This page discusses several treatments for skin cancer. There are also other articles on this website dealing with skin cancer including:

1) Essential Oils
2) Cansema Black Salve (very caustic and can cause scarring)
3) Vitamin C For Skin Cancer
4) DMSO/CD Protocol

So let us look at the treatments mentioned in this article.

Skin Cancer – Rose Laurel Ointment

There have been a number of impressive testimonials for Rose Laurel Ointment for skin cancer. In fact, one of the first people to try it had the skin cancer on his nose turn from black to light brown in only a few days and then be gone entirely in only a few weeks with no scar.

Here is another testimonial: “The ointment is working well on the basal cell spots on my face; I only have 2 left. Also, it seems to be bringing back the feeling in my forehead, which was left totally numb after surgical removal of a basal cell lesion a year and a half ago. Is that possible? I had totally given up on having any feeling in that area of my face, which is one reason I decided not to have the other spots surgically removed.”

Here is another: “Daughter J is almost finished with her first jar and has clear skin for the first time in years! She's an actor in both stage and film and spends a lot of time in heavy stage make-up.”

About the Product

Each 50 ml jar contains as much oleander as an entire bottle of 60 oleander capsules with added DMSO for extra penetration (this is what I like about it, the DMSO). Unlike black salve products, this ointment does not tend to leave holes in the skin and thus far it appears to be working very well.

Here is the vendor:

P.D.Q. – Herbal Skin Cream

This is a product which has shown very good results for skin cancer. It is worth looking into.

To learn more see this product see:
P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream

Skin Cancer – Cannabis

Cannabis has been around for many years as a treatment for cancer. For skin cancer, it is particularly easy to use and effective.

This YouTube video, Cured Too: A Cancer Story, by David Triplett, has an excellent testimonial of a cannabis case:

How to make hemp oil, by Rick Simpson, if you cannot buy it:
How To Make Hemp Oil – Rick Simpson

Skin Cancer – DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide

Like the above protocol, this protocol also has DMSO, which is an amazing product to bind to cancer-killing or microbe-killing molecules and drag them into the skin.

For regular skin cancer, it should be put directly onto the skin cancer.

For external tumors, the DMSO and chlorine dioxide should be put directly onto the tumor.

For internal tumors, the DMSO and chlorine dioxide should be put directly on the skin, directly above the tumor, as close to the tumor as possible.

Here are the instructions (built into this article) for how to safely use DMSO and chlorine dioxide and how to use them together:
Overnight Cure For Cancer


If you read the “What Causes Cancer” article you will realize that cancer, at the cellular level, is caused by microbes that are inside the cancer cells. These microbes block the production of ATP energy, thus lowering ATP energy. This is the very definition of a cancer cell. If you kill these microbes the cancer cells will literally revert into normal cells because there is nothing left to block the production of ATP energy and the cell's ATP energy will be restored.

For example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol is loaded with protocols which are designed to specifically kill these microbes in order to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

There are two technologies that penetrate the skin and thus penetrate the skin cancer cells. One device is an electromedicine device, called on this website the “High RF Frequency Protocol” devices (not their real name due to FDA regulation). The “Plasma” device can definitely penetrate the cancer cells of skin cancer and kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. So can the “Contact” device if the electrodes are placed such that the electrical current will pass through the skin cancer cells. Four electrical currents are created by the four electrodes.

If you use a “Contact” device work with the vendor to make sure you are placing the four electrodes in the correct locations (the vendor will not be legally able to make medical claims due to the FDA).

Lightwaves – L.E.D.

Another option is light waves that can penetrate the skin and are likely to kill the microbes. Lumen Lights use infrared and visible red LEDs pulsed at tissue-specific settings which turn on beneficial body chemistry and stimulate the regenerative capacities of cells, tissues, organs and systems in the body. The key is that the lights have been documented to penetrate the body at least 8 inches, which is well below the skin cancer cells. Infrared light does kill microbes (as does ultraviolet).

Lumen Photon Therapy units consist of a small hand-held controller unit attached to pads of various sizes which allows for optimal placement for treatment. Typical recommended session with Lumen would be 20 minutes but for cancer work with the vendor to learn the safe length of time it can be used (remember the vendor cannot make medical claims). It can also deal with pain.

But the light should be able to kill microbes and it will definitely penetrate the skin cancer cells.

Ultraviolet A Light

An Ultraviolet A bulb or lamp (i.e. UVA – NOT UVB) lamp) is available at any store that sells plants, such as most pet stores.

Based on feedback from patients we know UVA will kill massive numbers of microbes in the skin and bloodstream. It creates “Herxheimers,” meaning “brain fog” by killing so many microbes in the bloodstream. Brain fog is harmless but it can scare the patient.

This is the article on ultraviolet lamps and their safe use (but in this case the lamps are pointed at the skin cancer cells):
Ultraviolet Light Article

The eyes should be closed while the lamp is on and the light is aimed at the eyes while pointed at the skin cancer.

This is an “experimental” treatment, not in terms of safety (it is obviously safe), but in terms of effectiveness.