There exists natural or alternative cancer treatments that consistently have a 50 percent cure rate on cancer patients given up on by orthodox medicine. These are incredibly potent treatments that use nothing but things commonly found in nature.

In fact, these same treatments, if given to cancer patients who had not had any type of orthodox treatment (except in rare situations where surgery is required because of a dangerous blockage of fluids), and who used these treatments immediately after their diagnosis, would have at least a 95 percent chance of being totally cured of their cancer.

To understand these numbers, consider the well-known Dr. William D. Kelley, who treated more than 33,000 cancer patients. Dr. Kelley, who died in early 2005, had approximately a 90 percent cure rate on those cancer patients who went to him first, meaning they went to him before they went to orthodox medicine (actually, I doubt any of these patients ever went to orthodox medicine).

His cure rate on cancer patients who went to orthodox medicine first, and then went to him after they were sent home to die, is not known.

Dr. Kelley's treatment, which is still used by many, was very potent. However, Dr. Kelley's treatment pales in comparison to newer alternative cancer treatments, but it is commonly added to some of the newer protocols. For example, it is frequently added to the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

The problem with Dr. Kelley's treatment, as far as cancer patients sent home to die is concerned, is not that it wasn't potent, the problem was that it was very slow to start working.

It was so slow to work that he did not count in his statistics anyone who died in the first 18 months of treatment. This means his statistics excluded many of those treated first by orthodox medicine.

But the new treatments act far more quickly than anything Dr. Kelley imagined. The most potent treatments for cancer work so quickly at killing cancer cells, or reverting the cancer cells into normal cells, that the treatments literally have to be slowed down for fear too many toxins will be released by the massive number of cancer cells and microbes that are being killed.

To understand just how potent these handful of treatments have to be to deal with cancer patients already sent home to die by orthodox medicine, take a moment to consider the physical and mental condition of someone given up on by orthodox medicine:

1) Their immune system has been destroyed by chemotherapy,
2) Their body is full of fungus and other microbes because their immune system cannot fight microbes and their cells are highly acidic,
3) Their cancer is stronger than it has ever been because the cancer has developed a resistance to chemotherapy and their immune system has been destroyed,
4) Alternative medicine has lost from 1 – 3 years of treatment time that could have been used to help build the person's immune system, alkalize the body, and safely and selectively kill the cancer cells or revert them into normal cells,
5) At least one of their major organs (usually beginning with the liver) has been damaged beyond repair by chemotherapy,
6) The cancer has spread throughout their body (e.g. bones, liver, brain, lymph system, etc.),
7) Their non-cancerous cells are acidic (i.e. very sick), which is exactly what helped cause the cancer in the first place,
8) Their non-cancerous cells are starved for glucose because the cancer cells have stolen glucose and nutrients from the non-cancerous cells,
9) In most cases, actual bone mass and muscle tissue have been depleted because of the voracious appetite of cancer cells for glucose,
10) Their digestive tract is probably severely damaged and cannot absorb many of the nutrients in the foods they eat,
11) They are in extreme pain and many have lost the will to live,
12) The hospitals have fed them garbage, but even when home they are instructed to eat garbage which feeds their cancer cells, and
13) In short, their body is ready to shut down.

To think that any alternative cancer treatment could hit a 50 percent true cure rate, under these conditions, is simply amazing.

But even ignoring these rare alternative cancer treatments, did you know there are several other alternative cancer treatments that are 30 times more effective at safely killing cancer cells than any of the chemotherapy or radiation therapies.

Mother Nature knows thousands of times more about chemistry than all of the chemists in the pharmaceutical industry combined. In fact, I do not know of a single chemotherapy drug that is not a mutated natural molecule, meaning the pharmaceutical drug was inspired by Mother Nature's molecules. But the drug companies won't use Mother Nature to treat cancer patients because they cannot patent natural molecules, thus they cannot make billions of dollars of profits using Mother Nature directly.

But even the second tier alternative cancer treatments are not strong enough for those given up on by orthodox medicine. I cannot possibly repeat this statement:

For those given up on by orthodox medicine, there are only a very small number of alternative cancer treatments, such as Cellect-Budwig, liquid ionic cesium chloride plus DMSO, the Dirt Cheap Protocol, etc. that have any chance of alkalizing the body, killing/reverting the cancer cells, and building the immune system fast enough to save these patients from certain death.

I like to compare treating cancer to putting out a house fire. There are hundreds of ways to TRY and put out a house fire, but if your house is burning out of control, most of these methods won't work. A squirt gun won't work, a bucket brigade won't work, a garden hose won't work, 10 garden hoses won't work, you need a fire department and several fire hoses. So it is when treating advanced cancers.


The Problem

Why is it that alternative medicine is capable of hitting a true cure rate of 90 percent, but is only delivering a cure rate of 25 percent?

There are four major reasons for this massive disconnect.

First, based on many conversations I have had with people who actually treat cancer patients, about 95 percent of all people seeking alternative cancer treatments have been sent home to die by orthodox medicine BEFORE they look into alternative medicine. Their attitude is “I have nothing to lose so I will look into natural medicine.” As the above list shows, their condition is virtually hopeless by the time they are sent home to die.

In other words, the first reason is that people are deceived and brainwashed into thinking orthodox medicine is better than alternative medicine, thus they go to orthodox medicine first.

Second, the people who are sent home to die almost always pick an alternative cancer treatment that is totally inadequate to deal with their cancer. This is because they don't have accurate information about which treatments are fast acting and which are slow acting. But even many of the people who do go to alternative medicine first never find a strong enough treatment for their situation. On top of this, people are rarely taught what foods feed cancer (i.e. they should avoid these foods), thus the foods they eat actually FEED their cancer.

Third, which is related to the second, is that there are many people in the alternative medicine field, including vendors and practitioners, who either don't know the truth themselves, or they are more interested in profits than truth. Because of these things cancer patients are getting confusing and false information about alternative cancer treatments from vendors of supplements and other products.

On top of this, some of the supplements made for alternative medicine are of very poor quality and do not represent what people think they are buying.

Fourth, is the intentional persecution of those who really can cure cancer. The pharmaceutical industry AND the medical industry (which are jointly called: the “cancer industry”) don't want ANYONE cured of their cancer with natural substances. This has been true since the 1700s, long before the pharmaceutical industry even existed. The cancer industry frequently uses their private police force, the FDA, to shut down people who can cure cancer.


The Dilemma

Right now alternative medicine, and alternative cancer treatments in particular, is in a vicious cycle. The cycle is the following:

1) Because most cancer patients go with orthodox medicine first, and because when they are sent home to die they pick the wrong alternative cancer treatment, etc. the true cure rate of alternative cancer patients is too low;

2) When people see others die who are using alternative cancer treatments, they feel alternative cancer treatments are weak and ineffective, even though many of them are highly effective;

3) Thus, people continue to go to orthodox medicine first and the cycle continues.

This cycle is wrong. This cycle is why so many people go with orthodox medicine first and it is why people have the attitude: “I will go to orthodox medicine first, and when I am sent home to die I will look into alternative medicine.”

It is this cycle and this attitude that creates a virtually impossible dilemma for alternative medicine to overcome. As if that weren't bad enough, alternative medicine is disorganized and under-funded.

With the right alternative cancer treatments, and if people went to alternative medicine FIRST, the true cure rate would be in the mid-90s, using today's treatments. Even if people used Dr. Kelley's treatments they would have a roughly 90 percent chance of surviving their cancer. But there are far better treatments than what he used.

If people would go to alternative cancer treatments first, their immune system would be built-up, not destroyed. Their cancer cells would be safely and selectively killed/reverted. Then people would see how effective alternative cancer treatments can be, then more and more people would go with alternative cancer treatments FIRST, and they would know which alternative cancer treatments worked. The true cure rate for alternative cancer treatments would soon be in the 90s.

Solving The Problem

Solving these problems at a national level is a virtual impossibility because the pharmaceutical industry has enough money to control both the media and Congress. There are literally more pharmaceutical lobbyists in Washington than there are members of Congress. Just like Congress got bought-out by the tobacco industry, Congress will sell-out to any big business, regardless of the consequences to the American people.

If cancer patients had even a clue as to what was really going on in “modern medicine,” they would realize that we still live in the era of the “dark ages” of medicine. It is not the lack of technology which creates our current “dark ages,” it is the lack of integrity and the lust for huge amounts of money.

The many billions of dollars in annual profits of the pharmaceutical industry (i.e. Big Pharma) fuels the massive corruption in modern politics (e.g. Congress and the Food and Drug Administration) and modern medicine (e.g. the American Medical Association and their state boards) and so-called “charitable” organizations (e.g. The American Cancer Society, among many others), and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Their huge profits also fuel the suppression of the truth about the superiority of alternative medicine for most diseases, including cancer.

The result is that more than several hundred thousand Americans every year are intentionally deceived to their death because of the suppression of  the truth about alternative cancer treatments. But you can add to that natural ways to prevent heart disease, alternative treatments for heart disease, natural ways to cure some diabetes cases, or at least prevent the severe side-effects of diabetes, and so on.

Modern “medicine” is a total disgrace. Future generations of real doctors, who will need nothing but natural substances, except in the emergency room, the delivery room, and a few other places, will look back at this generation of people (who call themselves “doctors”) in total disgust. It is an industry out of control, which cannot or will not regulate itself according to their oaths. In fact, the oaths that medical doctors used to use are generally not used any more because they know they will not keep them.

The only way for modern “medicine” to fix itself is to start at the state level.

All of this means that cancer patients not only have to fight their cancer, but they have to fight a far more deadly foe – a famine of truthful and accurate INFORMATION.

Surviving cancer is all about good information and you will never get truthful information from the media.

This is not an academic debate, it is a debate with millions of lives on the line.