Dr. Carlos M. Garcia — whose stated mission is to replace sick care with health care — is the Director of Medicine at Utopia Wellness, a leading-edge medical center that offers integrative, holistic, patient-focused medical treatments.

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Dr. Garcia on Cancer Tutor

Monday Morning Quarterbacks always have the answers; with hindsight, their 20/20 vision is what makes them part of the sick care problem — not the health care solution.

Dr. Carlos Garcia and Utopia Wellness offer options for preventing illness. From colon therapy to liver and gall bladder cleanses, Dr. Garcia understands destressing organs to benefit overall health.

In this video, he also addresses the importance of water. “Not all liquids are water,” Dr. Garcia notes. “Just because it's liquid doesn't make them water. … H2O is what your body needs — everything else is b.s., that's my opinion.”

Dr. Garcia gives insight on liver flushes, gall bladder flushes, colon therapy, and water for your ability to heal and stay well. And he makes a salient point using an oil change analogy.

“An ounce of prevention trumps a pound of cure,” Dr. Garcia says.