Other Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Brandt Grape Cure
Chapter 2: The Brandt Grape Cure Protocol
Chapter 3: What Can Be Added To the Brandt Grape Cure

Chapter 4: Optional Treatments and Final Comments

This chapter will deal with things that can be safely and effectively added to the Brandt Grape Cure.

Frequency Generator (Highly Recommended: costs about $2,500)

A frequency generator is an electromedicine device which does not add ANY bulk to the grape cure because it is purely electrical in nature. It is the perfect addition to the grape cure because it does not interfere with the grape cure in any way, but it does add a lot of benefits to the grape cure.

The original Royal Rife Machine was what we now call a “frequency generator.” (1) His frequency generator had a fantastic cure rate among advanced, terminal cancer patients. However, all of the Rife Machines that the FDA/AMA could find, they destroyed. The Rife technology was lost to the world.

Due to the persistent research of many researchers, the technology has been restored after being lost to the world for over 70 years. Modern day versions of the Rife Machine are as effective as the original, if not more so.

The importance of this item to the Grape Cure is that because it is not a food stuff, it will not in any way interfere with the Brandt Grape Cure. In fact, it will be a very welcome addition for those who can afford around $2,500.

There is a special article on frequency generators:
Frequency Generator Article


The elements of the body's immune system need to communicate with each other in order for the immune system to be effective. Glyconutrients (the monosaccharides just discussed) and polysaccharides are two of the critical things that allow this communication to happen.

The only polysaccharide supplement a cancer patient should take is the Beta Glucan Supplement, “Beta-1, 3-D Glucan.”

Here is the best vendor for Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan:
Better Way Health

Aloe Immune

There are eight critical sugars (monosaccharides) the immune system needs to internally communicate (cell to cell). They are called: glyconutrients. The product Aloe Immune has all 8 of these glyconutrients.

The dosage for this product is six (500mg) pills a day, but start with only one (150 mg or 500 mg) pill a day and build up over a several-day period.

Warning: Some people have a chemical sensitivity to this product (e.g. fever, aches). If this is the case, work with the vendor as to what dosage you can handle.

Aloe Immune Vendor

In the U.S. call: 800-807-4779. From outside of the U.S. call: 830-935-4292 (This is a residence so you may get voice mail. Keep calling back, they may not get your phone number correct.).

General Comments

In general, the kinds of treatments that can be combined with the Brandt Grape Cure are treatments that include minerals, special types of water, vitamins, immune building products, herbs, magnetic or electromagnetic treatments, etc. These are all things that are NOT FOODS and do NOT contain a lot of glucose AND help fight the cancer.

The Brandt Grape Cure, by itself, is an alkaline diet. Thus, you certainly do NOT want to eat or drink ACIDIC substances such as soda pops, diet soda pops, etc. even if they are calorie free and glucose free.

There are exceptions to these general rules, as mentioned above. Cesium chloride blocks glucose, thus it is not compatible with the Brandt Grape Cure. Rubidium and germanium should also be avoided for the same reason.


Exercise is critical for cancer patients. It puts a stress on the heart and pumps the blood faster. But perhaps more importantly, it pumps the lymph system (2) and is critical to getting the toxins out of the body. (3) The lymph system has no pump (such as the heart pumps the circulatory system), only muscles can pump the lymph system.

Obviously, many people with advanced cancer cannot go for a walk. If going on a walk is not advisable or possible, you should lift a book or something else and do exercises two or three times a day for 10 minutes total each time.

Other Recommended Nutrients

Several enhancements to the grape cure diet should be considered. When possible, these supplements should be purchased as a powder, crystal or in liquid form and taken between noon and 8:00 PM. This means there is always at least four hours a day (between 8:00 AM and noon), where only grape mush or grapes are consumed, on any of these diets. Here are the nutrients:

  1. Grape seed extract, check ingredients to get the most OPCs or PCOs (Do not take if you have a blood clotting disorder)
  2. grape skin extract, check ingredients to get the most resveratrol
  3. quercetin
  4. Vitamin C, 12-15 grams of Vitamin C spread out during the day (build up to this amount over two weeks, start at only three grams a day.)
  5. cayenne pepper (the hotter the better) and/or niacin (one gram of niacin)

Both cayenne pepper and niacin increase blood flow, which helps get the grape juice to the cancer cells. Cancer cells frequently thrive in areas where circulation is poor. (4) During the first week you may need to gradually build up to the recommended dosage of niacin.

Finally, five more items: (Alpha) Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E (1,000 I.U.), Vitamin A, Selenium and zinc.
In each case take the dosage mentioned above or the maximum dosage stated on the bottle, whichever is greater.

If you have any concerns about heart disease, while you are on this diet, then you need to add three more nutrients:

  1. L-Lysine (3 grams a day),
  2. L-Proline (1.5 grams a day – 1,500 mg),
  3. L-Arginine (2 grams a day)

A Warning About the Wortman Grape Cure

A man named Fred Wortman designed a modified version of the Brandt Grape Cure that allowed a person to eat anything they wanted for eight hours of the day. Feedback received from multiple cancer patients indicates this cancer treatment DOES NOT WORK.

Cancer cells pull an enormous amount of energy, nutrients and glucose from normal cells. Thus the normal cells of a cancer patient (especially those who have been on chemotherapy) are very depleted of energy and nutrients. A quick shot of a super-fruit drink will give the cancer patient a rush of nutrients into their healthy cells, causing them to feel good.

There are many testimonials on the internet that claim that within two or three weeks a person was cured of their cancer by taking a super-fruit drink. This person was NOT CURED of their cancer. What happened is that they felt so much better they thought they were cured of their cancer.

Whatever the reason, the Wortman Grape Cure is no longer endorsed on this website.

The bottom line is that the Brandt Grape Cure cannot be mixed with any other foods or alternative cancer treatments that are not first carefully evaluated to insure they do not interfere with the concept of the “juice fast.” The Wortman Grape Cure DOES interfere with the “juice fast” concept of the Brandt Grape Cure and is not an acceptable treatment.

Family Support

Because of the weeks that a person can only eat grape mush, a great deal of family support will be needed for anyone on this diet. It may be necessary for someone to call the person on this diet every hour or so, especially at the beginning of the diet. Remember also that there will be “distressing symptoms” of a person going on this diet. This diet is an incredible detoxifier and the toxins have to exit the body somewhere. This will also require support from family and friends.

Other Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Brandt Grape Cure
Chapter 2: The Brandt Grape Cure Protocol
Chapter 3: What Can Be Added To the Brandt Grape Cure

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