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The Budwig Protocol includes pure essential oils because numerous clinical studies have shown these to be extremely beneficial in your cancer healing journey. Several studies have shown that essential oils such as frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) have the potential to treat brain, breast, colon, pancreatic, prostate, and stomach cancers. Myrrh essential oil was able to reduce […]

Cancer is not a death sentence. Not only is there hope, there are several natural solutions that people have successfully implemented for literally centuries! And the truth about essential oils and cancer is this: Research strongly suggests that oils can help not only prevent, but treat cancer and its debilitating side effects. It’s important to […]

Let’s try to get back to the Garden of Eden as much as possible,” Dr. Eric Zielinski said. It sounded simple: God provided what his people need, and we should rely on nature to meet our needs. … The reality: We have strayed. Dr. Zielinski grew up in Michigan. He graduated from Wayne State University […]

Right out of the box, there have been no studies on the long-term effects of detoxification programs. There have been only a small number of studies on detox programs in people. While some have had positive results on weight and fat loss, insulin resistance, and blood pressure, the studies themselves have been of low quality […]