Individual “Stage I, II and III” Treatments

The articles below are about individual cancer treatments. Only one of them (the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment) should be used by itself. All of the other plans, even the well-known treatment plans like laetrile, should be combined with other treatment plans AND a special cancer diet.

When cancer patients put together their own alternative cancer treatment they typically visit dozens of different alternative cancer treatment websites, and get dozens of different opinions about different treatment plans. This is a good thing, but it sometimes leads to a person putting together a treatment plan that is far too weak for their situation.

Because of this real possibility, I have put together a key summary article that will help you evaluate or design your complete treatment plan. With your own plan in hand, you can go down the checklists of this article and evaluate how powerful your plan will be. This is a MUST READ article for your initial treatment plan AND for any time you make changes in your plan.

Click: Article For Using Stage I, II, and III Cancer Treatments [English]

Click: Article For Using Stage I, II, and III Cancer Treatments [Russian]

Stage I, II, III Cancer Treatments (Alphabetical Order)

1 Breuss Total Cancer Treatment
2 Burzynski – Antineoplastons (Brain Cancer)
3 Chlorella and Spirulina (plants)
4 Coenzyme Q10 / Co Q10 / Stockholm Protocol
5a Dandelion Root Treatment – Can Be Made at Home [English]
5b Dandelion Root Treatment – Can Be Made at Home [French]
6 Ellagic Acid
7 Essiac Tea / Rene Caisse / Sheep Sorrel
8 Gaston Naessens 714X / 714-X
9 Germanium (Organic) – Dr. Kauzuhiko Asai
10 Green Tea
11 Hydrogen Peroxide – Food Grade H2O2
12 Kelley Metabolic Diet / William D. Kelley
13 Kelmun – Maple Syrup and Baking Soda
14 Laetrile / Ernst Krebs, Jr. (amygdalin, Vitamin B17)
15 Fucoidan
16 Mangosteen Juice
17 MGN3 / MGN-3 (available in the U.S. under the brand name: BioBran)
18 Moerman – Dr. Moerman's Anti-Cancer Diet
19 MSM / Chlorine Dioxide Protocol
20 MSM / Vitamin D3 Protocol
21 MSM / Vitamin C Protocol
N/A How To Make MSM Water [English]
N/A The Best Way to Take MSM [French]
22 Noni Juice
23 Osiecki Cancer Technique
24 Ozonated Water
25 Rath – Dr. Matthias Rath Cellular Solution
26 Simoncini Protocol (Baking Soda) – (The Simoncini book is now available in English)
27 Skin Cancer – Amazon Black Tropical Salve
28 Skin Cancer – Frankincense and Other Essential Oils
29 Skin Cancer – Vitamin C Treatment
30 Vitamin C and Baking Soda

Alternative Cancer Treatments Not Evaluated

1 Barron – Jon Barron Baseline of Health / Not a Treatment
2 Ionized / Alkaline Water
3 Moonship – Chinese Traditional Medical Theoretics