eBook: 14 Questions and Answers About Cancer

About These Questions and Answers

The 14 questions and answers in this document will teach you things you never imagined. A new world will be opened to you. Literally, in a couple of hours of reading, you could have the tools you need to have no fear of cancer.

The 14 Questions:

  1. If there were cures for cancer in mother nature, wouldn't the mass media tell me about these cures?
  2. Why do television shows glorify medical doctors so much?
  3. Can mother nature's “natural cancer treatments” really cure cancer?
  4. Is the United States federal government totally corrupt or do they act in my best interest?
  5. Chemotherapy is so toxic and powerful, how can natural medicine be more effective against cancer?
  6. Can alternative cancer treatments cure someone who has had extensive chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery?
  7. What kinds of alternative cancer treatments have and do exist?
  8. What is the approach of alternative medicine?
  9. Is orthodox medicine using the right approach to treating cancer?
  10. Does chemotherapy and radiation extend life?
  11. What is the true cure rate of orthodox medicine?
  12. Why do medical doctors use chemotherapy and radiation?
  13. Why does a healthy cell become cancerous and is this knowledge important?
  14. What are the best alternative cancer treatments?