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    I have been diagnosed with a mix of small cell cancer and neuroendocryne carcenoma in both lungs. I have had two surgeries and have had
    tumors removed. I have now been highly advised to have Chemotherapy for 12 weeks. Has anyone been cured without chemotherapy or radiation?



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    I was diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer about 3 weeks ago. However, after biopsy, PET scan, MRI and thoracentesis (which showed tumor cells in fluid), doctor says I'm now a Stage IV – ALK gene. My oncologist has recommended targeted drug therapy, and no chemo or radiation. The drug he's recommended is Alecensa. Has anyone in this forum taken Alecensa? If so, how well did it work for you? I felt compelled to start SOME type treatment since I'm already Stage IV.

    I will still be doing an alternative treatment (Cellect-Budwig Protocol). Because I don't want to take the Alecensa too long. One of its side effects is that it can cause liver damage! So, needless to say, that concerns me!

    I appreciate any “words of wisdom” anyone has to offer.
    Thank you,



    I don't like Taxol as chemotherapy at all. It really mess with your system. I wish they would come up with something that is not so toxic. I took Taxol for three weeks out of six weeks with radiation for lung cancer non small cell lung cancer stage 3a or b. A family member is now taking the same treatment in Alaska, and she is having problems with Taxol. The other one is CARBOPLATIN I did not seem to affect me as bad once I was off of Taxol. So I decided to suggest that my family member to go off of Taxol and stay with Carboplatin. I am taking lots of herbs and vitamins and teas to help me along. It has been one year since my non-small cell lung cancer. My family member is fighting ovarian cancer hopefully they removed it all with surgery. Mine was not removed because it was in my right side near my heart at 6 cm. It did shrink to 2 cm, and now I am on Traceva 150 mg to start now 100 mg because of fluid in lung, but Lung Doctors think it is from radiation pnemonatitist. (Inflammation)

    All I know is this all needs to be fixed for people to be able to live before and after or during cancer. It does not have to continue to kill or mess you people in this world.

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