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Monday Morning Quarterbacks always have the answers; with hindsight, their 20/20 vision is what makes them part of the sick care problem — not the health care solution. Dr. Carlos Garcia and Utopia Wellness offer options for preventing illness. From colon therapy to liver and gall bladder cleanses, Dr. Garcia understands destressing organs to benefit […]

So you were diagnosed with cancer. Your oncologist authoritatively declared that your “best options” were chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. You decided to follow conventional medicine and completed the treatments as recommended because you felt it was the right thing to do. Now that you’re finished with chemotherapy and radiation therapy — what’s next? First […]

If you think your colon is just a big tube in your body that’s encased like a sausage — think again! Your colon is an organ in your body that is responsible for eliminating the foods that have been digested as well as eliminating toxins that other elimination organs have processed. What does your colon […]