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Where to start How do I choose between orthodox and natural cancer therapy? See: and Why should I work with an expert? If at all possible, it is important to work with a natural integrative cancer treatment expert because they are highly educated and researched in their field and can formulate a treatment […]

Understanding Alternative Cancer Treatments – eBook Table of Contents Part 1 – The Big PicturePart 2 – More ObjectivesPart 3 – Implementing the Priorities The Big Picture All cancer patients should study this article carefully. It is the main article which discusses very critical issues needed for surviving cancer. This article should be read every […]

Many people are not sure if they have cancer, and they want to know if they really do have cancer. Others are confident they have cancer, but they have no clue how much cancer they really have. Other individuals know they have cancer and they want to know if their cancer treatment is effective. They […]