but quite frankly, cancer is what his whole book is about. He has an excellent discussion on how the orthodox medical community uses statistics to hide the fact that chemotherapy is useless, and in fact, does immense damage to a person's body. Mostly this is a summary chapter about how his book relates to cancer treatments. In this chapter, he basically recommends supplementing his cancer treatment with other alternative treatments. He mentions Budwig diet, antioxidants, aloe vera, ellagic acid, rice bran, Ukrain, Carnivora, Ozone Therapy, Rife Technology and a “scalar energy charging chamber.”

Chapter 19 – Specific Recommendations

This is a summary chapter that discusses how often you should do some of the things he mentions in the book.

Supercharging This Treatment

First, is a warning. Using diets like this to cure cancer takes a considerable amount of time because the diet essentially starts a slow chain reaction of events. During this time your cancer will still be spreading. For this reason, if you have advanced cancer, I would immediately start with a treatment plan that quickly kills cancer cells and stops the spread of cancer. The Barron diet is a Rolls Royce, but it is slow-moving. It is designed for a marathon, not a sprint.

In the Chapter 18 summary of his book, Jon has his own list of ways to supercharge his diet. It would be far better to consider the Jon Barron diet as a “cancer diet,” not a cancer treatment. With that in mind, it would be better to use one of the two major treatment articles on this website as the actual treatment.

An alternative cancer treatment should be a complete treatment protocol. Do NOT forget to study the complete treatment protocol for Stage I, II and III cancer patients and the complete treatment protocol for Stage IV cancer patients:

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