Phase Two: The remission treatment

Note: In addition to this article on remission, please read this article on remission:
Critical Comments About Remission

High Level Overview

It takes two things for cancer to begin growing. First, a carcinogen (which for some people includes an acidic diet), which allows microbes to get inside of normal cells, which makes the cells cancerous. And second, a weak immune system which is not strong enough to identify and kill cancer cells.

Alternative cancer treatments, “phase one,” are designed to do one thing – keep you alive. They are not primarily designed to prevent your cancer from coming back.

This article is about “phase two,” making sure your cancer does not return, which includes two things: first, killing or removing any lingering cancer cells, and second, insuring the cancer never returns. The second item is primarily about building the immune system.

Building the Immune System

Here is a high-level list of things that can rebuild your immune system.

1) Get rid of every microbe in the body. The immune system communicates by using electrical signals. However, microbes also emit electrical signals which interfere with the immune system communicating with itself.

The only proven way to remove all microbes from the body is the Bob Beck Protocol. Read this article for more information on the immune system and microbes:
Bob Beck Article

(This item has actually cured many cancer cases by freeing up the immune system.)

2) Heavy metals (some of which come from dental amalgam, vaccinations and other sources) are another major cause of suppressing the immune system. Zeolites, Vitamin C, EDTA chelation by I.V., and other chelating items, are the key to removing heavy metals from the body.

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials
This also includes (hopefully), removing dental amalgam from your teeth by working with a biological dentist or holistic dentist trained by Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS (if you are going to remove the dental amalgam, do it at the same time you are using high levels of chelating items).

(This item has actually cured some cancer cases by freeing up the immune system.)

3) Root canals are a safe-haven for microbes. The immune system cannot kill microbes living inside of root canals. If you kill the microbes in your body, but not the ones in the root canals, they will come out of the root canals and infect you again. Hopefully, you will have them removed by a biological dentist or holistic dentist.

It is possible the Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser can kill the microbes inside of root canals or soaking 3 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide in your mouth (covering the root canals) may take care of them, but this is purely a theory at the current time. It is known that hydrogen peroxide will almost always stop a toothache in its tracks, so it does penetrate through the tooth wall.

Actually, microbes can “hide” in many places in the body.

(This item has actually cured some cancer cases by freeing up the immune system.)

4) Nutrients for the immune system include liquid ionic minerals (including trace minerals which are no longer in our soil). Also the nutrients in plants, especially those rich in glyco-nutrients and polysaccharides (e.g. IP6, AHCC, Transfer Point Beta Glucan, etc.), and other supplements (including adequate levels of iodine).

5) An absolutely key nutrient is MSM and other supplements high in methyl molecules, which are critical for the neurotransmitters to function and for numerous other chemical reactions in the body. See this article:
How To Make MSM Water

General Comments

The first thing you need to do when you think your cancer has been cured is to find out if you are right. To do that you need to take one of the tests to see where you really are. Here is an article to find out which tests are available:
How To Determine How Much Cancer Your Still Have

When treating cancer the focus is usually on killing cancer cells. Some primary alternative cancer treatments start to rebuild the cells, and others have other goals. However, when a person thinks their cancer is cured, the focus is different. The focus is on killing lingering cancer cells and making sure your cancer never returns.

Think of this like a house fire. When your house is burning down your focus in on putting the fire out, not on where to put your new lamp and new couch. Once the fire is out, you need to start rebuilding your house and furnishing it.

There are several goals you need to achieve while in remission:

  • Goal #1) Supercharge your immune system (discussed above),
  • Goal #2) Kill any leftover cancer cells that might still be in your body (building your immune system will probably take care of that, but there is a treatment listed to kill cancer cells anyway),
  • Goal #3) Start rebuilding your cells so they can develop a resistance to future bouts with cancer,
  • Goal #4) Maintain a diet that does not put you at risk for a return of the cancer (called “regression”).

The Remission Treatment

Here are the key treatments to take during the remission treatment:

The Bob Beck Protocol

During remission you need to go on the Bob Beck Protocol 2 or 3 times, depending on whether you have already been on the Bob Beck Protocol. The equipment can be reused and loaned to others, so the second time you use the Bob Beck Protocol it won't cost you a penny, except to replace the batteries.

Note: Always remember that when you are on the Bob Beck Protocol, take all supplements AFTER the Bob Beck Protocol is finished for the day. Here is the article:
Bob Beck Protocol

The Bill Henderson Protocol (includes the Budwig Protocol)

The Bill Henderson Protocol will be used twice, each time for 6 months. The Bill Henderson Protocol includes the Budwig Diet (i.e. organic cottage cheese and liquid, refrigerated flaxseed oil). While on the Bob Beck Protocol, the Budwig Diet portion of the Bill Henderson protocol should be continued during the Bob Beck treatment.

The Budwig Diet during the remission treatment generally uses at least 6 TABLEspoons of liquid, refrigerated flaxseed oil.

Important: For two years after the remission treatment is complete, the patient should continue with the Budwig Diet, but can reduce the dose to two TABLEspoons of liquid, refrigerated flaxseed oil per day, combined with a proportionately smaller amount of cottage cheese.

Warning: There is a lot of bad information on the Internet about the Budwig Diet. It is critical to take the Budwig Diet items (i.e. cottage cheese and flaxseed oil) immediately after they are made. In other words, do NOT mix the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil and then put any remaining product in the refrigerator. It does not store well in the refrigerator.

Here are the articles:
Bill Henderson Protocol
Bill Henderson “Cancer Cure” Products
Budwig Diet

Laetrile Therapy

This is the key treatment to kill lingering cancer cells. This treatment only does one thing – kill cancer cells safely. But the treatment does not work fast enough to be a stage one treatment. It is the perfect treatment for remission because some of the main alternative cancer treatments may cause the microbes inside the cancer cells to go into hibernation, rather than kill the microbes or the cancer cells (see the Cancer Theory article).

It is generally not good to combine laetrile and cottage cheese. However, in this treatment, they are combined so it is important to supplement with proteolytic enzymes (see the laetrile article). Laetrile and cottage cheese should not be taken within 90 minutes of each other.

The “cancer diet” while on the remission treatment will actually come from the article on laetrile.

This treatment is also where the proteolytic or pancreatic enzymes will be discussed (Note: if the Bill Henderson Protocol also uses pancreatic or proteolytic enzymes, do not double dose).

The laetrile therapy is also where the major supplements for this treatment come from. It is critical to study this article, including the cancer diet and supplements:
Laetrile Therapy

Other Comments

Don't forget to take a major chelating item for the benefit of your immune system. Take at least one of these: liquid zeolites, EDTA chelation therapy by I.V., chlorella, or another supplement to get rid of heavy metals in your body.

Zeolite Vendor

Here is the sequence of treatments you should use during remission:

  1. The Bob Beck Protocol (unless you have already used it), including the Budwig Diet and laetrile
  2. The Bill Henderson Protocol FOR 6 MONTHS plus laetrile
  3. The Bob Beck Protocol (everyone, even if you used it prior to remission), including the Budwig Diet and laetrile
  4. The Bill Henderson Protocol FOR 6 MONTHS plus laetrile
  5. The Bob Beck Protocol (everyone, even if you used it prior to remission), including the Budwig Diet and laetrile.

Comments About Cells

It is important to talk about the cells of someone who has had large doses of chemotherapy. Any funeral mortician will tell you that he or she can tell whether the dead person was on chemotherapy or not. They can tell because the cells of a former chemotherapy patient will not be able to absorb the chemicals they use to embalm the corpse. There are other unique features of the cells and organs of those who have been on chemotherapy.

It is not really known how to reverse the effects of chemotherapy at the cellular level. This is one of the reasons anyone in remission should continue to use the Budwig Diet for at least two additional years, after remission, but at a reduced dose.

More on Building the Immune System

While the Bob Beck Protocol will remove the major obstacles from the immune system functioning properly, many people wish to enhance the Bob Beck Protocol by taking supplements that provide the immune system key nutrients, such as glyco-nutrients/monosaccharides and polysaccharides.

There are many, many products that claim to build the immune system. None of them will work as well as they could as long as the body is full of microbes. But by removing that obstacle, these products should work much better.

If a product you really like is not on this list, feel free to substitute a product you really like for something on this list. This list is definitely not all-inclusive.

The important thing is to take at least 3 products that build the immune system.

[Important Note]

If your financial situation permits only one Immune System Supplement, you must take Transfer Point Beta Glucan

At least two items from this list:

    1. Organic Germanium
      Article and Vendors of Germanium
(The following products are over 160x less effective than Transfer Point Beta Glucan)
  1. Transfer Factor Plus by 4Life
  2. MGN3 / MGN-3 (available in the U.S. under the brand name: BioBran)
  3. An AHCC Supplement: Immpower, ImmunoKinoko, Immune-Assist includes AHCC
  4. IP6Inositol hexaphosphate (part of Transfer Factor Plus, but can be taken separately)
  5. Immune Fx

At least 1 item from this list:

  1. Beta 1,3D Glucan: The Transfer Point Product has no equal. Rivals such as MaitakeGold 404, Immunition, NOW Foods Beta Glucan, Immutol, Our Health Co-Op Beta Glucan, RM-10 by Garden of Life, and every other opponent; cannot even “hold a candle” to Transfer Point's Brand.
    Transfer Point Beta Glucan
  2. Aloe Immune glyco-nutrient products (see the Stage IV article)
  3. Moducare (a sterols and sterolins supplement)

There are many other immunity products (e.g. Lentinan, PSK, PSP, Coriolan, D-Fraction, RM10, Mushroom Immunity Complex, etc.). Be aware that every vendor claims their product is the best and also remember that Cancer Tutor has no lab facilities to test their claims. MGN-3 or BioBran has a single manufacturer, and has been studied in labs, and is an excellent product, as is IP6.

See also the article on building the immune system:
Article on Building the Immune System

Root Canals

Many experiments have been done where a person with a disease has one of their root canal teeth extracted and implanted in a laboratory animal. Invariably, the animal will get exactly the same disease as the human. See:
Experiment Cover-Up

This does not mean that root canals cause disease, but it does mean that diseases that are caused by a microbe are going to have some of those microbes safely living inside of root canals.

Many times a cancer patient will be cured of their cancer, or at least appear to be cured of their cancer, only to have the cancer return later. The term for this is “regression.” It is almost a certainty that in some cases, the disease returned because the microbe which caused the disease was safely living in the root canal teeth of the person, and later came out to re-infect the person.

However, microbes can also “hide” in the lymph system, the stomach lining, etc. As mentioned above, the Bob Beck Protocol Magnetic Pulser is able to remove these microbes, wherever they are hiding. However, it is important to use this Magnetic Pulser on the teeth (not just the front teeth), etc.

I have talked to many people who claim they have never had a root canal. While I am sure they are giving me an honest answer, I am equally sure that they probably had a root canal when they were young and do not remember it. It would be best to check how many root canals you have had and have them extracted. Don't forget to have your silver fillings removed as well (and never have another silver filling put in).

This type of dental work should not be done by a normal dentist. They should be extracted by a “holistic dentist” or a “biological dentist.” Search the Internet for one near you if you wish to use this technique. For example:
Holistic Dentists – Short List
Biological Dentist

Special Note for Bone Cancer

If you have cancer in the bones, hopefully, you have been on a cesium chloride protocol, with additional supplements for the bones. If there is any chance your bones are still brittle resulting from your fight with cancer, then you need to work with The Wolfe Clinic until your bones are strong. Call for treatment recommendations. Here is the website:
The Wolfe Clinic

Protect Your Heart

While you are at it, you might as well start protecting your heart. This is not a casual comment. Anyone who has smoked or has been on chemotherapy has heart damage.

The Budwig Diet and staying off of bad fats will do a lot to protect your heart, however, there is much more that needs to be done.

See this article:
Article on Heart Disease/Hypertension Prevention and Treatment

Special Warning – If You Do Regress Back To Having Active Cancer

If you do regress and your cancer returns, it is time to start over. Go to the Stage IV article and go on a full alternative cancer treatment program.
Stage IV Treatment Article

If you had chemotherapy prior to being in remission, it is almost certain that you are in serious shape because a significant percentage of your cancer cells are MDR (Multiple-Drug Resistant) cancer cells.

Final Comments – How You Can Help Others

Once you have been on the remission program for a couple of months, and feel comfortable everything is under control, please send Cancer Tutor an email describing what kind of cancer you had and what treatment(s) and special supplements you were on that put you in remission.

This information will be put in our database (your identity will never be compromised) and will provide invaluable information for others.

Thanks in advance.

Our email can be found at:
Cancer Tutor Email

Note: In addition to this article on remission, please read this article on remission:
Critical Comments About Remission