So let's talk about what really causes cancer so that you understand why cancer can be cured. In fact, cancer cells can be easily be reverted into normal cells.

Cancer (low ATP energy) is actually caused by a unique, pleomorphic bacteria which gets inside of cells and blocks the production of ATP energy by intercepting glucose (bacteria love to eat glucose). Less glucose means less pyruvate and less pyruvate means less ATP energy (of course this is simplified but accurate). When these cells divide there are bacteria in both cells, which is how cancer spreads. These bacteria were first discovered in 1890 by pathologist William Russell (1852-1940). If you want a quick peek at this microbe see the Advanced Cancer Theory.

Cancer researchers of natural medicine study how to gently revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing these bacteria or by gently killing the cancer cells using things from Mother Nature. For example, gentle electromedicine devices, first designed in the 1930s, are so gentle that they are only strong enough to kill microbes. But that is precisely what they were designed to do. On this website these devices are called “High RF Frequency Protocol” devices.

Another factor in dealing with cancer is the immune system. Every adult on this planet has cancer cells. But for most people, their immune system routinely kills the cancer cells. So when a person is diagnosed with cancer it is almost certain that they have a weak immune system. This is frequently because there are microbes and / or parasites in the organs which steal food from the organs and thus weaken the organs which in turn weakens the immune system. A “liver flush” is defined to be a cancer treatment designed to kill these microbes and / or parasites.

Devices such as a Quantum Pulse or a High RF Frequency Protocol device are electromedicine devices which can energize cells to help restore the immune system. Supplements such as Transfer Point Beta Glucan can also help the immune system. The High RF Frequency instruments can generally be afforded as ways to help energize cells during or after generic or custom liver flushes.

Nature has put natural cancer-treating chemicals in more than a thousand different plants. For example, purple grape juice has more than a dozen chemicals in it that may kill cancer cells. Carrots may have even more. It is quite possible that more people have cured their cancer by drinking a couple of teaspoons of beet juice, mixed in a quart of carrot juice, every day than probably any other single natural cancer treatment.

This website is a product of the natural medicine cancer researchers of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (Independent Cancer Research Foundation). Through the years natural medicine cancer researchers around the world have studied natural cancer treatments which use a combination of tactics to slow down the spread of the cancer; safely and gently kill cancer cells; safely revert cancer cells into normal cells; plus build the immune system so that the immune system can help deal with the cancer.

We tap into these discoveries. We also examine many very inexpensive ways that may revert cancer cells into normal cells. Many of the products needed to do this can be purchased at a health food store. We do these things because many cancer patients started their cancer treatment with orthodox medicine and they do not have the money for the more expensive natural cancer treatments.

We have also studied special protocols to help weak cancer patients.

By the way, the natural medicine researchers led by Dr. Virginia Livingston, M.D., discovered why cancer cells may have DNA damage. They discovered that one of the cancer microbes (which really cause cancer) can get inside the cell nucleus (where the DNA for that cell resides) and the DNA of the microbe can “mix” with the DNA of the cancer cell and damage the DNA of the cell. Fixing this DNA damage is neither important nor necessary! It is the bacteria inside the cancer cells that are important and orthodox medicine totally ignores these bacteria.

So let us start at the beginning by talking about the politics of cancer.