NOTICE: This article is not about a cancer treatment, rather it is an article about an excellent “cancer diet.” The spreading of cancer is largely a function of the acidic or alkaline level in a person's body (actually in the cells). The Robert O. Young book and diet make an exceptional “cancer diet.” Dr. Young himself used his technology to create a cancer treatment, however, I do not know his actual protocol.
Article on Natural Treatments For Advanced Cancer Patients

How It Works

This diet is one of the cancer treatments that converts cancer cells back into normal cells, meaning it changes the metabolism of the cancer cells from anaerobic to aerobic. Thus, the cells are not killed. It does this with a very complex diet which is highly alkaline. There are also a number of supplements involved with this treatment, as is typical with cancer diets.

Robert O. Young, Ph.D. Innerlight Diet

There is probably no better biology textbook, nutrition textbook, and cancer textbook in the world than Robert O. Young's: Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain.

Obviously, as the title suggests, this book is firmly behind the biology of Béchamp, Enderlein and Bernard, and goes far beyond the narrow-minded science of Louis Pasteur. Unfortunately for cancer patients, the book is not solely focused on treating cancer. Nevertheless, even though it is general in scope (it does have several references to cancer), it is still probably the most correct biology book ever written.

However, I should make a key comment. A complete cancer treatment will use both the works of Béchamp and Pasteur. For example, a person might use the Innerlight Diet to create an “inner terrain” which is hostile to the spread of cancer and even may kill many of the microbes which are inside the cancer cells. But at the same time they may use treatments to kill microbes in the bloodsteam, to build the immune sytem, and if possible (such as frequency generators) use a treatment to kill the microbes which are inside the cancer cells.
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While alternative medicine likes to claim Béchamp was superior to Pasteur, the fact is that both theories should be dealt with for a complete cancer treatment. No matter what alternative cancer treatment you choose, this book on the inner terrain will provide a wealth of information about treating cancer with alternative cancer treatments.

Because of copyright and ethical issues, I cannot replicate very much of his book. If the reader wants to pursue this treatment they will have to buy the book.