Protocel: How It Works

Sheridan [the biochemist developer] developed a chemical substance whose components combine to act synergistically to lower the voltage [i.e. energy] of the [cancer] cell structure of the body. In the case of malignant cells which are anaerobic, their voltage is already low. Sheridan's substance lowers its voltage further.

Protocel works by blocking the production/energy of ATP in the cancer cells, which in turn lowers the voltage of the cancer cells, causing the cells to eventually self-destruct and literally break apart. The process of the cell membranes bursting is called “lysing.” The “pieces” of the dead cancer cells are called “lysed material.” While the ATP in healthy cells may be lowered a little, it will not harm healthy cells.


Before reading this warning, please read the “What Causes Cancer” article. I will not repeat the concepts in that article here.

Most of the new technology cancer treatments include electromedicine or nutritional protocols. These protocols may NEUTRALIZE this protocol.

Protocols that use electromedicine (e.g. High RF Frequency Generator), MSM, DMSO, Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide, maple syrup or honey will definitely interfere with either of these two protocols, but other things may also interfere. The reason is that several of the newer protocols kill microbes inside the cancer cells. When they kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, they allow more of the glucose to be converted to pyruvate and thus more ATP energy is created inside the cancer cells. For most cancer protocols this is very good thing. But for these protocols it is a very bad thing. The reason is that when you kill the microbes inside the cancer cells the ATP energy of the cell rises. That is not a good thing because these two protocols try to reduce the number of ATP molecules so the cancer cells can fall apart. If you increase the number of ATP molecules it may become IMPOSSIBLE for either of these protocols to do their job.

It is beyond the scope of this section to go into any more detail, but the bottom line is that:
Protocel and Cantron should NOT be used with ANY OTHER alternative cancer treatment. NONE. This especially includes any DMSO protocol, any MSM protocol, and LIPH.

There are simply too many alternative cancer treatments to go through each one and determine if there is a conflict, so simply do not use this protocol with any other alternative cancer treatment. The books that discuss which alternative cancer treatments conflict with Protocol are very outdated. Work with your vendor to make sure you are not using another cancer treatment that conflicts with this protocol.


Between the 1930s and the early 1950s Sheridan developed a product called Entelev as a treatment for cancer. There is a long history of how the ACS, FDA and NIH have tried to destroy this product. Currently the original Entelev, Cancell and Protocel formulas are held by the Sheridan children. The products of their companies are Protocel(R), Entleve(R) and Cancell(R).

It is critical to study the eBook: The Protocel eBook, which is mentioned below, in order to understand exactly what other products conflict with Protocel. Basically, anything which increases the energy in cells will conflict with Protocel. In addition to the eBook, some electromedicine treatments should be added to the list of things to avoid while on Protocel. While a certain amount of useful information comes with the Product, and this information should be studied and be kept handy, the eBook is more detailed.

Note also that there are two different versions of Protocel, Formula 23 and Formula 50. Which Formula you buy depends on what kind of cancer you have. Thus, it is critical to study the eBook to learn which kind of product to purchase.

The eBook also lists many other diseases for which Protocel, etc. have been effective.

Resource #1: The Tanya Harter Pierce and eBook: The Protocel eBook (Endorsed Support)

The definitive source of information about the use of Protocel, etc. comes from a very inexpensive eBooklet written by Tanya Harter Pierce.

It is critical to remember that if you use Protocel there are certain foods, supplements and other alternative cancer treatments that should not be used with Protocel. It also has a lot of other critical information about the use of Protocel.

Here is how to obtain her eBook:

  1. Here is the website to obtain the eBook:
  2. There are two eBooks you can choose between. One is the Protocel eBooklet, called The Protocel Book ($15.00) or the other eBook is called Outsmart Your Cancer, which includes the same Protocel information, but also includes good information about several other alternative cancer treatments ($26.95).
  3. After choosing which eBook you want to buy, you need to put the eBook in your “Shopping Cart.”
  4. You will be able to download an electronic copy of either eBook from the website. You will have the eBook immediately.

Read this eBook (or the Protocel chapters if you bought the large book) several times and do EXACLTY what it says – nothing more and nothing less.

If you normally supplement with Thyroid medication, keep that medication to the very minimum dose you need while using Protocel. Over-supplementation with Thyroid might counter Protocel's effect on the cancer cells.

One of the very critical issues related to Protocel, Cancell or Entleve are the foods, supplements and other alternative cancer treatments that can and cannot be used with Protocel Protocel works by a very sensitive chemical and electrical reaction. The slightest interference with the chemical or electrical basis of Protocel can render it useless. I cannot emphasize that enough! When you are taking Protocel you absolutely must follow the guidelines of what foods, supplements and other alternative cancer treatments you can and cannot take. Otherwise, you may be wasting your money and your time.

The information you need to know about Protocel can be found at this web page:

In deciding between Protocel Formula 23 and Protocel Formula 50, use the Tanya Pierce eBook.

On some websites you will see the combination of Protocel and Graviola mentioned. In theory they might be synergistic but I don't know what Tanya thinks about doing this.

Read all 3 of his paragraphs on Paw Paw at this link:

Pay particular attention to this paragraph:

It is not recommended to use Paw Paw with Protocel until your level of reaction to Protocel has stabilized. Some people respond very quickly to Protocel. In this case the body may have excessive waste material to remove. Paw Paw can increase the response of your body and overload the waste removal system. Therefore it is recommended to start Paw Paw 3 to five weeks after starting Protocel (or vice versa). Take 1 capsule with food four times daily.

Also study Tanya Pierce's restrictions.

The recommended manufacturer of Paw Paw:
PawPaw Vendor

Paw Paw is a cousin of the graviola, guanabana, and soursop trees. However, the acetogenins extracted from Paw Paw are more active against cancer than those extracted from these other sources.

Important Note for Brain Cancer Patients

Paw Paw and Graviola greatly enhance the effectiveness of Protocel. Some brain cancer patients have added Graviola or Paw Paw to their Protocel treatment with excellent results. However, this treatment can add a significant amount of lysing (toxins) in the brain area. It is a risky treatment that is not recommended for normal brain cancer patients.

Regardless of anything you hear from any other source, Protocel does NOT work fast enough to cure glioblastoma. Do not risk adding Paw Paw or graviola to Protocel to supplement Protocel. Simply do not use Protocel with glioblastoma, or any other fast-growing brain cancer.

Here is my article on brain cancer:
Brain Cancer Article

For Those Patients With Excessive Mercury in Their System

The presence of mercury in the body interferes with Protocel. Many cancer patients have high levels of mercury in their system. This can be caused by dental amalgam, pollution, eating too much fish, and many other reasons. If you may have high levels of mercury in your body, you should take chlorella with your Protocel treatment.

Note: if Protocel Becomes Less Effective Over Time

If the Protocel treatment becomes less effective over time, there are a couple of possible reasons.

First, is there something you are eating (including supplements) or drinking that is interfering with Protocel? Check this very, very carefully. As I said, read the eBook and website several times.

Second, there may be a more complex problem. The reason Protocel may become less effective is because Protocel may not be able to kill the Multiple-Drug Resistant (MDR) cancer cells (especially if the patient has been on chemotherapy). If you think this is the reason you should immediately ADD Paw Paw to your treatment. The Paw Paw will not only kill MDR cells, it will also enhance the effectiveness of Protocel in other ways.

Using Protocel With Chemotherapy

Protocel should not be used with chemotherapy (the chemotherapy will neutralize the Protocel, there is no danger caused by the Protocel), except Protocel can be used with 5-FU or Zeloda, which are anti-metabolites. In fact, Protocel and 5-FU or Zeloda may be synergistic.

Supercharging This Treatment

Read the eBook The Protocel Book and do exactly what it says and compare that to what the Paul Winter website says. If there are any differences, take the most conservative approach, unless you feel one author has more accurate information than the other for your situation.

One final note about Protocel. Protocel does not build the immune system of the body or the nutrient value of the body. It is necessary to follow the “cancer diet” in the tutorial on this website (do not follow the “cancer diet” in the Protocel eBook) and follow immune building and nutrition building efforts, within what is allowed to be taken with Protocel, during the Protocel treatment.


Entelev® is a registered trademark (in Australia) of Ella, Inc. Ella Inc. is not associated with and does not endorse any products promoted in this website, other than Entelev®, Protocel® or Cancel®.

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