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While doing some research on cancer I accidentally came across some information on hormones in a place I did not expect it. If you wear sunglasses or suntan lotions frequently when you are outdoors, one solution to your hormone problem may be to NOT use sunglasses outdoors and virtually eliminate your suntan lotions. Your eyes and skin need the whole-spectrum of light from both inside and outside of your house or office. If this applies to you, see the book: Into the Light by Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.


I certainly am not an expert on hormones, iodine or the thyroid, but three of the best known cancer doctors, Dr. Hoxsey, Dr. Gerson and Dr. Moerman, all included some form of iodine in their treatments. Potassium iodine was a key ingredient in the Hoxsey herbal tea (few people know this, by the way).

Among other things, iodine is KNOWN to thin the lymph fluid, making it far more effective at doing its job. The lymph system can be a very important part of a cancer treatment.

I have put together some resources for the thyroid, hormones, iodine, etc., other than the treatments of these three doctors. I am always looking for additional reference information for this website if you have anything to add.

(Note: The fact of the matter is that the secret organizations that want everyone to be sick so they can make massive amounts of money selling prescription drugs have manipulated the U.S. federal government agencies and the media (they literally own the media.) to make sure no one gets enough iodine in their body.

They do this by putting fluoride or fluoride and chlorine in the water, by recommending doses for iodine that are far too small, etc.

They also make sure no one gets enough trace minerals as well. These are two of the many reasons that the incidence of cancer is ten times higher today that it was before 1900.)

Here are some excellent resources on hormones and iodine:

Books/CDs on the Thyroid

Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by David Brownstein

Knockout: Curing Cancer by Suzanne Somers (Required.)

These are two required books on hormones.

Solved: The Riddle of Illness by Stephen E. Langer, James F. Scheer, Wayne W. Dyer

This is a SUPERB resource for information about the thyroid and hormones. If you go to Amazon and look this book up, you will see other books on the throid and hormones.

Your Road To Health This set of online CDs or files has general information about what it takes to survive cancer and is loaded with information about iodine (you do NOT need to use the Cellect-Budwig protocol to obtain these CDs). This information is available only on this website:

The website

Thyroid For Dummies by Alan Rubin, M.D.

This is another excellent resource for thyroid and iodine information. Special warnings for those who are pregnant are also included in this book.

Outsmart Your Cancer [Both MEN and WOMEN issues discussed below]
The Book:

Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce

has a chapter for women called: “What Women Must Know About Hormones” (Section 19). Tanya has a website at:

She can be reached by email from her website. Her book is also on Amazon, and by going to Amazon you can see what other books people bought who purchased her book (though I don't think any of these books are specifically on the thyroid and hormones).

Let me quote from an email she sent me that included a discussion of hormones:

  • “NO woman with cancer should be on any hormones that are not bioidentical to the hormones in our own bodies. I.E., they should never be on Premarin or Provera, and in my opinion should also NEVER take hormone blocking cancer drugs, such as Tamoxifen. I also believe that men with cancer should NEVER take hormone-blocking drugs either, like Lupron or Casodex. All of these are ineffective at getting rid of cancer and in fact can dangerously promote cancer. If you and I haven't yet talked about Lupron and Casodex for Prostate cancer, we should. I think these drugs are making men's cancers worse.Tanya Pierce, from an email

Dr. John Lee, M.D. [Both MEN and WOMEN issues]
An excellent website on natural hormones is the website of Dr. John Lee, M.D. He has written many articles and books for both male and female hormone issues. Here is his web site:

This site is maintained by Dr. Lee's widow (he is deceased). One of the many resources Dr. Lee was involved with is the book:

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer : How Hormone Balance Can Help Save Your Life by John R. Lee M.D., David Zava, Virginia Hopkins

This book is on Amazon and you can see what other books were purchased by the people who bought this book.

His web site mentions a lot of other resources.

Breast Cancer and Iodine

Another book on the subject is the book:

Breast Cancer and Iodine : How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer by Dr. David Derry, M.D.

Dr. Derry lost his medical license in Canada for his radical cancer treatment. Here is an article by Dr. Derry:

This website also has other resources. As with the other books, if you go to Amazon you can find similar books.

The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer

This is a link to a website that contains an overview of the book: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer by Sat Dharam Kaur.

Book Review

This book is also on Amazon so you can see what other books which were purchased by those who bought this book.

Essential Oils

Another resource is essential oils by the company: Young Living.

The founder of the company spoke on the subject of natural hormones and essential oils. It is a superb talk. The talk is titled:

“Modern Medicine's Missing Piece” and is also known as “Training Tape #62”

I should warn you in advance that the main topic of his talk is sexual relation issues, however, there is enough general information about hormones (and he does specifically talk about cancer and hormones), that the tape is well worth listening to.

Any Young Living vendor can sell the tape, or at least obtain it. Here is just one vendor:

Young Living Vendor

Emails I Have Received

  • “The dosage we were recommended was 10 drops of 7% iodine tincture in an 8-oz glass of water three times a day for the 1st day, going up a drop a day. They usually quit when they reach 30, 35, or 40 drops.

Some go back down the same way they went up and do not quit suddenly.

The woman who told me about it said the information she was given said you would have a clear feeling in your stomach when you had enough. She verified that she had experienced this as well. I've heard that the cancer disappears.”

Here is another email I received, this one from a health practitioner:

  • “I use a urine test through Dr. Flechas' lab to determine iodine deficiencies, though I've never varied the dose as your protocol suggests. The research Dr. Flechas, Dr. Brownstein and another Dr., Guy Abraham, shows that the body needs two kinds of iodine. Iodine, the I2 molecule, and iodide, the I- molecule. Different tissues in the body use different forms. Iodine, in addition to being used for making thyroid hormone, is used in the structure of hormone receptors on all cells for all hormones in the body. Iodine deficiencies can therefore result in less efficient hormonal communication in the body, and be a contributing cause or the root cause of hormonal resistance in hypothyroidism and diabetes.

The form of Iodine I've been using is a tablet form of the older Lugol's iodine solution. Lugol's was a liquid that combined Iodine and potassium iodide. It caused stomach upset in a fair number of patients, and dosage control was difficult. Iodoral is a tablet form of these same types of iodine, and is in a time-release matrix, which seems to eliminate the stomach upset side effects and makes dosage control easier.

I could easily see how cancer's that are hormonally mediated could be helped by adding iodine. Breast, uterus, ovary and prostate cancers are all associated with iodine deficiencies. I test for iodine deficiencies in all cancer patients.”

Other Key Websites

Here are some other key websites on hormones, iodine, etc.


Help My Thyroid

Dr. Brownstein Website

Do-It-Yourself iodine deficiency test

Excellent article

[Note: This vendor may not be selling Lugol's Iodine any more, but there are many web sites that do sell it. I link to this page because of the article.]

Vendor of Brown Seaweed

A Warning about using iodine

Zinc and iodine

Evening Primrose Oil