Let's do a quick primer regarding the true nature of the human body and how it functions…

The Milieu intérieur (The Environment Within or better: The Internal Environment)

Pasteur said, at the end of his life: “Bernard was right, the germ is nothing–the milieu is everything.”

Louis Pasteur (considered the father of the Germ Theory of Disease) also said that: “There is great concern these days about the environment. We are at last realizing that human activity–farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing, etc– has steadily upset the balance of Nature and has already caused irreparable change to our world and the destruction of many forms of life. With forests destroyed, soil degraded, rivers, oceans and atmosphere polluted, Planet Earth is diseased and humans are the cause of it all. “The damage man has caused to the environment was not done maliciously, but out of ignorance, and the same applies to the damage man has caused– and still is causing–to himself with his personally destructive habits of living.

This self-inflicted damage, more often than not put down to bad luck, is reflected in daily newspaper reports concerning the increasing problems of public health. The problem of declining public health is a problem of equal importance for humanity to the environmental issue, and the sooner people realize that they are themselves as much responsible for the welfare of their own bodies as they are for the welfare of the environment, the sooner both problems can be resolved.

“When considering the health of the body as a whole, including the mind, it must first be understood that the body is made up of many billions of living cells, each one a separate, tiny, living organism which needs to be individually sustained. If each individual cell receives the nutrition and oxygen it needs and has its personal waste products removed, it will be healthy. And if every cell in the body is likewise healthy, then it follows that the entire body will be healthy too.

“Thus total health can only be achieved by first attending to inner health, because the two are indivisible: they are one and the same.

To achieve a state in which the various organs of the body function as they are meant to, and are protected by a fully functional immune system, the environment within the body must be just right. The principle of total body health being directly related to the purity of the fluid environment in which the body cells dwell was conceived by the great 19th-Century physiologist Claude Bernard of France. Bernard coined the term “milieu interieur”, which in French means “environment within”.

This gently flowing fluid is called extra-cellular fluid, or lymph, and consists of plasma, the clear liquid component of the blood, which seeps from the capillary vessels of the main blood circulation into the body tissues to deliver oxygen and nutrients to them and to convey the cells' waste products away for elimination. “The “spent” lymph returns to the main blood circulation via a network of vessels similar to veins called the lymphatic system, propelled by the squeezing action that occurs with muscle movements of ordinary activity and better still by exercise of a more vigorous nature. The chemical composition of lymph is almost the same as seawater, which reflects the fact the cells of our bodies are descendants of the primitive single-celled animals of the sea which preceded the higher forms of life billions of years ago.

“The purity of the milieu interieur therefore depends on the quality of the blood and lymph and the vigor of the circulation, the cleansing action of the lymph being as important as its nourishing action. And, in turn, the quality of the blood is dependent primarily on the efficiency of the liver and kidneys and the quality of the food and water from which the body makes new blood. When the quality of the milieu interieur is just right the blood and lymph flow freely, rich in nutrients and oxygen and free of unwanted substances or toxins; the red cells float freely and so too do the white cells of the immune system, vigorous and efficient.

When this ideal condition is achieved, all the organs of the body harmonize and everything works the way it should. The condition of perfectly balanced body chemistry is called “homeostasis”, a term coined by the great physiologist Walter Cannon, MD Sc.D, of Harvard University. In his famous book, The Wisdom of the Body (1932, W.W. Norton Publishers), Dr Cannon explained how, regardless of conditions that may vary widely, the “body wisdom” works constantly to maintain homeostasis.

“If there are any deficiencies in nutrition, if there exists any form of pollution, or if there is inadequate oxygen or poor circulation or organ malfunction, the milieu interieur will suffer, and with it the health of the body. The nature of the milieu's degradation will affect the extent of upset to homeostasis and how the body will react. One way or another, the body will be ill at ease or “dis-eased”, and according to whatever symptoms the body displays, so one or another of a textbook full of medical names will be given to it.

The most common and most serious form of degradation of the milieu interieur is toxemia caused by improper diet. In most cases the diet is reasonably adequate in necessary nutrients, but the problem of malnutrition nevertheless exists because of excesses of some components, the de-naturing effect of cooking and the inclusion of harmful substances such as salt, condiments and refined sugar, etc. As toxemia can occur in countless different forms and degrees, not only through improper diet but through stress, lack of fresh air and sunshine, etc, once the limits of “body wisdom” are exceeded the resultant effects may vary widely, which explains why there are so many different diseases listed in the medical textbooks and why doctors, not realizing the true nature of the problem, sometimes have so much difficulty deciding which disease is “attacking” their patient and which drug to “fight” it with.

When the usual blood tests are made for chronically sick people, the blood is assessed for various chemical compounds and elements and a count is made of the red blood cells (erythrocytes) and white blood cells (leukocytes).

A more thorough inspection of the blood under a microscope, however, reveals a lot more. Such an inspection of the blood of someone chronically ill shows that the blood is polluted with sludge and that the red cells and blood platelets tend to stick together (aggregate), so that the blood becomes sticky (high viscosity); it cannot carry oxygen properly and it cannot circulate properly.

This, of course, is a demonstration of a diseased milieu interieur, reflected in medical tests by increased blood pressure, high sedimentation rate of red cells (ESR) and high platelet adhesion index (PAI). It is common knowledge among doctors that these poor blood conditions accompany the various chronic diseases, but their conventional drug-oriented medical training does not permit them to see that the impure, high viscosity, sludged blood is the disease itself, and that what they think is the disease is only a symptom of disturbed homeostasis.

“When it is suspected that an unidentified illness may be caused by a germ or virus and a more highly powered microscopic inspection of the blood is made, confusion again arises because of the many forms of microbes displayed and because the forms do not always remain constant (see Chapter 5).

The more the blood deteriorates, the greater the number of microbes present, which multiply not as the cause of the illness, but as a result of it. One way or another, a patient receiving medical treatment is assured of one thing-he will not go short of antibiotics and other drugs until he either escapes the system or is finally and expensively “cured” to death, when the initial problem was really toxemia and lost homeostasis. Although medical drugs may sometimes provide relief from disease symptoms, in the long run they cannot do anything but harm to the patient because, as unnatural substances in the body, they place further strain on already overworked organs which correctly sense a drug to be a poison to be neutralized and expelled.

Thus drugs only cause further deterioration of the milieu interieur with consequential additional distress, the symptoms of which are nonchalantly referred to as “side effects”. When, as often happens, additional medicine is prescribed to counter the side effects, the vicious circle is complete. Thus it is easy to understand why iatrogenic disease – disease caused by medical treatment – is now recognized as a major cause of death, which of course it always has been. “Many intelligent doctors, after realizing the absurdity of allopathic medical methods, have abandoned their old beliefs in medicines and drugs and become medical heretics, which of course brings them disfavor in orthodox medical circles and no chance to present their newfound beliefs in professional journals.

Therefore, many such experienced doctors write books to present their information direct to the populace. Two such doctors are Hans Selye, author of The Stress of Life, and Reino Virtonen, author of Claude Bernard and Experimental Medicine. These books are mentioned here because they both quote Louis Pasteur, father of the Germ Theory of Disease, who, just before his death in 1895, said to his friend Professor Renon:
“Bernard was right, the germ is nothing, the milieu is everything. ”


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(Now, let's look at some Alternative Cancer Therapies that have traditionally worked…

These are presented here as academic information to inform the public concerning possible alternatives to the traditional cancer-curing ‘therapies’ of radiation, surgery, chemo therapy and other heroic medication. None of what follows should be construed as advice or a path to an improvement in any condition; however it may serve to comprehend the Preventorium Institute's New Paradigm of Health and Disease.

1) Introduction and Definition

Cancer ‘strikes’ now one out of every three North Americans or anyone who lives a ‘civilized’, ‘Western’ life style. That means that about one in three North Americans alive today, eventually will develop some type of cancer. Some 34 million of them will die in the USA alone. It was estimated back in 1984 (.) that every 90 seconds someone in the USA dies of cancer. It is probably man’s most dreaded disease today as those statistics are much higher now. No significant progress has been made in the traditional medical field to:

    1. Positively and irrevocably identify the cause of cancer
    2. Diminish the risk of cancer and provide a definitive method of cancer prevention
    3. Significantly extend a cancer patient’s life despite heroic and often radical treatments
    4. Improve a cancer patient’s quality of live without devastating side-effects.

The diagnosis of cancer has such ominous implications that it seems often synonymous with a death sentence. This is complicated by the fact that cancer seems to be not one disease but more than 100 separate diseases that behave differently. For example, there are about twelve different types of breast cancer alone. There is a great deal of conjecture in medicine. It is far too easy to hypothesize and use statistics ad nauseum. To know that 38 percent of all cancer is due to cigarette smoking does not stop its incidence nor cure the disease in those who have developed it. Theories change from decade to decade, treatment costs rise exponentially (and so do the earnings of all those involved in the ‘cancer industry’) but the survival rates go down instead of up.

While orthodox medicine have basically only three paths of therapy, namely radiation, chemo-therapy and surgical procedures, other so-called ‘Alternative’ healing and/or prevention modalities have worked for many thousands of people world-wide. The pity is that traditional medicine, as a therapeutic modality, becomes increasingly steeped in chemical and technological devices such as more and more complex prescription drugs, surgical devices and adjunctive instruments. All this is done while totally ignoring, even spurning all traditional treatment modalities including herbal remedies, acupuncture and other folklore cures. It appears evident that orthodox medicine seems to isolate itself in technology and thus risks losing the trust of its lifeblood, the patient, who now seems to endure more and more abuse of all kind without significant improvements in evidence.

Alternative cancer cures and treatments have been written up in hundreds of books. Holistic cancer remedies are so abundant that the cancer sufferer is literally inundated with good and, alas, bad advice wherever he/she turns. In his/her frantic quest for healing knowledge, it becomes quickly evident to the cancer patient that to weed through the sheer abundance of information would be both time-consuming as well as mind-confusing while the days are going by and a given situation does not improve. At that time, the cancer sufferer often turns to so-called cancer clinics for a quick fix. Because they offer Alternative cancer therapies that significantly depart from the mainstream medical practice, these places of therapy are usually out of the country, in Mexico, in the Bahamas or elsewhere hidden in hospitals or clinics where therapists and patients are safe from persecution, prosecution and well-meaning advice from ‘concerned’ family members.

One significant aspect is the fact that such Alternative health establishments charge quite substantial sums ranging from $2,500 to over $10,000 per week. Not everyone can afford such fees and therefore, many cancer sufferers give up. They can’t absorb the new knowledge, can’t afford the high fees and end up in the hands of traditional cancer doctors who ‘go by the book’. The end result is a high probability that the cancer patient will become another statistic without much hope and little chance of retrieving his/her lost health.

This paper is written as a synthesis of what the ‘Cancer Jungle’ is all about without much emphasis on trying to be very concise or even timely. It represents somewhat of a shortcut to information one can take and thus avoid roaming through feet-thick book volumes or getting disappointing letters from ‘Alternative’ cancer clinics.

Read through this paper. At first, you might become thoroughly confused but at the end you will be a lot wiser. Then, we will steer you in the direction of one more Alternative approach that might better meet your needs and produce quicker results, especially if your time is running out with an operation scheduled or other deadline to meet. Our paper ‘New Paradigm of Health and the Disease Process’ outlines our concise alternate approach. It will also guide you through the various cleanses that are well explained and which can produce quick results without elaborate changes in life-style or other impossible-to-break habits; but before entering that fascinating realm, read on and have some patience…

In a healthy body, normal production of bile by the liver takes care of complete eradication of parasites, eggs and stages. Bile neutralizes the acid environment of chyme (food leaving the stomach) to destroy parasites and prepare the chyme for digestion and absorption in the small intestine. Excess acidity – due to wrong acid-forming food intake – places too much of a load on bile production and detoxification by the liver. The resulting chronic acidosis promotes the formation of gall stones and liver exhaustion. The result is eventual overrun by parasites and their stages.

The solution is evident: Correction of diet, colon cleanse, purging and cleansing of gallbladder and liver, regeneration of the liver, kidneys, spleen and immune system. Our Acid-Alkaline Chart will tell you how to change your nutrition to EASILY normalize an off-balance condition.

Cancer is a chronic, degenerative disease, where almost all essential organs are involved, visibly or invisible, especially in the more advanced cases. The entire metabolism with the intestinal tract and its adnexa (peripheral tissues), the liver and pancreas, the circulatory apparatus (the cellular exchange supporter), the kidneys and bile system (as main eliminative organs), the reticulo-endothelial and lymphatic system (as defense apparatus), the Immune System, the central nervous system and especially the visceral nervous systems for most metabolic and motoric purposes.

The cancerous process seems to start when the body lacks the ability to excrete a certain undesirable substance or pathogen (parasite, bacterium or virus) and eventually forms a cyst to encapsulate the substance or pathogen. If no cleansing reaction ensues, and the influx of the toxic overrun continues, the simple cyst may turn into a tumor. From then it is a small step to a malignant growth that often takes years to grow into a detectable mass.

Essentially, cancer cells have more sodium (Na ionized), are highly acid with a very low pH, and are highly anaerobic, i.e. they live on fermentation since the cell can no longer attract nor hold oxygen, have very little calcium because of this, are negatively charged electrically, do not have the normal exchange with blood and serum, and grow and spread uncontrolled like a weed that they really are.

One solution is to apply the most sodium-free diet there is so as to extract sodium FROM the cancer cell through the blood and lymph system. Instead of Na, potassium (K) and oxidizing enzymes have to be brought in with the help of a healing crisis if possible. The cell's pH must be elevated (see below), oxygen pumped in and its electrical potential reversed.

The second solution is to introduce the appropriate calciums into the body since the body uses calcium as the chief alkalinizer of all body fluids including the intra-cellular fluids. Remember that cancers and tumors can only exist in a predominantly ACID environment caused by a diet rich in: Diary foods, meats, grain products, sweets and strong condiments such as black pepper. This is always accompanied by an acute lack of living fruits and vegetables (uncooked and non-preserved). Now, this is not any calcium, like calcium carbonate in the form of oyster shell, bone meal or milk, but either calcium gluconate or preferably calcium ascorbate. The latter contains 30 percent Vitamin C. In this way, cationic or anionic calcium can be increased and made available to adjust the pH of body liquids. Therefore, depending on the pH of the urine and saliva of the patient, these two indicators must be monitored on a daily basis and changes be made on a weekly basis as per the improvements made.

The body is chronically deficient in all minerals (including trace minerals) because of their lack in the Nation’s soil in which most vegetables and fruit grow. Most diseases, including the so-called incurable ones, are simply mineral deficiencies. Ask any veterinarian physician.

If you wish to find out exactly how to go about changing your diet to a health-supporting one instead of a health-depleting one – please check out the excellent web site “Living and Raw Foods”.

The best way to remedy this situation and to re-establish mineral balance quickly, is to obtain a source of colloidal minerals. These are SMALLER than a red blood cell and are similar to the inorganic minerals that have been transmuted by plants into an organic form. Only organic and colloidal minerals can be assimilated and used by your body cells. Colloidal minerals are therefore a rich source of calcium (in addition to the green plants you eat). They are ideally suited to decrease the acid (and cancer-promoting) environment. As the body gets re-mineralized, it also becomes more normalized (and thus more healthy) and becomes progressively less suitable for parasites, bacteria and viruses which can only exist in a de-mineralized and therefore ‘sick’ body.

This is as much true for the plant kingdom as it is for humans. We see a distinct parallel in the wholesale death of forests and the alarming increasing incidence of degenerative disease in humans. Please read our page on this subject.

Colloidal minerals are an excellent source of Electrolytes. They can be taken to restore a person’s body’s reserves of major, minor and trace minerals in the fastest and most absorbable (and least expensive) way possible. Colloidal minerals are even more important than food itself because the intake of minerals represents the prime reason why living beings (including man) eat. As most foods one can purchase are woefully deficient in minerals (the soil has no longer any of these minerals except NPK supplied by agricultural fertilizers) one MUST supply these in adequate amounts or else ANY disease is ultimately a deficiency disease directly attributable to a lack of one or more minerals. Only colloidal minerals are suitable for human consumption.

The sources of Colloidal Minerals we recommend are derived either from the sea or from the ancient T.J.Clarke mineral mine. Most, if not all, suppliers of Colloidal Minerals are MLM companies. The web will give you many excellent suppliers who can place you in a position to purchase this life-giving substance at wholesale cost. Or check with your health practitioner for details as this subject which is somewhat complex and would surpass the purpose of this paper.

2) A Fatty Connection…

According to Dr. Budwig, cancer is also fatty degeneration. Microscopic studies have revealed that one other feature common to all cancer cells is the presence of foreign fatty materials within the cell plasma and the nucleus. These findings have been confirmed by electron microscopic examinations in France. The fats do not appear to take part in cell function. Healthy cells are free of them. Hard cancers and tumors have a hard, rubbery, sulfur-containing, protein-like core, surrounded by oils that cannot form associations with proteins. These two essential elements (fats and proteins) which belong together are separate because the oils are denatured, altered, unable to fulfill their biological functions. Dr. Budwig considers cancer to be not cell growth out of control, but cell growth retarded.

Her basis for saying so is that in rapidly growing tissues, one always finds high concentration of essential fatty acids (Linoleic acid (LA) and Linolenic acid (LNA) which the body cannot produce by itself and which must be brought into the body from nutrition) and high oxygen consumption, whereas in cancers and tumors, essential fatty acid concentration and oxygen consumption (and supply) are always depressed. The accumulation of tumor material is the result of toxins that cannot be neutralized by the liver or an inability of the eliminative organs to extract such toxins or waste matter from the body or it is the result of debris which the cell cannot take away because it lacks the energy necessary to do so. This energy is supplied by essential fatty acids and oxygen (along with other essential nutrients such as adequate minerals).

Therefore, the basic process of cancer removal (not necessarily “cure”) resides in the necessity to provide copious amounts of oxygen and EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids).

The accepted view of most Alternative Cancer Therapies is that Cancer represents the most extreme form of nutritional collapse. The metabolic rate is decreased. Oxygen uptake is inhibited. Cell division often remains incomplete. The polarity of the cell is disrupted and even reversed and all cell functions are severely crippled. The membranes are defective. The red blood cells fall apart. The cell is in a severe state of disorganization and is essentially “dysfunctional”.

Long-chain saturated fatty acids interfere with oxygen use in the cell, as do altered fatty acids and fat products created by processing and altering seeds (producing white flour) and animal oils (frying fish, steaks, French fries etc.). Heat, hydrogenation, light and in combination with oxygen all of these produce chemically altered fat products which are toxic to the cell. Products altered by processing include margarine, shortenings, partially hydrogenated oils, deep fried oils, refined and deodorized oils, oils exposed to light in transparent bottles on store shelves, oils fried in the home (remember those smoking pancakes?) and oils gone rancid from exposure to oxygen after opening the bottle.

The fats which enhance oxygen transport and oxygen use in the cells and those fats which help to dissolve tumors and cancers are the ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS found in the fresh seeds of flax, pumpkin, soy bean and walnut or the fresh oils from these seeds. These fatty acids are also found in the fish oils of some of the fatty fish (trout and sardines) while those fish are fresh.

3) Uninvited Guests…

It is still not known what comes first – the solvents inviting the parasites or the parasites attracting the solvents. Another contributing factor that is certain is the acute deficiency of major, minor or trace minerals in the body. One thing is certain, the more flukes (parasites) are in the body, the less able is the liver to detoxify solvents. The more solvents are stored here and there in other organs and tissues, the less minerals are in reserve, the better able the flukes are to multiply. Then, a vicious cycle is set up that accelerates many illnesses.

Perhaps neither of these came first. Perhaps something else (like an Aflatoxin mold toxin) poisoned the liver to the extent that it was either totally preoccupied or somehow paralyzed and thus unable to cope with solvents and/or parasites and in this fashion both solvents and flukes were given a home in the liver. Another cause may simply be excess animal food intake which then clogs the liver bile ducts with gall/liver stones to the point where no flukes and their stages can be flushed out with the bile and where detoxification of even small amounts of toxins and metals is difficult or impossible.

One thing is certain, if the body's eliminative channels become overloaded due to excess intake of toxins and solvents (in food, environment and body-stores such as tooth metal) then these eliminative organs cannot any longer cope with such unreasonable demands and they have no other choice but to first clog up and then shut down. From then on, they are forced to re-route the toxins and solvents elsewhere. Some toxins get bottled up by the body in cysts and tumors and others simply accumulate in the organ of their choice. Certain toxins and solvents have affinities for specific organs (which is explained elsewhere in this summary) and they seek out these organs to accumulate there. Sometimes it takes very little overload to prepare such an organ with a neat warm nutritive nest for parasites to home in on.

Is this normal? The medical establishment will quickly diagnose a specific disease while nature does not know how to spell the word. You see, parasites are like the wolves in nature's animal kingdom. A wolf would not dream of attacking a healthy caribou because it will easily run away and the wolf will waste his energy. Therefore and conversely, parasites, bacteria and viruses do not attack a healthy individual although they may be ubiquitous in the intestinal tract because the individual's immune system is capable of stemming the tide and deal with the invasion by parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogens. So, just as it is normal for a diseased caribou to be gobbled up by a pack of wolves – so it is normal in nature for parasites (worms etc.) to make their appearance in the presence of certain disease signals and HELP the body to die.

What are disease signals? One is the absence of life – death – a body six feet under ground is rapidly consumed by worms. We don’t see them but they are there. Just ask a knowledgeable horror movie buff. The other signal seems to be the presence of solvents in various body organs – so the parasites just home in on the beacon (solvent in an organ due to toxic overload or congested, damaged liver) and do their invisible nature-given jobs as undertakers. Make no mistake about it – nature has designed parasites and pathogens to reduce sick unfit bodies to dust. This is normal. Sick and unfit genes weaken a specie’s lineage and reproductive capacity. Nature does not tolerate genetic degeneration for it compromises the continuity of the entire species.

So, why do we see so much disease in general and cancer in particular? Why are we such a sick nation? The reason is almost obvious but up to now has been largely overlooked and is only now coming to light due to the courageous writings of Dr. Hulda Clark.

You see, parasites live and reproduce. They have of course certain problems of their own. Just like a dog may have fleas that can very easily communicate a disease via a virus, the human parasites carry bacteria which in turn carry viruses. This is how the HIV virus rides on the back of the intestinal fluke's bacteria; but as long as the fluke resides in the intestinal tract, disease cannot manifest. Parasites need an opportunity to develop the various stages from eggs to adult and the human body is originally not at all suitable for such complex growth patterns. In order to multiply, the fluke needs an opportunity to infest other organs where it can breed.

Parasites and worms can travel anywhere in the body. Infection is so widespread and common that one can safely say that having parasites is ‘normal’. If the infestation is in the colon, the body puts a protective barrier of fluid or mucus around them to keep them corralled off (causes much bloating) to try to prevent them from traveling to other parts of the body. However, in the presence of solvents in the human body the story is different. If solvents can no longer be quickly excreted by the body’s eliminative organs (chiefly the liver) then the solvents accumulate elsewhere (depends on the organ’s affinity with certain solvents.) in the body.

The presence of certain solvents, like absence of life, is interpreted by the parasitic invaders as a signal that the overload of toxins and solvents have rendered the unlucky person invalid and unfit for living (like a sick caribou) and they now practically have a license to take over and develop from stages to full-fledged adults right in the solvent-laden diseased body organ to then eat up that organ to the extent where it is no longer capable of fulfilling its original physiological function.

Let’s look at an example of a common parasite…

The pinworm, found mostly in children, lives in the lower intestine and rectum. The female worm comes out of the colon at night to lay her eggs, thereby contaminating night garments and bedding as well. A single female may deposit 15,000 or more eggs. In the warm bed environment they are infective in only a few hours. The crawling of the worm on the skin area surrounding the anus itches. The child scratches and contaminates its nails and hands with the eggs. These are then transferred to the mouth (thumb sucking etc.) to reinfect the child’s body. Grownups are not immune either. The eggs are also transported by air currents and can thus easily contaminate other family members. Statistics claim that at least one in five children today have pinworms. What about the ones that were never diagnosed and thus not included in the statistics? Although we once thought that pinworms were linked to the presence of pet animals in the house, we received the following important correction from someone who knows better…

…while accessing your website, I came across a common myth about parasites–that having pets in the household contributes to childhood pinworm infections. Oxyuridae are very species specific and animals can not transmit pinworms to humans (who have their own species Enterobius). In fact, although horse, rodents, lagomorphs (rabbits) and small ruminants each have their own species specific pinworms, dogs and cats do not carry pinworms. This is important information for pet owners to have when trying to treat pinworms in their household–Don't blame the pet.

Jennifer M. Cyborski
University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine
Class of 2004

According to Dr. Clark, the basic ethiology of “Fluke Disease” is as follows:
When fluke stages other than the adult can develop IN us then this is called “fluke disease”. It is found in every case of cancer, HIV infection, Alzheimer's, Crohn's disease, endometriosis and in many people without these diseases.
Here are several examples…

    1. In the presence of propyl alcohol, the intestinal fluke is invited to use the liver as secondary host where it can breed – then many different cancers find their expression.
    2. Or, if the adult stage fasciolopsis buskii of the human intestinal fluke is found in the skin it can be the cause of Kaposi sarcoma.
    3. If benzene is present (aggravated in combination with benzopyrene from flame-cooked foods such as a hamburger), the fluke uses the thymus as secondary host, bringing with it the HIV virus and setting the stage for HIV/AIDS. In turn, the HIV virus then invades other tissues like the vagina or penis.
    4. Wood alcohol invites the fluke to use the pancreas as secondary host where it can complete its cycle. This leads to Diabetes.
    5. If xylene or toluene are the solvents then the brain becomes the secondary host and manifests as Alzheimer's disease or multiple sclerosis.
    6. If methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or methyl butyl ketone (MBK) are the solvents then the uterus or prostate become the secondary hosts with resulting endometriosis.
    7. If it develops in the kidneys then lupus or Hodgkin's disease results.These flukes can also invade muscles, causing dystrophies.
    8. In MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is probable that parasites are eating the myelin sheaths off the exposed nerve endings. It is a misconception that the immune system of the body is attacking itself in MS.

None of the above is straight forward. Many combinations are possible. There is also the nagging question: If you deparasitize your body using herbs, if you ‘normalize’ the body with massive amounts of enzymes (in living food) and colloidal minerals (which are supposed to be in the living food in the first place), will the parasites get the message and leave this inhospitable healthy body on their own, provided that the liver is once again detoxifying and the toxins have been cleared from the intestinal tract and elsewhere? Homeostasis (the ability or tendency of an organism or a cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes) must be re-established and maintained with the help of a logical and natural approach from many fronts, some of which are further illustrated below…

While the visible cancer symptoms are swellings, growths and tumors, one must keep in mind that the disease is systemic and rarely local in nature. The cancer manifestation itself can almost be defined as a plant growth and as such is quite easy to “kill” by means of hyper-oxygenation (as described below) but then the real arduous task begins in the form of detoxification, elimination and the regeneration of cellular tissue and blood. This process can at times be unpleasant and carries many psychological tests in the form of self-doubt, melancholia and even depression for often there may be relapses, lack of visible improvements and emotional imbalances.

4. Primary Therapies

We must conclude and accept that the soil and all that grows in it is not something distant from us but must be regarded as our external metabolism which produces the basic substances for our internal metabolism. Therefore, to use a colloquialism, if you put sluggish, dirty, second rate oil in your car you can expect second rate and disappointing performance. Do it long enough and you can count on breakdown and eventual destruction of vital parts.

Why should your body be different? Cancer is a chronic degenerative disease where almost all essential organs are involved, especially in the more advanced cases. The task of an ideal cancer therapy is to restore the function of the oxidizing system in the total holistic body (from head to toe).

The following additional therapies may be necessary to establish homeostasis:

A) Detoxification of the whole body

Sometimes this is best accomplished with a categoric fast in conjunction with other therapies. The duration of the fast depends on the severity of the patient's condition however, two weeks are usually tolerated quite well.

Thereafter, strict diet modifications are usually required in order to minimize additional toxin absorption and to facilitate further detoxification as well as rendering the body more alkaline and energetic.
Details pertaining to diet, fasting and detoxification are available in separate papers dealing with the use of certain Cleansing Kits and procedures.

B) Providing essential nutrients

The primordial task is to raise the pH of the total organism and in the cancer growth in particular. Since this cannot be done selectively using any one product alone (with the exception of Cesium Chloride or Germanium as a supplementation), this task must essentially be accomplished by nutrition and supplementation. The important aspect is to place emphasis on quality and not quantity when it comes to food. Read the labels if you insist on eating from a package or a can or a bottle of some kind or another.

One must eat unfired food. That is uncooked. That is living food. One must eat frugally, scantily and miserly while placing the accent on quality rather than quantity. Get the message? The object is to reduce the insane influx of toxic matter which the body is unable to detoxify and eliminate and at the same time to dramatically increase the supply and reserves of trace minerals. The subject of Diet is covered in more detail later on.

There are also several supplements that are deemed important and in many cases ESSENTIAL in the fight to overcome cancer. Here is a reasonable list:

a) Cesium & Rubidium / Raise pH in cancer, gene repair, etc.

Cesium Chloride increases the pH in the cancer cell towards a more alkaline balance. This is a relatively inexpensive compound that is used very successfully by medical doctors to quickly and safely reduce large masses of tumors and/or cancers that are either life-threatening or inhibit acceptable healing due to their sheer bulk. Cesium also seems to effectively deal with the elimination or neutralization of the necrotic tumor/cancer masses once they have been ‘killed' by the High pH Therapy.

This modality must of course be use in conjunction with other healing and regeneration methods including colloidal minerals, nutritional adjustments under supervision (see Gerson Cancer cures) and other supporting therapies.

Cesium Chloride is part of sophisticated cancer therapies that must be closely supervised by a health care professional, preferably a sympathetic physician who is well versed in this subject.

b) Genisteine – also called Genisteine 4’-Methyl ether or Biochanin A.
Can be isolated from Red Clover blossoms.It inhibits the enzyme that makes Ortho-phospho-tyrosine (cancer-marker). Described as a footnote in “A Cure for all Cancers” by Dr. Hulda Clark. Is available from ‘Multi-Select’ in Montreal.

c) Carotene and Vit. A / Decompose blocking mucus (in the cancer mass) and enhance the immune system, etc.

d) Selenium / Antioxidant and broadens electron donor capacity of cancer cell membrane.
Evidence from animal experiments and long-term observations of cancer patients displaying the many benefits of selenium supplementation was presented by Gerhard N. Schrauzer, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego, at the 2nd annual Adjuvant Nutrition in Cancer Treatment Symposium held in March 1994.

Dr. Schrauzer says [that] selenium has been shown to:
Improve the efficiency of cells exposed to toxins
Help stop cancerous cells from multiplying
Protect against the side-effects of conventional cancer treatments
Improve immunity by stimulating lymphocytes, macrophages and killer cells.

According to Dr. Schnauzer, selenium has also displayed direct chemo-therapeutic activity. He said that lymphocytes have been shown to kill five times more cancer cells if they have enough selenium. Dr. Schnauzer said dosages of selenium should not exceed 600 micrograms per day and ideally should be at 200 – 400 micrograms per day.

e) Vitamin C and Bioflavenoids / Enhances the immune system, when large doses of Vitamin C are given ( 6 grams is the upper limit) then one must never use time-release pills. Only the finest calcium ascorbate or ascorbic acid, mixed with fresh vegetable juice, is acceptable, prevents “biological reversal” when toxins and metals start dumping into the blood stream. For example, the ascorbate portion of vitamin C attaches itself to stored mercury to form mercury ascorbate which can then be excreted via the urine.

Two-time Nobel laureate Linus Pauling has published numerous papers showing that a particular form of cholesterol called lipoprotein (a) is a significant cause of atherosclerosis and that Vitamin C blocks lipoprotein (a) from accumulating on the interior lining of the arteries which is a major cause of atherosclerosis.

In the April 6, 1994 issue of JAMA, a new study verifies previous studies showing a clear link between this dangerous form of cholesterol and coronary atherosclerosis. The editors fail to credit Linus Pauling’s pioneering research in this area other than to state that Pauling has an “interesting hypothesis” that Vitamin C supplementation is a way of counteracting the arterial occluding effects of lipoprotein (a).

Despite his impeccable credentials, mainstream medicine continues to ignore findings emanating from The Linus Pauling Research Institute clearly showing that antioxidant nutrients prevent degeneration and are effective treatment for disease.

f) Germanium / Much information exists on this highly valued element in the treatment of cancer and related diseases. Please refer to our page on this subject.

g) Trace elements in the form of trace minerals / found in sea weed such as dulce, sea lettuce, kelp etc. There are also certain chelated mineral combinations which are very effective. Do not under-estimate these minerals. Volumes have been written to support the fact that our soil is chronically and systematically depleted and one is virtually guaranteed to eat sub-standard food no matter how good it looks. Without minerals the hormonal and immune system cannot function. The intake of vitamins is virtually useless without minerals. Parasites can exist only in a chronically remineralized body whether plant, animal or man. So – take those funny-tasting colloidal minerals. Your body will thank you for it. The Preventorium Institute may be able to sponsor you to put you in a position to purchase colloidal minerals from a wholesale source.

You might also consider The Preventorium Institute's Cellular Regeneration Tonic as an excellent source of colloidal minerals. These are ocean plants such as:
Irish Moss (Chondrus Crispus)
Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesoculosis)

You prepare this tonic yourself and it provides all trace minerals in a wonderful colloidal form.

h) Zinc / Electron donor, antioxidant and immune stimulant. Be sure to also consider taking copper to balance the electrolyte.

i) Magnesium / Enzyme activator, gene and membrane stabilizer.

j) Niacinamide (Vit B3) / slows mitosis (cell division) and multiplication of cancer cells, enhances production of essential hormones.

k) Food fiber / reduces passage time, decreasing the exposure of intestines, especially the colon, to carcinogens, binds toxic substances and carcinogens. Bentonite will also draw toxins into the colon for elimination.

l) Vit B-complex (especially Vit B2 – Riboflavin) / required for cell respiration, catalyses many enzymes.

Vitamin B-17 (Laetrile) is found in almonds, apricot kernels, cherries and their kernel, nectarines, peaches, plums, beans, broad beans, apples, papayas, alfalfa seeds, berries, millet, buckwheat and alfalfa leaves. It was recommended (in the form of almonds) by Edgar Cayce as a cancer preventive. The mild cyanide content of the above food items is reputed to kill cancer cells. Laetrile is not legal everywhere. Vitamin B-17 stimulates the hemoglobin or red blood count. Do not use in excessive amounts.

m) Vit E (mixed D-Tocopherols) / Antioxidant and gene stabilizer increases the oxygen transport.

n) Folic Acid / Coenzyme with B12 and C for protein utilization, carbon carrier for heme formation and nucleic acid formation; thus, it normalizes gene formation of cancers. It also stimulates the formation of hydrochloric acid.

o) Evening Primrose Oil (Efamol) / This is a rich source of EFA's (essential fatty acids) which are the precursors of PG's (prostaglandins). Start with two capsules each morning and evening. Rub two capsules into the skin each day. Face and neck are good places to choose. An expensive supplement but well worth the investment. An alternate source would be Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids. (Soybean, wheatgerm oil, cold water fish, lentils, navy beans, walnut, linseed and other “northern” oils. These repair cell membranes damaged by lipid peroxidation, enhance the immune system and aid in prostaglandin synthesis A combination oil containing all essential E.F.A.'s would be a fine choice.

p) Desiccated thyroid preparation / This thyroid FOOD is indicated when the basal temperature falls below 97.8 on three consecutive days. Women obtain their most accurate temperature readings when not menstruating. Normal basal temperature is taken when first reaching consciousness in the morning with the thermometer under the tongue for ten minutes (shake it down the night before.). Readings should be between 97.8 and 98.2 for people with normal thyroid metabolism. If you are consistently below or above this norm, consult your therapist.

q) Desiccated thymus substance / In the early 1950's, Dr. Sandberg of Sweden had discovered that the thymus gland had a significant influence in the suppression of cancer and other growths. If the thymus atrophies too fast due to an absence of LOVE, a predominance of negative feelings and emotions, then there is no longer a certain protection of the organism against such diseases as cancer. Desiccated thymus substance is an essential therapy for all kinds of cancer and arthritis. As in the case of thyroid substance protomorphagens), a medical subscription is required. All pharmacies carry these substances. 60 mg pills are best. There are certain combination substances that contain most essential protomorphagens in a single dosage.

C) Nutrition and cancer

Research has shown that at any one time in a healthy individual there can be up to 10,000 malignant cells in the body. They are inhibited from developing and killed by the body's superb defense mechanisms. This innate ability of the body is so effective that there must be a drastic disturbance in physical integration to allow malignancy to develop. There are a multitude of factors that may cause this breakdown of physical integrity. The subtle effects of negative emotion, mental problems, social and personal interactions will be reviewed later, but first we will mention the undoubted impact on the body of negative factors in the environment, which are ingested through the foods we eat and our water and air.

Great concern is shown today about carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) in the environment. These are primarily products of human technology (such as solvents, mercury and hundreds if not thousands of other toxic substances) and as such tend to be alien to biological processes.

While this concern is necessary and timely, it should be remembered that they act primarily by weakening the body's defense system, not always automatically causing cancer, but making it more likely, if other co-factors in our lives permit. Such a cofactor may be the presence of certain parasites and/or pathogens.

A list of identified carcinogens would be extremely long, but broad generalizations can be made. A good guideline is to avoid synthetic foods, additives and irritants (black pepper), because human metabolism has not evolved to cope with many of these biochemical novelties. Pollutants of all sorts (and there are many even in your most common household articles such as shampoo and dishwasher detergent) should be shunned.

Fumes from cars, chimneys, industrial waste and especially cigarette smoking are demonstrably dangerous. Coal tar products have a direct carcinogenic activity, so the drugs and food additives made from them are inadvisable. The most worrying potential danger is from radiation and radioactive substances such as plutonium. Without entering the economic argument for or against nuclear power, the potential health and environmental consequences concern us all. There is also the military use of nuclear weapons. Medical objections to such warfare are unassailable, but should it ever be put to the test in nuclear war, not only would there be few people left needing treatment for cancer, there would be even fewer plants left to treat them with. The extensive use of chemotherapy to suppress and relieve symptoms may well be another major contributing factor to the increase in degenerative illness, of which cancer is but an example.

A dietary approach to the treatment of cancer can be suggested, but it should be subject to the care of a competent practitioner, as complications may develop. In the early stages, or if the tumor is small or very localized, a three to five day fast is advisable. If the condition is advanced, this should be reduced to a day, because of the problem of debility. During the fast, large amounts of fresh water should be ingested and enemas taken as described elsewhere. This will aid to evacuate toxins from the bowels and avoid constipation. The kidneys will thus be flushed as well whilst the sweat glands can be aided by a visit to a sauna.

On completion of the fast, a diet of fruit and fruit juices should be commenced. Ideally this should last for a week, but if debility is a problem it should be shortened. Grapes are perhaps the most appropriate fruit for this purpose. Buy organic if possible, or wash thoroughly, as pesticide residues are too untrustworthy to allow into the diet. The more primitive and simple the diet the better.

Once the fruit diet has ended, it is advisable that fruit should remain 50 percent of the total food intake. The rest of the diet should contain much raw vegetable produce. Potatoes or whole grain rice should be the staple, and any oil used should be polyunsaturated, such as sunflower or safflower. Protein is important to help in the recovery of strength and should come from sources such as bean sprouts, some fish, goat's milk and the occasional egg. Meat is inadvisable, as are most dairy foods.

So, one can readily see that any reputable cancer therapy must also include some form of dietary restriction.

Cleansing and detoxification is of vital essence. The less food and fluid taken, the more severe will be the cleansing reactions. Each person, from knowledge of his or her vitality level, should determine the best therapy or diet. Introduce changes gradually. Never stop medication abruptly. No matter what one's level of vitality, one can always benefit from juice therapy.


Body vitality can be increased through dietary restrictions and natural living, including moderate exercise, without animal foods, stimulants, sugar, alcohol and tobacco. It will give you strength to follow and even more rigorous cleansing programs. Each new stage of purity will increase your strength, vitality, youthfulness and joy in living to the fullest.

The following is a list of diets in ascending order of speed and effectiveness of detoxification and severity of cleansing reactions:

Diet restriction and supplementation (vitamins etc.), Kosher, Macrobiotic, Vegetarian, Live food, Mono diet of raw vegetables, Mono diet of fruit, Live vegetable juices, Wheatgrass juice therapy, Fruit juices, Water fast, Urine fast, Dry fast.

Note: Make sure that you study the subject of cleansing and cleansing reactions before you decide to embark on a severe restriction of your dietary habits.

As the body begins the process of elimination, a healing crisis may be expected in approximately three months depending on the extent of diet restriction (modification) one has selected. Any tumors in a body opening will come out during a healing crisis. Any tumors not near a body opening will be dissolved a little at a time as the parasites are killed, and as the waste moves into the blood stream good and bad days can be expected. On the bad days, an enema or colonic irrigation should be used to help elimination of wastes.

Eat natural, organic LIVING food, vegetables and fruit mainly grown locally, rich in enzymes, vitamins, organic minerals and fiber and amino acids which stimulate the anti- cancer human growth hormone.

If you wish to find out exactly how to go about changing your diet to a health-supporting one instead of a health-depleting one – please check out the excellent web site “Living and Raw Foods“.

For advanced cancer cases, it is absolutely necessary for the cancer patient to drink freshly prepared vegetable juices practically every hour. Throughout the day, one drinks four glasses of the juice of apples and carrots in equal parts and also four glasses of green leaf juice. All these juices contain plenty of active oxidation enzymes enriched by a 10 percent solution of the potassium group (potassium gluconate, potassium acetate and potassium phosphate, monobasic).

The oxidation enzymes of these juices, once pressed out of the cells and activated, are easily destroyed by oxygen (oxidized) from the air as well as from changes from light and temperature. They may lose 60 percent of their active oxidation power within half an hour. Therefore, they must be consumed immediately after pressing. A Champion juicer is one of the best as it minimizes heat generation during pressing is robust enough for continuous pressing if necessary. It also is easy to clean.

As it is vitally important to introduce oxygen and potassium into the organism, the following additional nutrition is required: take at least two glasses of fresh calf's liver juice per day. The fresh (not frozen) calf's liver juice contains the highest amount of oxidizing enzymes, most of the minerals of the potassium group, especially a high content of organic iron, copper and cobalt, as well as hormones and vitamins in the best activated composition (as per Dr. Max Gerson). This calf liver juice is prepared of equal parts of fresh young calf's liver and carrots. Do not add any medication to liver juice in order not to change the pH of the preparation. Remember that it is essential to raise the pH of the total organism (i.e. on the cellular level) in order to eradicate the cancer. Higher pH means more alkaline, lower pH means more acid.

D) Bio-oxidative therapies

In an age when medical specialization, complex procedures and toxic drugs are often expensive and ineffective, health care consumers are interested in getting back to the basics. We are looking for medical therapies that will naturally enhance our body’s own healing powers and help cure both minor and serious diseases. We are looking for therapies that will cause a minimum of negative side effects and will not bring about financial ruin.

Most health professionals believe that such a therapy is nonexistent. However, there are two simple natural substances whose clinical use has been documented in medical literature since the 1920’s and have been proven effective in treating some of our most common serious diseases both here and abroad, including heat disease, cancer and AIDS. They are Hydrogen peroxide and Medical Ozone, used in a therapeutic approach known collectively as bio-oxidative therapy.

Please refer to this page… Oxygen TherapiesHOMOZON Treatment – 100 years of successful treatments with no side effects

Bio-oxidative therapies have been used clinically by European physicians for over a century and were first reported by Dr. T.H. Diver in the British medical publication The Lancet in 1920. Since that time, they have been studied in major medical research centers throughout the world, including Baylor University, The University of California (Los Angeles) and Harvard University in the United States, as well as in medical schools and laboratories in Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil. Today, between fifty and one hundred scientific studies are published each month about the chemical and biological effects of ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

How do they Work?

The philosophy behind bio-oxidative therapies is a simple one. The use of hydrogen-peroxide and ozone in medicine is based on the belief that the accumulation of toxins in the body is normally burnt up by the process of oxidation. Oxidation breaks the toxins down into carbon dioxide and water. However, if the oxygen system of the body is weak or deficient (whether through lack of exercise, environmental pollution, poor diet, smoking or improper breathing) our bodies cannot eliminate them adequately and a toxic reaction can occur. In minor cases, a toxic buildup can lead to fatigue, while a wide range of diseases can result when poor oxygenation is chronic.

Bio-oxidative therapies are used to introduce active forms of medically pure 0xygen into the body orally, intravenously or through the skin. Once in the body, hydrogen peroxide or ozone breaks down into various oxygen sub-species which contact anaerobic viruses and microbes (i.e. viruses and microbes which have the ability to live without air) as well as diseased or deficient tissue cells. It oxidizes these cells while leaving the healthy ones alone. When the body becomes saturated with these special forms of oxygen, it reaches a state of purity wherein disease micro-organisms are killed, while the underlying toxicity is oxidized and eliminated.

Although ozone and hydrogen peroxide are highly toxic in their purified state, they have been found to be both safe and affective when diluted to therapeutic levels, for medical use. The most common method used by doctors calls for small amounts of 30-35 percent reagent grade (food-grade) hydrogen peroxide added to purified water and administered as an intravenous drip. When administered according to established protocols, by practitioners who are qualified to administer medical ozone and/or hydrogen peroxide, the chances of experiencing adverse reactions is extremely small. For example, a recent study evaluating the adverse side effects of over five million medically administered ozone treatments found that the rate of adverse side effects was only 0.0007 per application. This figure is far lower than any other type of medical therapy.

Is has been estimated that over ten million people (primarily in Germany, Russia and Cuba) have been given bio-oxidative therapies over the past seventy years to treat over fifty different diseases. They include heart and blood vessel diseases, diseases of the lungs, infectious diseases and immune-related disorders. In some cases, bio-oxidative therapies are administered alone, while in others they are used in addition to traditional medical procedures (such as surgery or chemotherapy) or as adjuncts to Alternative health practices like megavitamin therapy, acupuncture or herbal medicine. Bio-oxidative therapies are an important part of holistic treatment for HIV-related problems as well.

Despite the fact that both ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapy have been proven in clinical trials (and in regular clinical practice) to be safe and effective, very few people have heard about bio-oxidative therapies in the United States and Canada, due in part to the fact that information about ozone and hydrogen peroxide is not taught in medical schools.

The Well Being Journal has published an excellent article about Medical Ozone. It is reproduced here in is entirety.

Another reason is that medical ozone or hydrogen peroxide are extremely inexpensive. Typically, bio-oxidative therapies, properly administered in a medical setting, costs up to 50 percent less than traditional therapies, especially for chronic and degenerative diseases. Self-administered treatments by patients themselves can cost far less. And according to Michael T.F.Carpendale, M.D., a pioneer ozone researcher and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of California School of Medicine, and the first researcher to report a conversion of an HIV+ patient to HIV- using ozone:

If there s something which may be very effective but may undersell the average drug company, of course they are not going to be very pleased if it [the new treatment method] gets developed. And Ozone is evidently very inexpensively to produce, it is very potent and if it works half as well as the Germans claim it does, everyone should be using it. Credit: Health News Naturally, Fall 1995, page 18 – article by Nathaniel Altman

Increase of oxygen availability…
The emergence of anaerobic organisms (those usually iatrogenic microbes or cells that thrive in the absence of oxygen) and wide debilities from anemia make imperative all measures that increase the amount of oxygen and its use by body tissues, i.e. Oxygen therapies.

Oxygen Therapies involve the following:

  1. Breathing exercises / (We have a system of special breathing exercises which we teach the patient to perform several times a day. This is not difficult.)
  2. Ultra-violet irradiation of blood / The Germans extract a liter of blood from an artery, irradiate it with Ultra-violet light and re-inject this treated blood into the body of the patient. This is mentioned again in a subsequent paragraph on “Light”. Ozone Therapy / There are many schools of research and learning in the “cancer industry” that insist that the cancer causing agent is a virus with infectious capabilities. Some claim that ‘assembly-line-raised’ chickens and their eggs harbor a bacterium that causes cancer. Is there any connection between that fact and the large incidence of cancer in America?

Ozone therapy can be subdivided into four categories and several sub-categories not shown here:

  • i) Intra-vascular Ozone/Oxygen injection / This is accomplished by injecting up to 60 cc's of oxygen/ozone gas mixture into a body artery and allowing the body to absorb this substance for a period of 20 – 30 minutes.)
  • ii) Ozone bag treatment / Considered as a treatment for seeping cancers, open wounds and other ulcerous growths.
  • iii) Ozone Insufflation / This is the preferred route for most cancer patients. Not only can one introduce 10 times as much Ozone at a treatment but this therapy also takes care of intestinal involvement of this systemic condition. Who can say that the condition did not start in the colon and spread to the liver via the portal system?
  • iv) Ozone auto-hemo therapy / The Germans withdraw one liter of blood from the patient, bubble ozone through it and re-introduce the mixture into the bloodstream. For that treatment one does not need to go to Germany and find someone who is competent to do this. There are many doctors in North America who are fully competent to do this therapy. This therapy involves more that what is described here. Also, no ozone therapy is very effective without adjusting one’s dietary habits to one that eliminates the toxins faster than it accumulates them in the body.
  • v) Hydrogen Peroxide / The subject of hydrogen peroxide is a bit long to tell in detail here, however, many people have been helped with this substance to merit its mention. Besides, it is very inexpensive to use and has few, if any, side effects.

In a nutshell, one can take H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) in many ways…

By absorbing it through the skin. One fills the bath with hot water and adds 1 1/2 to 2 cups of H2O2. It feels just like taking one’s bath in champagne. One can take it internally: Start with one drop of H2O2 in a glass of distilled water three times a day. Increase the dosage by one drop (three times a day) every day until one takes as much as 50 drops three times a day. Then reduce the quantity by one drop per day (three times a day) until one is back to nothing.

Depending on the problem, H2O2 can be sprayed up the nose, used in enema waters, rubbed into the skin diluted with oil or glycerin.

There are several organizations which disseminate information regarding Hydrogen Peroxide. Check the Internet web pages.

E) Stimulate the lymph system

(This section is vitally important for women in general and female cancer sufferers in particular.)

We have prepared an interesting article “Brassieres (Bras) and the way you wear them, can give you Breast Cancer.” – check it out – it could save a life.

Here is a way to clean the Lymph system.
As all cells get nourished they also produce a certain amount of waste matter which must be efficiently removed otherwise the body will suffocate in its own refuse.

The Lymph system is the body’s cellular waste removal system.

Many potent ways exist to stimulate the Lymphatic system and to ensure that its circulation is adequate. Some are described here:

      1. Every day, do 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour of brisk walking where you energetically swing your arms back and forth, practice deep breathing and come back home somewhat out of breath and thoroughly warmed up. This is necessary because the lymphatic system has no ‘pump’ like the heart is for the circulatory system and therefore the lymphatic fluid must move by sheer stimulating reflexes.
      2. Another way is to mentally divide your body into two parts with the belly button being the dividing line.
        On the upper half of your body, including the arms, you brush your dry skin energetically with a soft natural bristle broad brush (check with a health food store – they often carry brushes with a convenient long handle as bath brushes) in a long stroke that always ends at a location close to your collar bone. Do the left half of your upper body towards the left collar bone and the right half towards the right one. Encircle each breast, stroke the breast tissue gently but firmly – always towards the respective collar bone. This is the general area where the lymph fluid re-enters the blood circulation for ultimate filtering by the kidneys and eventual recycling.On the lower body, including the legs, you would brush your dry skin with long strokes towards the inguinal lymph nodes in each groin i.e. where each leg joins the main trunk towards the front lower part of your abdomen. This is where the largest and most important lymph nodes are located and where a large part of the lymph toxins are ‘digested’ and conditioned. This action will stimulate to a great extent the efficient flow of the lymph fluid and therefore ensure an effective waste removal action.
      3. Treat yourself to a relaxing and invigorating Lymphatic massage. Your Yellow Pages will advise you where you can find an Alternative health therapist who can provide this inexpensive treatment for you. Even a health food store will have several references to give you.
      4. Take several capsules of Echinacea per day. It is an excellent herb to stimulate Lymph flow.
      5. Buy a small 4′ trampoline and jump lightly on this for 15 minutes a day. Maybe three 5-minute sessions. It stimulates the lymph like nothing else can – except perhaps rope jumping.

5) Other Adjunctive Therapies

The primary purpose of any cancer therapy is to bring the body back to normal physiology or as near to it as possible under the circumstances; this can be accomplished in many ways, even by copious quantities of laughter, more than sufficient sleep or plenty of light. More about that later…

a) Goals / The first task is to determine what would be most appropriate to do. Make a plan. Make lists. Handle your healing effort like a business. List the positive as well as the negative points. Set for yourself only ATTAINABLE goals and then keep at it until they are achieved.

It is no use trying to do too many things too quickly. You must think quality – not quantity. You must eliminate toxins continually and consistently both in the body and in your environment so that genuine healing can take place. So – keep it simple. Keep the fun in whatever you do and don’t let yourself be talked out of a sensible well-thought-out approach to self-healing. Well-meaning family members are to worst offenders. While they certainly mean to help they only plant the seeds of doubt and negativity. That’s something you can do without at this time. Tell them to give you some breathing room and tell them that you will talk to them again when you have evidence of remission and are well on your way to a permanent cure.

b) Toxins Elimination / The next task is to get to a point where you must eliminate more toxins than you take in so that good house-cleaning can be accomplished. Nobody and no one substance can do this for you. It is your body’s own energy reservoir, its increased vitality of the liver and the enhanced immune system as well as a progressive normalization that will keep your body’s metabolism in a state of natural equilibrium…

We believe the surest way to achieve this is to restore to the body its ability to produce non-bacterial inflammatory reactions in the form of natural healing crises provoked simply by the exponential improvements of all of your body’s systems and functions.

One of the fastest ways to accomplish this is to follow the dietary guideline in this treatise and to consistently take the Preventorium's CellularCleansing Decoction (CCD).

Persons who still have metal tooth fillings should consider themselves mercury- toxic patients. They should in all haste have these fillings removed even if this is sometimes expensive and somewhat unpleasant. They should also avoid salt water fish or shell fish because of their possibly heavy contamination with methyl mercury.

c) Adding oxidizing enzymes continually / These are calf's liver juice (Gerson Therapy), vegetable and fruit juices as well as pancreatic enzymes. This will create a near normal condition of the oxidizing system to which malignant cells with the fermentation system cannot adapt. These have been described above.

d) Correcting Psychological encumbrances / It has long been recognized that cancer and AIDS are precipitated (but not necessarily CAUSED) by unrelated but cumulative factors, such as loneliness, grief, depression, hate and unexpressed anger as well as utter hopelessness. These same factors are at work in all degenerative diseases and general breakdowns of the immune system. Contributing factors are certainly all abuses of the reasonable upkeep of the body such as all drugs and medication, inadequate or devitalized foods (this includes all cooked foods), lack of sunshine, fresh air and exercise. Patients who survive cancer or AIDS, regardless of the type of therapy applied, invariably possess inner reserves by which they reorder their lives and their priorities.

Researchers have written volumes, and our own experience in private practice has supported these research findings, about the obvious fact that cancer patients have invariably a rather short term (2-3 years) history of some too often, patients do not want to die or suffer but they have no compelling purpose for LIVING. They submit passively to regimes and procedures to please their families or their physician but they spiral uncomplainingly downward. The litmus question to a cancer or AIDS patient “What real reason do you have for living?” is often unanswerable. The will to live must come from the patient and no amount of anguish, encouragement or threats from any family or friends will help if this will to live is not present.

Often, such a situation is intimately linked to a lack of LOVE. Search for a universal cancer or AIDS cure has obscured recognition of the fact that these diseases will recur (come back) when their predisposing conditions (mostly mental, environmental or habitual) remain. We can aim for reasonable control with multiple therapies, much as we can control a headache with Aspirin, but the surest therapy is prevention. By improving our environment, our life styles and our deeper motivations, we can help to resist the stresses that we impose, or allow to be imposed, on our bodies and minds. The result is perfect health.

e) Vitamins & supplements / Mega doses of ascorbic acid or calcium ascorbate are not exactly “mega” in our book. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and by the very definition of the word it uses up oxygen (which we are trying at all cost to increase in the whole body).

Therefore a reasonable increase of vitamin C (about 2 g per day total intake in the form of powder and not “time release pills” is fine as long as it is balanced by at least 800 I.U. of vitamin E. Don't forget that Vit C depletes Vitamin B12 and you may be needing a GOOD supplementation of this in the form of any fermented drink such as Rejuvelac (wheat kernels soaked in water for three days). Citrus fruit is high in Vitamin C but it is very cleansing and not always appropriate for Northerners. But it is alkalinizing and, if taken naturally, i.e. not in cans, boxes or as a frozen concentrate, a reasonable quantity per day seems logical. If taking calcium ascorbate (70 percent calcium and 30 percent Vit. C), take up to 6g per day. One level teaspoon equals 4 grams. Take in juice. A colloidal source of organic minerals is essential in establishing hormonal balance.

Potassium and magnesium are essential in addition to other supplements which may be needed as required and as determined during consultation with your therapist.

f) Acupuncture treatments may enhance the overall energy level of a person trying to reestablish homeostasis. Keep in mind that Acupuncture, by itself, is worthless if the cancer sufferer continues his/her destructive life style in terms of diet, addictions, emotional disturbances and disharmonious surroundings.

g) Add Light / Cancer patients need LIGHT. According to a scientific article in “Health & Diet Times” (June/July 1982 issue) written by Lee de Vries, MD, cancer cells self- destruct within minutes after exposure to strong intense light. What happens is that the cancerous PLANT cell changes its formaldehyde into a plant sugar molecule giving off oxygen-ozone in the process and it is this element combination of O2 and O3 which causes the disintegration of the cancer cell. If you can't get enough sunshine, make absolutely sure that you obtain enough of the essential fatty acids (LA and LNA) in the so that your organism can produce the important prostaglandins, the precursors of hormones.

Take off your contact lenses and prescription glasses, throw away your ultra-violet blocking sunglasses and let the light of the sun enter your eyes. Get as much exposure to sunlight and fresh air as you possibly can and watch your tumors and cancers shrink away. Avoid “Daylight” and especially “pink” fluorescent lights. They render you aggressive and hostile. If you can't avoid artificial light, make it “full spectrum” light. Don't avoid the ultra-violet rays. Too little is just as bad as too much. At least, when you burn you feel it, when you don't get enough there is no telltale sign. Avoid extended exposure to television and computers. Turn the set somewhat diagonal so that most of the direct rays go right past you. Stay away as far as possible. Even at 15 feet you still have ample exposure. Stray radiation makes you fatigued, hyperactive and depressed all at the same time.

h) Exercise / Enough has been said and published about exercise to make any mention of details superfluous in this treatise. However, even walking briskly will benefit the patient and will improve the circulation. It is important to encourage the skin to breathe and to eliminate toxins. Skin brushing, is a good way to wake up this largest of body organs.

i) Water / Another potent method to enhance as well as stimulate the circulation is to apply daily cold water therapy. This is specific for each case and cannot very well be generalized. Therefore, contact your therapist for clear instructions. Essentially, it means that you apply absolutely cold water to certain parts of the body or to the entire body, followed by vigorous stimulation of the extremities. Wonderful.

j) Colonic (intestinal) parasites and rapidly accumulating toxic matter must be quickly eliminated with a Parasite Cleansing regime followed by a potent colon cleanser. The latter can also wipe out any Candida Albicans (Yeast overrun) with Caprilic Acid (a product called CAPROL). There are others. In stubborn Candida cases, medication is permitted for a short time, such as “FLAGYL” or “NYSTATIN”. However, we do not recommend these procedures. Follow a Candida diet thereafter. Multi-strain Acidophilus MUST be implanted rectally and taken by mouth afterwards for at least two weeks. Do not use Yogurt culture or other lacto acidophilus supplementation.

If you want to accelerate the elimination of toxic matter that the body is trying to eliminate via the most potent eliminative organ, the digestive system (colon), then it is necessary to give oneself at least one, possibly two or even more, coffee enemas each day. The coffee has the ability to generate potent liver enzymes that help the detoxification process and keep the colon free of toxins. While it is true that enemas (and colonics for that matter) only clean the large intestine (colon), do not exaggerate this enema business because the body still needs to absorb some nutrients via the colon wall.

k) Hormonal balance / It is essential that the cancer patient re-establish hormonal balance. As revolting as it may sound, hormonal balance seems to become very much normalized by the application of “Urine Therapy”. Essentially this consists of drinking one's urine every day, supplemented by distilled water if and when needed. This therapy has anecdotally been proven powerful and effective. If one uses this therapy as an adjunctive therapy, then precautions must be taken to ensure that there is no heavy metal poisoning present. In that case, a homeopathic preparation of the patient's urine is called for. The application of pure urea and GLUTATHIONE via urine for the treatment of cancer seems to have functional similarities to the cesium therapy advocated by the eminent physicist A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D. and his awesomely efficient high pH therapy.

Much is not yet known regarding the “why”‘s and “how”‘s. All we know, it works with the most dreaded diseases; somehow, the excretory functions of the urinary tract are taken over by the digestive tract and substances unknown to us accomplish primary and secondary healing processes. Another thing – it is entirely free. But remember, nothing works all by itself. You must look at healing in a holistic way. Much literature exists on this interesting subject. Again – no therapy is either effective nor valid all by itself without considering a change in diet, life style and emotional outlook on life. You can’t eat like food is going out of style, hate and criticize all of Nature’s creation and take a couple of herbs and hope to heal in 24 hours or less. Nature takes a long time to break down and takes a long time to heal 100 percent. Absence of symptoms does not necessarily mean a complete return to health.

l) Herbs and Cancer / Many claims have been made for marked anti neoplastic action in certain plants (anti-neoplastic is a term that means that some blocking or inhibiting effect is shown against neoplasm, or new growth) Every healing tradition in the world has plants that have a reputation for being anti-cancer herbs A research project in the United States is monitoring every flowering plant in the world (it will take some time.) for cancer- inhibiting properties. Some of the miracle drugs' used in the treatment of cancer by orthodox medicine were found in plants The best example is the Madagascar Periwinkle, which is the source of the drug vinblastin and vincristine which are used in leukemia.

This is an example of the way herbs may be used specifically or as sources of active ingredients. Whilst not wanting to belittle the value of this approach, it is limited by the perception of cancer as a specific localized condition, which a specific drug (or herb) will counteract. It is far more appropriate to approach this condition as a manifestation of systemic disease, and use such systemic treatments as are appropriate in aiding the body to regain control. Herbs can be most effective in supporting this sort of bodily transformation through their cleansing, strengthening and healing properties. They work best when they are part of an approach to transformation – change in body, mind and spirit – which is possibly the only effective context in which to treat cancer.

Using the whole system approach we recommend alteratives and specific anti- neoplastic herbs as most relevant.

Through the cleansing and normalizing activity of the alteratives, herbs can support the process of the body ridding itself of cancerous growths. The remedies that work via the liver, augmenting its detoxifying activity, are especially useful. These include Burdock, Yellow Dock and many others. The kidneys’ important eliminative function is aided by Cleavers (part of the Kidney Cleansing Tea (kit)) and other herbs. Remedies that have specific tonic and cleansing action on the Lymphatic system are especially indicated in the herbal approach to cancer. Such herbs are Echinacea, Golden Seal etc. Consider the Preventorium's Tissue Cleansing Decoction.

To aid the body in reasserting order and structured organization in the affected tissue, we use plants that appear to have a specific action in inhibiting and combating the development of tumors. Many claims are made for different plants, some justified, some wishful thinking. We could give an exhaustive list culled from folk lore and old herbals, but while the action of some is certain, that of others are somewhat nebulous and uncertain. Those we list in the Tissue Cleansing Decoction (CCD) are in use in modern herbal therapeutics, especially in North America. The way in which these herbs work has not been fully analyzed from a scientific standpoint, but we know that they have a definite role to play in any herbal treatment of cancer.

In addition to specific anti-neoplastic plants, we should remember that, through aiding an organ or tissue with supportive and sustaining remedies, a renewal and release of ‘vital energy' will move the affected part of the body to heal itself of the cancer. It may in fact be appropriate to use plants that are specific for that organ or suggested by the general state of health that have ‘nothing' directly to do with cancer. For example, if there is a long history of lung infections, but the tumor is in the stomach, utilize tonics for both lungs and stomach. As explored throughout this treatise, healing comes from the life force of our own being and herbs can only facilitate this.

More on Herbs / If herbs or natural remedies are considered (and we trust that this is the case), then one can start with Garlic, (traditionally a potent cancer preventive, blood cleanser and immune system stimulant), Ginseng and Cayenne as a stimulant, Chickweed is an excellent additional blood purifier.

Recommended Herb Vendor

A powerful diuretic and potent anti-cancer herb is Cleaver’s Herb which is part of our Kidney Cleansing Tea and the above-mentioned Tissue Cleansing Decoction (CCD).

Taheebo eliminates the pain associated with cancer and it multiplies red blood corpuscles. If pain persists, drink approximately 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. each of Lobelia and Ginseng powder in water.

A Garlic enema at the onset of pain will also bring relief. Another pain reliever is a poultice of one part Mullein and three parts Lobelia placed on the area of pain.

A Castor oil pack on the liver area will relieve the pain there. Make sure that you bring heat to the top surface by a hot water bottle or heating pad. Keep the pad in a refrigerator when not in use. A plastic pad will prevent soiling other things like the bed.

Golden Seal helps the hormonal balance, Rosehips is an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, E, D, P, and Rutin. It helps dissipate infections and improves immunity function.

Devil's Claw and Chaparral help detoxify the lymph and blood. Certain Chinese herbs in special combinations will help considerably in the restoral and maintenance of the immune system.

There are others herbs as well. Each case should be discussed in detail in order to make an intelligent choice in order to help the task of detoxification.

m) Electro-magnetic Therapy / Cancer patients lack proper balance of calcium, magnesium and potassium in their cells. As an adjunctive therapy, this has been proven very beneficial to provide Electro-magnetic therapy using certain healing frequencies, particularly the 7.83 earth frequency which helps to restore proper electrical potentials in the cancer cells, thus aiding oxygen to enter the cell, for the fermentation process to reverse to a normal respiratory process. These treatments are non-invasive (the patient does not even have to undress) and entirely painless. For many years, the Preventorium Institute has conducted tests and experiments using bio-magnetic generators and anyone interested may obtain the name and address of a manufacturer of such devices for further information and prices.

Check our remarks on anionic and cationic calcium in the introduction Section 1). The pH of both saliva and urine must be carefully monitored before any calcium is taken. You can easily aggravate the problem by taking the wrong type of calcium.

The calcium in the diet, as well as the calcium reserves in the body, dictate the way the urine and saliva pH will end up (pH is the ratio of acidity versus alkalinity). The pH of the saliva tells us the strength of the liver and the digestive enzymes it is producing. The pH of the urine tells us what happened as a result of the liver's function. In other words, the pH of the saliva tells us what is happening as the food goes into the body and the pH of the urine tells us what happened after digestion.

Since the blood and the liver have to be totally coordinated to allow proper exchange between each other, the pH of the urine and saliva tells us whether this is indeed so. When calcium is reduced in the diet and/or is more of one type than optimum, then the pH will eventually be affected by drifting away from the 6.4 range. It is important to do testing every day for several days and always at the same time in order to get an accurate handle of the average figure.

The pH of both liquids (saliva or urine) can be influenced by food. Therefore, knowing this, we can see that the resistance (effectiveness) levels of digestion can be manipulated by CALCIUMS (and those elements that assist it in function). Don't do this calcium therapy by yourself. You need professional guidance here.

n) Environmental Factors / The cancer patient needs to relocate – FAST.

Already in the 1930s, the world famous German surgeon, Professor Dr. med. Ferdinand Sauerbruch told all his cancer patients NEVER to return to their habitual bed. For centuries it has been known that certain houses have a much higher incidence of cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many other degenerative diseases. Only in the 1970's was a satisfactory answer found; these diseases are due to geopathogenic zones, which usually are caused by a conversion of gravity field energy from radioactive radiation, electromagnetic phenomena in the neighborhood of subterranean streams or even high power lines, and even color TV's. Many times, a good dowser can locate these anomalies and appropriate measures can be taken to correct the situation.

As a first step, avoid the use of electric blankets, water beds, hair dryers and any electric influences that generate an electrical fields of 60 hertz (cycles per second). Only if the patient is removed from these potentially damaging zones, does he/she have a maximum chance of permanent and speedy recovery in conjunction with diet, lifestyle and psychological modifications. It may be a bit presumptuous to say that these above mentioned geopathical zones CAUSE cancer, however, it is possible that they CONTRIBUTE to the causation of cancer.

6) Contraindications

(Things to be avoided)

A) Avoid intake of synthetic Vit D (especially Vit D-2 added in the form of Ergasterol to milk and milk products). Cod Liver Oil contains natural Calciferol (D-3) and should be part of the human diet in wintertime or during absence of sunlight. When human skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces Calciferol from cholesterol present in the skin. Calciferol then strongly and measurably enhances calcium uptake and utilization in adults in the winter time. Sunlight and Calciferol is not a Vitamin. Calciferol is actually a hormone. Thus Calciferol facilitates calcium absorption from the intestines and interacts with its metabolism within kidney, bone and muscle tissues. It is important to also maintain adequate magnesium balance. Source: The British Medical Association 1950, The Canadian Bulletin on Nutrition 1953, American Academy of Pediatrics 1963 and 1965 Reference: AIDS, Cancer and the Medical Establishment by Dr. Raymond Keith Brown, MD.

B) It goes without saying that Chemo Therapy, all sorts of medication and drugs as well as radiation should be regarded as a ‘last straw’ recourse – to be avoided at all cost during effective natural cancer or AIDS therapy. Why destroy a body’s immune system when it already needs all available reserves to fight a disease condition?

While nobody should abruptly stop the use of any prescribed medication, many man-made synthetic drugs interfere with the functions of essential fatty acids and healing herbs. Deficiencies of the fatty acids themselves and essential minerals, can often create the conditions of fatty degeneration collectively known as cancer.

C) Avoid all sources of synthetic iron (FE) in food or supplements.

This is abundant by law in all flour products. Therefore, avoid all white flour foods such as pastry and bread except for whole grain (this is not “whole wheat”) black PUMPERNICKEL type German bread, in extreme moderation (one slice a day, maximum). Source: Dr. Maria de Sousa, Sloan Kettering Institute Reference: AIDS, Cancer and the Medical Establishment by Raymond Keith Brown, MD.

Iron is much less needed by the human body than we have been led to believe; even in stubborn anemia cases. Chlorophyll is a much better substance as iron is directly transmuted from Chlorophyll for use in hemoglobin by the body. Wheat- or Barley grass supplementation is excellent in this case. It is a bit of work but VERY effective to restore hormone and tissue balance in depleted conditions. Certain excellent dehydrated powders of Chlorophyll exist on the market that would constitute a rich and powerful source of natural Chlorophyll.

D) Avoid overeating, even on fruit. Put emphasis on quality and not quantity.

E) Avoid stress at all cost. Life is short enough as it is. Why make it unpleasant and stressful?

F) Avoid all mucus-producing foods, e.g. all diary products and flour products as well as all meat. Avoid also all foods with a high content of sugar, alcohol, tropical sweet fruits, refined carbohydrates such as cakes and ice-cream, salt, sausages, bacon, and fried foods. Avoid all canned, packaged and overly processed foods.

G) Avoid all bottom-feeding scavengers such as lobster, shrimp, clams, oysters due to their high content of nucleic acids which can be detrimental to cancer patients. Avoid margarine, mayonnaise, tropical oils. Use regular butter and eggs (2 poached – not fried – per day), of free-ranging chickens if possible) as well as almonds for a good source of proteins to repair the cell membranes.

In lieu of butter and margarine which give you only incomplete essential fatty acids at best, use the following mixture. It is good tasting and provides linolenic and linoleic acids which are the precursors for prostaglandins…

i) Melt 250 grams (about 1/2 pound) of coconut fat to boiling.

ii) At the same time, put 100 grams of fresh flax oil into the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

iii) When the coconut oil boils (160 degrees C), add finely chopped onions or garlic.

iv) Let them sizzle until they begin to turn brown, but take out the pieces before they're crisp.

v) Let the coconut oil cool.

vi) Before it hardens, pour the coconut oil into the cold flax oil, mix, and return the mixture to the freezer compartment until the whole thing hardens. Voilà. Flax butter. This tastes great – no cholesterol. No trans-fatty acids. Spreads like butter. Better than both butter and margarine, because it contains about 25 percent essential fatty acids which are required for adequate oxygen transport into the diseased cells. If a softer flax butter is desired, add more flax oil. If a harder product is wanted, increase the amount of coconut fat.

G) Avoid use of any chemicals, lotions, strong soaps and sunscreens on your skin. For shampoo use Borax dissolved in water. On your skin, use your urine, rub it in and rinse off. After a couple of weeks, stand back and admire your new shiny skin. Other people will tell you anyway how good you look.

H) Stop running scattered in all directions. Have confidence in the above methods. Not all may be necessary for the recovering patient but oxygenation is a must. Discover the cause of the ailment. Correct bad habits, look up and become less materialistic and embrace a more spiritual path to follow. Smile a bit, even a lot. Living is not nearly as serious as you think. Keep the fun in YOUR life.

I) Do not drink more than four ounces of water (not tap water) at any meal and avoid eating one half hour before or after a meal. This avoids dilution of digestive juices and enzymes.

J) How many dental fillings are in your mouth? Amalgams are half silver and half mercury which is a deadly poison and can upset the body chemistry to varying degrees from mild to severe. If possible, have them removed SEQUENTIALLY by a dentist who knows what this means and have them replaced by porcelain or composite fillings. Read one of the many books on the subject of toxic dental fillings such as: “The Toxic Time Bomb” or “It's all in your Head”.

Are you wondering if maybe this is a little exaggerated? Then consider this:

Mercury Amalgam fillings have now been banned in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden. An average amalgam filling contains ½ gram of mercury. This amount of mercury in a ten (10) acre lake “would warrant issuance of a fish advisory for this lake.” Most adults have 10 or more mercury fillings amounting to about 5 grams of mercury in their mouth. (Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, October 1995).

It is most important to clearly state that again that with the above treatment methods it is not so much a problem of getting rid of cancer, but of having the patient take responsibility- for his or her health, to continue to follow the instructions from the health practitioner, and to maintain the changes in diet and lifestyle for the rest of their loves. Otherwise, almost inexorably, another degenerative disease, if not the same cancer, will develop and manifest and invariably shorten the patient's life span.

7) Blood Tests for cancer patients

(Complete Blood Count) CBC

A complete blood test should be complete enough to enable your supporting physician to monitor your progress as you immerse yourself in your chosen Alternative cancer therapy. He should be in a position to advise you when a healing crisis approaches and to support your efforts to pass such a crisis without succumbing to the temptation to interpret a healing crisis as a new disease. Remember that symptoms might worsen from time to time as the body develops new vigor to throw off the toxic burdens. Such cleansing often triggers cleansing reactions that can be rather unpleasant. Please read our Web page What Symptoms to expect when you change your diet. So, Blood Tests are quite important to provide meaningful indicators. These include the following (among others)…

A) Hematocrit (cell volume) / Normal is 45-46 percent. Can go down to 38, indicates the percentage of blood that is composed of cells. Can be 52-54 when not enough oxygen is transported by the blood. The body compensates by increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood stream. That would produce a high concentration of low-efficiency hemoglobin. Result? A good looking chemistry and a fatigued, “anemic” patient making the pilgrimage from doctor to doctor.

B) Phosphorus (serum level) / Shows balance of endocrine system, is balanced by: Glu, Chol, Tri.

Depletors: sugar, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, iron, aluminum.

If glucose is high but cholesterol low – look for mercury toxicity. If phosphorus is low, look at depletors and balancing elements.

Sources: found in dark green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, rice bran, pumpkin seeds, barley, goat's milk (raw), nuts, beans, lentils.

C) Cholesterol / Depletors: high levels of cholesterol are caused by sugar, alcohol and caffeine primarily. Recent weight loss, abnormal stress, insufficient thyroid function, tobacco, drugs (especially antihistamines) and low mineral levels (chromium, magnesium, calcium and manganese) are other causes. The traditional culprits such as butter, eggs etc. do not elevate cholesterol if the above depletors are excluded from the patient's life style. Control of cholesterol is impossible when sugar is part of the diet.

Cholesterol, as manufactured by the body, is necessary for weight control, nerve, brain and heart function, manufacture and transport of sex hormones, production of red blood cells, nutrient absorption (fat soluble vitamins and enzymes). It is required for all enzymes involved in cell membrane transport systems thus also helping mineral transport.

Cholesterol and Vitamin E also help prevent chemical compounds that cause cancer.

Therefore, eliminate sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Then, include a poached fresh egg or two (organic if possible) a couple of time a week and eat some butter every day. No, we do not mean margarine.

D) Triglycerides / Like cholesterol, triglycerides are fats in the blood. They are very large, thick particles which interfere with proper function of the body's chemistry. They cause extra work for the cardiovascular system and should be kept as low as possible.

Elevators: Like glucose and cholesterol, triglycerides are elevated by sugar, alcohol, caffeine as well as stress or one's perception of stress. The next biggest factor in their elevation is smoking which causes the body to process heavy metals ineffectively and thus slows the cleansing process.

E) Glucose (Blood sugar level) / The less sugar (and sugar products such as bread and biscuits) you eat, the more stable the blood sugar becomes. Elevators: All drugs, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, fruit juices in cans, from concentrate and in the form of “drinks”, soft drinks, refined flour products. Tobacco doesn't help either.

Co-factors: certain minerals such as zinc, manganese, chromium and vitamin C are necessary to control the glucose level.

F) Total Protein to Globulin Ratio (TP/G) / There must be sufficient protein in the diet to stimulate the immune system. As is also recommended for those suffering from the condition known as Candidiasis, this must be animal protein. For those of you who are vegetarians, if your TP/G level is low, please realize that your progress will be extremely slow (if you progress at all) and we strongly recommend that you discontinue vegetarianism during your recuperation period in order to allow your protein fractions in the blood serum to reach a good level.

This can be done with fresh eggs and turkey if you prefer to avoid red meats (red meat has additional protein in the form of parasites.). Keep in mind that the more proteins are cooked, the less nutrients are available for your body's use. Beef should be eaten as rare as possible and should preferably be grass-fed rather than fattened in a feed lot. Turkey, of course, should be fully cooked – but not completely cremated. Pork or chicken are not recommended as sources of protein. Wild game such as venison is an excellent protein source.

If you insist to go the purely vegetarian route, make sure that you add plenty of sprouts to your diet. Imagine: You consume a plant that is alive, that will grow in any climate, rival meat in nutritional value, mature in three to five days, may be planted any day of the year, require neither soil nor sunshine, does not need to be processed or transformed in any way, rivals tomatoes in Vitamin C, has no waste and can be eaten raw.

Sprouts are a complete protein if enough can be taken in and if the source of the food is fresh and wholesome. If you need instructions regarding the methods of raising sprouts, there are literally dozens of fine books on the shelves of health food stores which you could consult or purchase.

The best approach is probably the one that includes both sources of proteins, plant proteins (nuts and sprouts) and animal protein (meat). When proteins are completely metabolized, amino acids are produced. These are the building blocks from which new protein is produced to rebuild the body's tissues. If we interfere with this breakdown process along the way, we produce uric acid instead of amino acids. Our purpose here is to help you do those things which give you an ideal level of globulin and albumin, otherwise known as the TOTAL PROTEIN.

Don't forget that protein metabolism is strongly enhanced by not drinking more than four ounces of liquids with meals and none for 30 minutes prior to and after the meal. In order to begin the breakdown of protein in the stomach we must have a sufficient supply of hydrochloric acid (HCL). A diluted HCL cannot efficiently break down proteins – so, as mentioned above, do not drink while eating. Adequate HCL is also impossible when wrong food combinations are followed. As an example, proteins should never be eaten with starches (bread, rice, potatoes) or fruit. HCL is increased by eating some salt (NaCl) and sodium rich foods. This builds up the sodium in the stomach walls and as a consequence augments HCL and the body's ability to UTILIZE hydrochloric acid.

Homogenized commercial cow's milk is a doubly detrimental substance. If you drink milk when eating proteins, you not only dilute the HCL in the stomach but also neutralize it as well. This is the reason why milk causes allergies. It prevents protein from being properly metabolized, forming large protein particles which look as “foreign particles” to the immune system. As the stomach is designed to operate in a low pH state (acid). Milk is an alkaline substance (high pH), milk raises the stomach's pH. It is fit only for calves and then only in its raw state.
Raw goat's milk can be consumed but not in conjunction with protein meals. All milk should be boiled for 10 seconds before consuming it.

By the way – if you drink milk because you have been diagnosed with Peptic Ulcers and milk supposedly gives you relief from the burning symptoms by its acid- neutralizing effects, know that the origin of Peptic Ulcers is a bacterium that is rapidly and completely eradicated with the intake of ‘Manuka’ honey from New Zealand. One small jar is usually enough to accomplish complete healing of this unpleasant and limiting condition.

G) Albumin / is the fraction of the Total Protein which enables nutrients to be transported through the blood stream so that they can be made available to the cells. If albumin is low, it does not matter what quality of food you have eaten. There is no more nutrient available from good foods than from poor ones if the albumin is not able to transport them. Again, use decreased fluids during mealtime, increased intake of proteins, and use of digestive enzymes will also help.

H) Lactic Dehydrogenase (LDH) and Alkaline Phosphatase (Alk Phos) / These are liver enzymes. Liver functions are the last line of defense. If the liver malfunctions, amino acids and vitamin levels in the body drop because they aren't being synthesized. Both LDH and Alk Phos can be elevated by dietary factors and mercury toxicity.
Other elevators:

a) Eliminate sugar because the end result of sugar metabolism is lactic acid. LDH breaks down lactic acid. Supplement with magnesium.
b) Hard cheese and alcohol.

8) Miscellaneous other important factors

In addition to the above tests, here are a few more indicators:

A) Calcium / If there is an elevated level one must explore the reasons behind this condition. Elevators are: hard cheese and milk and milk products except butter.

Calcium supplements (calcium carbonate) ranging from oyster shell and egg shell to dolomite and bonemeal are not always appropriate as they are inorganic calciums that are often unavailable to the body. Bone density (and its diseases like osteoporosis) are caused by a lack of absorbable calcium (such as calcium gluconate, calcium ascorbate, colloidal minerals or raw leafy vegetables) and an imbalance of the minerals magnesium and manganese as well as a gross over-consumption of animal proteins.

Inactive or inorganic calcium (which supplements such as oyster shell are based on) will actually aggravate osteoporosis and will interfere with the absorption and utilization of manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron. Also, drink distilled water instead of tap- or well water. Hard water is a serious calcium blocking agent.

Calcium is THE most important mineral used to alkalinize an acidosis (too much body fluid acidity) condition caused by a chronic over-consumption of grains, diary foods, meats and sweets. Our Acid-Alkaline Chart will tell you how to change your nutrition to EASILY normalize an off-balance condition.

Calcium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, is influential in cell membrane metabolism and activates energy production. Among other things, it also helps vitamin C function. If calcium is low, there is danger of infection.

Principal sources are: Colloidal minerals, sesame seeds, kelp, almonds, carrots, spinach, okra, tomatoes, garlic, apples, broccoli, eggs, beans, stringbeans, citrus fruits, potatoes, unrefined grains, raw goat's milk. The herbs horsetail, alfalfa, oatstraw, parsley, fennel and many others contain an excellent source of calcium. Most leafy vegetables contain much needed calcium in a totally absorbable form; but how do you know that the plant you eat contains the needed calcium?

Depletors: Aspirin, chocolate, stress, lack of exercise, lack of magnesium and manganese, lack of hydrochloric acid, high animal protein diet, mineral oil, tetracycline, table salt, excessive phosphorus.

Whenever you attempt to supplement CALCIUM using anything but natural foods, be careful to monitor your pH levels of the urine and saliva. If both are consistently nicely balanced at 6.4 then you are on the right track and probably have little need for calcium supplementation at this time.

B) Manganese / Here are some of the major functions of manganese…
Helps to control glucose level, aids in the calcification of teeth, works with magnesium to avoid muscle cramping, aids in the development of the inner and outer ear, aids nerve impulse transmission, helps to prevent tingling and numbness in limbs, essential for proper function on all endocrine glands, required to form red blood cells, brain and nerve food, essential for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, works with magnesium in the control of hyperkinetic and autistic behavior in children.

After Manganese is knocked out, your genetic code determines what disease you get.

Sources: Parsley, Carrots, chives, apricots, navy beans, peaches, kidney beans, apples, cabbage.

Depletors: high phosphorus and wrong calcium intake. Also high synthetic iron intake (white flour). Beware of alcohol in all of its forms.

C) Zinc / Low levels of zinc can be caused by caffeine, sugar and alcohol, while contamination is caused by cheese and supplementation with inactive ingredients (inorganic zinc). Zinc can also be blocked by cadmium and mercury. Cadmium is found in margarine and this is another reason why you should avoid it. Mercury is found in your amalgams (teeth fillings and excessive seafood). See the section on Cleanses.

Zinc is essential in the activation of 80 percent of the known enzyme systems. Perhaps one of the most important functions is in helping to control glucose. Zinc is also important in the growth of bone, healthy skin (up to 20 percent of zinc is stored in the skin) and, along with magnesium, it is vital in the healing process. Zinc is also necessary in sexual function and drive. Zinc helps activate all hormones. Zinc is also instrumental in protein metabolism and its primary function is its selective alteration of the permeability of the cell membrane. This means that it helps to selectively get nutrients into the cell.

D) Magnesium / A deficiency in magnesium can be caused by alcohol, by the birth control pill and by excess sugar consumption. On the other hand, we can see inactive contamination levels of magnesium if there is a calcium contamination or if Dolomite is being used as a supplement. Magnesium is involved in the activation of 78 percent of all the enzyme systems.

Alcohol lowers magnesium levels because it is a diuretic. It alters kidney function in such a manner that neither magnesium nor zinc (nor enzymes, nor hormones nor many other substances) are reclaimed from the urine and sent back to the blood as they should be. Instead, they are excreted. What must you do to avoid problems with faulty magnesium metabolism?

If you have a low magnesium level, you must avoid sugar, ‘recreational' drugs, alcohol and caffeine. If you have an elevated magnesium level, you must avoid milk, cheese and supplements like Dolomite and bonemeal.

E) Chromium / Low levels of chromium are found in the patient who eats large amounts of carbohydrate habitually, when there is a high manganese level and when there is a contamination with vanadium. The reason why high intake of carbohydrate will lower the chromium is that chromium is necessary in the activation of insulin and is part of what is known as the Glucose Tolerance Factor. This works at the cell membrane to allow glucose to get into the cell. High levels of carbohydrates, especially sugar, increase the glucose level so that greater amounts of chromium are needed to metabolize it. When we have a low chromium level we have a difficult time controlling the glucose level. Therefore, it is very necessary to be exceedingly strict about dietary control and taking appropriate supplementation.

Realize also that supplementation is a week-to-week affair. One must never take the same supplementation for an extended period of time, say three months, without checking the body chemistry.

F) Potassium / Low levels of potassium are vitally critical as the cancer cell is already potassium deficient and sodium saturated.

Already at the turn of the century, Dr. F.W. Forbes Ross of London, England, studied cancer as a deficiency disease. He did not oppose all cancer surgery but was certain that potassium salts were a missing element which controls normal cell life. He therefore used diet as a means of potassium control and augmentation when deficient. His belief was that COOKING leached the potassium from the blood (which we also know to be true).

Low levels of potassium can be caused primarily by medication such as cortisone, high blood pressure medications (these are mostly diuretics), the birth control pill and of course faulty diet.

Nearly ALL medications and drugs will upset potassium metabolism. Alcohol and excessive exercise can also cause potassium deficiencies. High levels are found when a patient is on Lite salt, kelp or sea salt. Lite salt is potassium chloride (KCl). It is especially bad about upsetting the fluid balance because it upsets the ratio between sodium and potassium.

Potassium deficiency is also peculiar to the MS and cancer patient.

Remember that cow's milk is the major enemy of MS patients. We consider the balance between potassium and sodium to be extremely important. It is a balance that is exceedingly difficult to achieve. It takes a long time to build up a low potassium level. Also realize that is possible and very easy to get contamination from inactive sources (inorganic sources) which can falsify a body chemistry picture (hair analysis). Also, sodium suppresses NOREPINEPHRINE, the “happy” hormone and shoves us even further into depression and other negative emotions.

G) Sodium / We discussed some of the causes of excess sodium when we treated the subject of protein metabolism. But because this is so important to correcting chemistry imbalances, we will repeat it here. Remember what was said about NOREPINEPHRINE and happiness.

Water softeners cause sodium to be metabolized differently, which is the reason why sodium from this source is biologically inactive and must be considered a pollutant. Also, all soft drinks contain sodium benzoate. The “sugar free” soft drinks are sweetened with sodium saccharin. Preserved meats such as bacon and luncheon meats contain sodium nitrates, while fish are sprinkled with sodium nitrites to prevent botulism. MSG is monosodium glutamate and is a byproduct of the production of sugar. It is found in meat tenderizers and most salts as well as Chinese food.

Bath beads contain such compounds as sodium laureate which are absorbed through the skin and even more so in HOT baths.

Margarine is the last source we'll discuss. It contains sodium benzoate and cadmium which blocks zinc activity and is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure. It also fails to provide fat (like butter does) for the proper transport of nutrients. When looking at patients who use either margarine or no fats at all, we see problems. But the patient who uses margarine has more problems.

H) Aloe Vera / A significant amount of anecdotal evidence exists that the right kind of Aloe Vera, when taken by mouth, can correct many so-called incurable diseases. Personally, we would ADD Aloe Vera to a modified nutritional approach, a herbal regeneration and cleansing therapy and a change of living space. We can help you find the right source if you desire to add this modality to your arsenal of Alternative cancer therapies. Aloe Vera contains 80 ppm of Germanium. This could be the ‘magic ingredient' that makes it so effective against cancer.

9) Psychological Factors and Cancer

Environmental and nutritional factors are without doubt important in the causation of cancer, but the individual's emotional state seems to be crucial as well. The holistic interpretation would be that psychological and physical states work together in the onset of the condition. It is becoming evident that emotional stress is implicated in two ways: in the suppression of the immune system and in the generation of hormonal imbalances that result in an increased product of malignant cells.

These are ideal conditions for cancer to grow in. As already pointed out, there is a steady production of cancerous cells in the body that are normally destroyed by the body's defense system, the immune system. So when the immune system is not working, the production of malignant cells is increased just at the time when the body is least able to destroy them.

In the research that has been done on emotional and mental factors found in cancer patients, a common picture emerges. There has been crucial stress threatening some role or relationship central to the person's identity, or a situation has been set up from which there is apparently no escape. Such situations will characteristically generate feelings of despair, helplessness and hopelessness This despair may be internalized to such a degree that the person is unable to let others know that they feel hurt or angry. Because of this, serious illness, and even death, may become acceptable as a potential solution. This may not be conscious, of course, but can be present as a powerful unconscious thought-form.

Perhaps the best example of an approach to the treatment of cancer where both physical and psychological components are recognized is in the work of Carl and Stephanie Simonton. They see the first step in initiating the healing process as one of helping the individual to become aware of a wider context to their illness, through an exploration of the psychological and social factors involved. Care is taken not to generate guilt, but to create a state of awareness from which the psychological impact upon the body can be reversed. To achieve this and then move beyond to transformation, the Simontons use counseling and psychotherapy as essential parts of their approach.

The inertia and blockage that is created by the accumulation of stressful events can only be effectively overcome through a change in belief system. In the Simonton's therapy, patients are shown that their situation seems hopeless only because they interpret it in ways that limit their response to it. The therapy thus involves a continual examination of belief system and world view.

Throughout all of this psychological work, an optimistic attitude is engendered that is crucial for the treatment. Studies have shown that the patient's response to treatment is more dependent upon attitude than on the severity of the disease. This attitudinal change has an effect upon the physical body in a similar but opposite way to stress – in other words there is an augmenting of the immune system.

The approach of the Simontons and others involves physical therapy used in collaboration with the psychological work to help the body destroy cancer cells and to revitalize the immune system and health in general. Their approach here is allopathic, but herbal treatment and dietetics can be most appropriate, combined with regular physical exercise to reduce stress. A powerful tool of theirs is to use visualization techniques in conjunction with relaxation exercises to make an image of the action of the immune system on the cancer.

Because of the vital role visual imagery and symbolism plays in feedback from mind to body, this technique has proved to be an effective tool in strengthening the immune system. There is evidence that such a technique actually reduces and possibly eliminates malignant tissue.

10) In Conclusion

It seems impossible for a cancer or AIDS patient to do all what we have described above. And yet, if such a patient were to apply only 50 percent of the above suggestions, then progress will be made.

The whole subject of Alternative therapies breaks down to a series of personal priorities while considering one’s limitations be they hereditary, psychological, financial or otherwise. The most important ingredient in the choice of any Alternative cancer therapy is a sympathetic and competent practitioner who can see progress when it is apparent (mostly as a color change in the iris) and can see obstacles to be overcome when there is lack of progress. Habits are not easy to change.

Dietary habits are deeply ingrained within society and enthusiasm to maintain the change momentum can wane quickly, especially in the presence of well-meaning relatives who have never even tried one single therapy. Beware of criticism. Education is your most potent tool to come to grips with the complex subject of degenerative disease.

What we have here is a multi-dimensional approach to the treatment of cancer that acknowledges and works with physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual aspects in an integrated and effective way. inherent in this approach is the realization that treatment does not always lead to a ‘cure'. Patients are made aware of the possibility that a point may come in the treatment where it is time for them to move consciously towards the final transition (death). The issues are not avoided or disguised, but approached in a way that allows for a deep re-appraisal of purpose and quality in the patient's life. This does, of course, bring to the fore some of the deepest questions of human existence. These issues are faced, and patients are aided in looking at their goals in life, their reasons for living and in fact their relationships to the universe as a whole.

Cancer is one of the most challenging issues of our time and will perhaps prove to be a major tool for transformation as we come to understand its deeper message. More than anything, it may teach us how the holistic approach can bring about those changes that are necessary to revitalize and re-orient the life of the patient as well as our human environment.

11) Final Recommendations

This condition (cancer), more than others, necessitates not only holistic therapy, but a clear holistic perception. It is becoming increasingly evident that cancer is the result of complex and little-understood influences that are physical, physiological, psychological, social and environ-mental in nature. It would be of little value to give herbal prescriptions to use in this or that cancer. What we hope to do is to share an approach to this condition, rather than give specific guidance. Each person is unique, not just a ‘cancer' patient, and must of course be treated individually. Certain attitudes however can be shared. It must be stressed that qualified help is essential here, whether from an M.D., psychotherapist or holistic healer, or all of these and more.

A coordinated group of therapists working simultaneously with the person may be what it takes to facilitate remission to that point where self-healing takes over. Remember that it took many years of ‘bad habits’ to condition a body to the point where the symptoms of cancer appear. The patient MUST make adjustments and change his lifestyle to a healthier one. He should not even return to the same bed in which he slept for years.

In order to determine one's own initial steps of therapy, the first initial adjusting steps are by themselves a healing, though permanent healing (cure) of cancer is a journey of many steps, much patience, considerable sacrifice of the so-called ‘pleasures’ in life and a probable degree of isolation.

As we have mentioned above, it would be wise to place emphasis on cleansing the kidneys and digestive tract (eliminative organs) while particularly supporting the liver with a parasite cleanse and gallbladder/liver stone elimination cleanse. All the while, the person seeking Alternative support should daily consume the Tissue Cleansing Decoction and also include the mineral-rich herbs Bladderwrack and Irish Moss. Other supportive suplements should also be considered.

This combination tea/tonic is of incalculable value to enhance the Immune System, increase oxygenation of cells, support the liver in its task to detoxify, eliminate parasites, filter and transport toxins out of the body, augment the patient’s energy level, alkalinize the body fluids and enable the cancerous tissues to shrink and dissolve. A lot of house-cleaning is happening at a rapid rate and much effort is expended in elimination. The patient needs knowledgeable guidance (see our page regarding “Changes”) to help him recognize a healing crisis and to alert him to these symptoms lest he/she confuse them with augmented disease indicators. Those healing crises can sometimes be rather unpleasant, energy depleting and somewhat painful and depressing. Please read the paper called “New Paradigm of Health and the Disease Process” for additional information concerning the various cleanses, their timing and ingredients and other important explanations..

Try to visualize the complete restoral of your precious health and select the most appropriate therapies we have outlined above and elsewhere. Smile.

12) Disclaimer

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