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Our body has two distinct methods of clearing things that could bring it harm: our immune system kills living toxins (bacteria, virus, parasites) and our detoxification pathways clear non-living toxins (chemicals, heavy metals, drugs). We have one other system that sits somewhere in the middle between the immune and the detoxification systems that helps with […]

So you were diagnosed with cancer. Your oncologist authoritatively declared that your “best options” were chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. You decided to follow conventional medicine and completed the treatments as recommended because you felt it was the right thing to do. Now that you’re finished with chemotherapy and radiation therapy — what’s next? First […]

While 50 percent of the population will get cancer, oncology does not address “why.” Dr. Carlos Garcia pops the bubble on genetics being a cause. He does, however, believe dental toxins are one cause. “We’re interested in providing good health care. We’re not interested in just treating the symptoms,” he said. Utopia Wellness also delves […]

Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells were low in oxygen due to a change in cellular respiration — from using oxygen to using fermentation of sugar. “Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause,” Warburg said. “Summarized in a few words, the prime cause […]

Every once in a while, mainstream media surprises us with a tale that digs deep enough into reality to offer a true glimpse of what a patient really goes through as they undergo conventional cancer treatments. Over the past couple of years writers from Esquire magazine (yes, Esquire magazine) have compassionately and closely followed the […]

Monsanto may be the boogeyman after all. On March 10, the chemical monolith lost a court challenge to keep glyphosate off California’s public list of cancer-causing chemicals. Now, there is physical evidence Monsanto and an Environmental Protection Agency official were in cahoots to thwart another agency’s investigation into glyphosate, the key chemical in the herbicide […]

Natural treatments for cancer are more imperative than ever as the disease continues to destroy lives. Despite all the “modern day” medical advances, cancer kills millions annually. The medical community likes to point out that fewer people are dying from their cancers than ever before and that’s true to a point. Some common cancers have […]

Recent literature is pointing to a correlation of higher tissue levels of copper in some cancers. Since some cancers can feed off of copper, as the element is necessary for rapid replication, speculation lends toward reducing copper levels as a possible intervention for cancer patients. Copper is an essential nutrient for many cellular functions. However, […]

Dr. Garcia’s complete breakdown of these 15 cancer-risk topics can be found in a two-part series on the Utopia Wellness website: Part 1 | Part 2 I am often asked what measures can a person take to minimize the risk of developing cancer or its recurrence. This list is extensive and often seems an overwhelming […]

NPR’s Michelle Andrews writes that privately insured people with cancer were diagnosed earlier and lived longer than those who were uninsured or were covered by Medicaid, according to two recent studies. Both studies, published online in the journal Cancer in August, relied on data from the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program. […]

When you think about developing good habits to prevent cancer, you probably consider the “usual suspects” talked about (incessantly) on every information outlet. I’ve covered them extensively myself. Everyone knows about the big ones like the hazards of smoking drastically raising cancer risk (22 percent of all cancer deaths) and irresponsible sun exposure leading to […]

There is an unseen threat to cancer patients that exists; unfortunately the correlation has been missed in the past. Recently a study was published in the journal “Heart” citing cancer as increasing heart damage. (1) The findings suggest the cancer may already be doing damage before treatment is started. The participants in the study were […]

Every minute of every day, you’re flooded with electromagnetic fields (EMFs). They are emitted by every electronic device in your home, office, child’s school, restaurants, on and on — and they aren’t as “harmless” as you’ve been led to believe. You’re right to be concerned about radiation from your smartphone, Wi-Fi networks, electrical wiring, and […]

Our mental state — thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes — can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are! Numerous clinical studies have been conducted that point to the fact that people who have a positive outlook on life, are optimistic, with healthy personal […]

When a person in the United States has a toothache, due to an infection in the tooth, rather than cure the infection with 3 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide, dentists almost always kill the tooth. They will typically drill out the insides of the tooth and fill the tooth with metal rods. This is called […]

Ben Brewer is the name of a brave young man featured on 9 News for his 11-year battle with cancer. (1) The report states that young Ben was diagnosed with blastoma at the age of two. He had undergone various treatments including chemotherapy and as of last year, liquid radiation. He has relapsed three times […]

Every day, your body is attacked by contaminants in the air, water, and soil. They are everywhere and they’re adding to existing problems of poor diet, higher use of chemicals in household products, and even the pollutants found in the beauty products you use. It’s leading to an issue that could be contributing to how […]

There’s been a lot of debate recently about the role of inflammation and cancer development, growth, and the way it spreads throughout the body. The conventional medical community makes broad and non-sensical statements such as “the cause of cancer is unknown” and “there’s currently no cure for the disease.” Sure, they say UV exposure causes […]

Americans spend more on health care and supplements than any other country, yet our health and our health care system both rank at the bottom of virtually every study and survey today. (1, 2, 3) As we bathe ourselves in coconut and fish oils and take every supplement under the sun, most people are coming […]

I have foundational beliefs in caring for those with cancer. One is that cancer is a verb that needs constant attention. This includes lifestyle changes, which one can easily comply. No one is cured of cancer after a stay at a clinic for 2-4 weeks. This understanding birthed our 2-Day Cancer Intensive program. People need […]