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Osiecki Cancer Technique

Developed independently of Dr. Rath, by a well-known Australian nutritionist, and author of several books, the Osiecke Cancer Technique has features similar to the Dr. Rath Cellular Solution.  Unlike the Rath program, the Osiecki program deals with the three steps of metastasis: “The essential first step for this process is that the cancer cell must detach itself from the primary site, [second it must] penetrate the normal cell matrix and [third it must] perforate the surrounding vasculature (blood vessels) for entry and dissemination.” Different nutrients are used for each of the three steps.


The Osiecki Cancer Technique, like the Dr. Rath Cellular Solution, is designed to stop the spreading (i.e. metastasis) of cancer via stopping the cancerous cell from penetrating the collagen matrix, thus stopping cancer from spreading. It contains all four nutrients of the Rath program, plus several other items.

This is the website where a person can currently contact Dr. Osiecki: BioConcepts Website