Can Cancer Be Cured?

Let me start by asking a rather strange question: If God put hundreds of cures for cancer in Mother Nature, who would use them?

For example, many people have completely avoided orthodox medicine and have cured their newly diagnosed cancer by using a very healthy diet and drinking a quart of carrot juice (with a little beet juice mixed in) every day. In fact, if all cancer patients did that, instead of using chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, the “cure rate” for cancer in America would jump very significantly.

But who would make huge profits giving that kind of advice?

Now let us ask a more precise question: is it possible that people would intentionally use ineffective treatments for cancer in order to make a great deal of money? This question is not about individual medical doctors as much as it is about the owners of the pharmaceutical industry, the leaders of orthodox medicine, the politicians, etc.

Maybe this will help: the Journal of Oncology (2004) Volume 16: pp. 549-560 studied the overall cure rate for cancer:
Oncology Cure Rates

By comparison, the cure rate of the late Dr. William D. Kelley, on patients who went to him first, was about 90 percent. Dr. Kelley was a dentist and he used cancer treatments from Mother Nature (such as proteolytic enzymes), which are called natural cancer treatments or alternative cancer treatments. Yes, carrot juice was part of his treatment.

A person might ask: why does orthodox medicine use chemotherapy, radiation and surgery instead of natural medicine?

The American Medical Association, which is really nothing but a labor union, and the pharmaceutical industry, joined forces in 1907 and determined to use the treatments that were most profitable for them, without any regard to the survival of patients.

This may sound strong, but the evidence is overwhelming that that is exactly what happened. The AMA had been corrupt long before 1907 and John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was already known to be a ruthless businessman who had a fantastic public relations department.

Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer' is largely a fraud.
Linus Pauling, PhD, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner

Indeed, the “war on cancer” is a fraud, unless you work with people who trust Mother Nature.

Members of this conspiracy include:
1) The media, which is owned by multi-billionaires
2) Big Pharma, which is owned by multi-billionaires (largely the same people who own the media)
3) The Congress of just about every nation
4) The Food and Drug Administration (which is the private police force for the pharmaceutical industry – a gift from Congress)
5) The American Medical Association (AMA) which has been in bed with Big Pharma for over a hundred years
6) The state medical associations,
7) etc.

Who hasn't sold out to the multi-billionaires? God and those who use the treatments He designed (e.g. purple grape juice or carrot juice with a little beet juice mixed in, etc.).