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Robert O. Young, Ph.D. innerlight diet

How It Works

Theory: This diet is one of the cancer treatments that is reported to convert cancer cells back into normal cells, meaning it works to alter the metabolism of the cancer cells from anaerobic (no to low oxygen) to aerobic (normal to high oxygen). Thus, the cells are not killed, but the microbes which are theorized to reside in the cells are targeted. This shift in metabolism is recommended using  a very complex diet which is highly alkaline. There are also a number of supplements involved with this treatment.

Robert O. Young, Ph.D. Innerlight Diet

The work of Robert O. Young is based on the theories of Béchamp, Enderlein and Bernard. The basis of Young’s work focuses on use of the Innerlight Diet to create an “inner terrain” which is hostile to the spread of cancer targets microbes in the organs and  bloodstream, thus allowing normal immune function. Frequency generators are utilized as a further vehicle to achieve the same aim.

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