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Protocel or Cantron Cancer Treatment

Between the 1930s and the early 1950s Sheridan developed a product called Entelev as a treatment for cancer. Currently the original Entelev, Cancell and Protocel formulas are held by the Sheridan children. The products of their companies are Protocel(R), Entleve(R) and Cancell(R).

Protocel is purported to work by blocking the production/energy of ATP in the cancer cells, which in turn lowers the voltage of the cancer cells, causing the cells to eventually break apart. The process of the cell membranes bursting is called “lysing.” The “pieces” of the dead cancer cells are called “lysed material.” While the ATP in healthy cells may be lowered a little, it will not harm healthy cells.

One source of information about the use of Protocel, etc. comes from an eBooklet written by Tanya Harter Pierce. You can find it here:

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