How to use Cancer Tutor

This website endorses many natural cancer treatments. These powerful treatments had to be designed because such a high percentage of the cancer patients we work with have already been sent home to die by orthodox medicine.

Fortunately, with new electromedicine equipment, new supplements, new concepts, etc. powerful protocols have been put together. These are available in the nav bar under Treatments.

It should also be mentioned that these are protocols, meaning they include several individual treatments. Many people have tried to cure their cancer with one item, such as carrot juice. While this has worked many times, most cancer patients have already had chemotherapy or radiation, or they have an aggressive type of cancer — and for these patients, it can take a lot more than just carrot juice for them to survive their cancer.

A protocol is designed by experts to include several synergistic treatments that are designed to be both redundant (i.e. multiple individual treatments do the same thing to make sure it gets done right) and synergistic.

There are also articles for specific types of cancer, which provide a recommended protocol for that type of cancer.

If you have a type of cancer that is not listed on Cancer Tutor, find the type of cancer which is closest in terms of these two issues: location of cancer and the similarity of the type of tissue.

Health insurance policies are approved by state insurance departments. This gives you an idea of how deep the money of the pharmaceutical industry goes to buy corrupt politicians. When a minor child has cancer, some states force the parents to have the child treated by orthodox medicine.

Family support for using natural medicine is critical. The mental attitude of the patient is very important to survival, and family support is a major part of that issue. The family must get behind the treatment decision, even if they do not understand the treatment.

If you still can't decide on a natural treatment, study the High RF Frequency Protocol, the Cellect-Budwig protocol, and the Cesium Chloride protocol and select from among these three protocols. These are the three most powerful treatments that can deal with any type of cancer. All come with expert support.

Read Understanding Treating Cancer. This is critical to read, especially for advanced cancer patients.

Also, read Dirt Cheap Protocol and Inexpensive Cancer Treatments. These articles can get you started on a treatment today — within hours (e.g. honey and turmeric can both be purchased at a health food store today and it is a cancer treatment), while you decide on, and order your main treatment.

If you are in an emergency situation, visit your local hospital. There are many situations where orthodox medicine is important.