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  • Detox Your Home with Cyndi O’Meara

    Detox Your Home with Cyndi O’Meara

    Cyndi O’Meara, James Colquhoun
    Join Cyndi O’Meara & James Colquhoun in this FMTV exclusive interview as they talk you through the process of detoxing your home. Learn how to decode food labels, avoid false health claims, switch your chemical-laden products for those less harsh and start afresh with naturally detoxified home.
  • Trade Secrets – A Moyers Report

    Trade Secrets – A Moyers Report

    Bill Moyers
    Innovations in chemistry over the past 50 years have produced thousands of man-made chemicals. The majority of Americans believe that the government is making sure that they are protected from any harmful substances, but are they right? In this report, Bill Moyers sets the record straight, drawing on industry documents and interviews with historians, scientists, and public health professionals who explore the effects of chemicals on the public's health and safety.

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