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Due to the large number of emails we get, and feel we must provide answers, this article has been written as a generic answer to a typical “first email” which we get. This article covers the basic issues cancer patients need to understand. This article should be studied in addition to our answers to your email. We simply cannot type everything in this article, plus deal with individual issues, for every email we get. We would need a staff of 10 people to do that.

Plus, in many cases cancer patients new to natural medicine don't know what questions need to be asked. We know what they should be asking.


Our email address is at the bottom of this page, but please study this page before sending us an email, and hopefully this page will answer your questions and get you headed in the right direction.

If you do send us an email let us know you have already studied this page (“first email”) so we don't tell you to read it again.

If your natural cancer treatment isn't working

On fairly rare occasions a natural cancer treatment will not be strong enough for the situation a patient is in.

When that happens there are two rules to follow:

First Rule: If the natural cancer treatment you are using isn't working then contact the person you have been working with, such as Mike Vrentas. If you cannot get a hold of that person then contact us.

Second Rule: If you are using one of our protocols (e.g. Dirt Cheap Protocol, Unlimited Power Protocol, etc.) and the treatment isn't working, then contact us.

We need to know: what your situation is; what treatment hasn't been working; and how long you have been using that treatment.

Family support

Cancer patients need family support when using natural cancer treatments.

But in many cases, a family has members who are so brainwashed by television that they worship medical doctors and think that anyone who is not a medical doctor is far too stupid to cure cancer.

Let us remind the family members that Nature is not stupid. Nature designed the DNA for many thousands of species of plants and animals, including human DNA for a male and female. No human can comprehend the DNA of an earthworm, much less human DNA.

This means Nature designed the ingredients, from baking soda to carrot juice to the laws of physics (e.g. electromedicine devices), which are used in the cancer treatments on this website.

It is not necessary for natural cancer treatment experts to know how to design molecules or learn physics; it is only necessary for them to know which equipment was designed by natural medicine scientists.

Experience over several decades has proven beyond any doubt that natural cancer treatments, which use molecules designed by Nature, are generally 30 TIMES more effective, and 100 percent safer and 100 percent more gentle than the orthodox cancer treatments led by chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

The pharmaceutical industry and other industries couldn't care less whether you survive your cancer or not. All they are interested in is your money. In fact, the chemical companies (e.g. Monsanto) do everything in their power to make your immune system weak so you will get sick and use prescription drugs.

While some natural medicine scientists design gentle electromedicine devices to be used in natural medicine which target and kill microbes inside the cancer cells (microbes inside the cancer cells are what cause a cell to be cancerous by blocking ATP energy) orthodox scientists build and use barbaric electromedicine devices (e.g. radiation) which cannot target cancer cells, and indeed kill far more healthy cells than cancer cells, and thus they must be used in very low doses, though the doses seem very large because they are so barbaric.

This is not to imply that orthodox medicine does not have a place in society, with regards to cancer, only that it is a very small place, such as providing surgery in special cases (e.g. a dangerous tumor that needs immediate attention).

Orthodox medicine can also deal with some symptoms of cancer. But they are almost worthless at actually treating cancer as their 5-year cure rate proves.

For family members who are brainwashed by the media, and the media's constant glorification of medical doctors, have them study this article from top to bottom.
Why Everything You Know About Cancer Is Wrong.

Then quiz them on what the article says to make sure they studied it.

Then have them read THIS “first email” article.

What causes cancer

Orthodox medicine wants you to believe that DNA damage is what causes cancer. Any cell biologist who knows what causes cancer (i.e. low ATP energy) would immediately realize this “theory” is total nonsense. It is almost absurd to think that damaged proteins can block ATP energy in cells.

By understanding what really causes cancer a person can realize that there are many ways to cure cancer. For example, there are ways to target and kill cancer cells, there are ways to revert cancer cells into normal cells, there are things that need to be done to build the immune system, there are supplements to build the immune system, etc. etc.

Here is an article what really causes cancer:
What Causes Cancer

That article explains that cancer is caused by microbes inside the cancer cells. By killing these microbes the cancer cells literally, revert into normal cells.

The Dirt Cheap Protocol is loaded with items that kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. Other natural cancer treatments also work in this way, though it may not be obvious when looking at the protocol. When using the Dirt Cheap Protocol as the major cancer treatment at least 14 items are required. The Dirt Cheap Protocol cannot be used by those on blood thinners as it contains many anti-oxidants.

Many treatments are designed to safely target and/or kill cancer cells and/or focus on the immune system. The Dirt Cheap Protocol uses all of these tactics.

As a general rule, when you start using a new product you should use a “build-up” to make sure there are no problems taking the items.

This means start with a low dose and two or three times a day you can increase the dose slightly. Keep increasing the dose for a couple of days, then you should be able to use the recommended doses. This is an optional step as in many cases a “build-up” is not required.

Special issues related to bone cancer

Bone cancer creates some special problems. Because of bone cancer, the bones can become brittle and break. This can cause a severe mental trauma to the patient in addition to the broken bone itself.

There are two people who can create a mineral protocol to help prevent the bones from breaking.

If you use the Cellect-Budwig, let Mike Vrentas know of the issue.

If you use any of the other protocols work with Dr. True Ott, Ph.D. who is also an expert in minerals which can protect the bones from becoming brittle. His website is at:
Mother Earth Minerals

The Amazing Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual is loaded with many ways to deal with cancer. But it is strongly advised that the Reference Manual should be a supplemental document to deal with cancer. In other words, use one of the main cancer treatments (e.g. Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Dirt Cheap Protocol, etc.) and then – following the rules given you by the support person – look at the Reference Manual.

For example, a person should only use one highly alkaline protocol per day and use recommended doses. Too much alkalinity can lead to “alkalosis.” Put this into a search engine:
“symptoms of alkalosis”

The massive Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual can be used to deal with specific issues but its main purpose is that it can take any natural treatment and make this protocol unlimited in power. But some experts who support specific protocols do not want things added to their protocol so it is normally used with the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

The Reference Manual has hundreds of ideas for killing cancer cells (item #1), reverting cancer cells into normal cells (#2), building the immune system (#4), dealing with inflammation and swelling (#11), dealing with pain (#12), brittle bones (#19), treatments for those on PICC lines (#21), etc. etc. And it has links to other websites which have hundreds of other ideas for treating cancer (item #16). Someone in the family needs to really dig into this massive document.

The power of natural medicine is unlimited in power so if a treatment isn't working study the Reference Manual.
Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual (a massive document)

Rules: Dealing with chemotherapy and orthodox medicine

We cannot legally get between a cancer patient and their medical doctor. So whether a patient uses orthodox cancer treatments is purely up to them.

We do have an article for those still on chemotherapy. For example, a person should take MSM just before leaving for chemotherapy:
For Those on Chemotherapy

While we cannot get between an oncologist and their patients, we can give you some good advice when dealing with orthodox medicine personnel.

It is strongly advised that you do not tell any medical doctor or nurse, whether they are in a hospital or doctor's office, that you are using natural cancer treatments. Let me repeat that because it is critical: it is strongly advised that you do not tell any medical doctor or nurse that you are using natural cancer treatments.

Orthodox medicine doesn't like cancer patients who tell their friends about the effectiveness of natural cancer treatments.

So while we cannot legally advise you as to whether or not to use orthodox cancer treatments, we can warn you about some things you should not do if you deal with orthodox medicine.

Picking the main natural medicine protocol (including clinics)

To pick the main natural medicine protocol you have a couple of choices. First, use a home treatment which was designed by an expert in natural cancer treatments. Second, use a clinic which uses natural cancer treatments.

To pick a home treatment look in the “Types of Cancer” section.

Read the article for your type of cancer. A specific natural medicine cancer treatment will be recommended, such as the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride or High RF Frequency Protocol. This is the recommended (but not required, it is your choice which protocol to use) protocol.

If, for any reason you do not use the recommended protocol (e.g. Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride or High RF Frequency Protocol), such as you cannot afford it, then use the Dirt Cheap Protocol. It is the most commonly used protocol on the Cancer Tutor website.

Here is the article for those who can afford a natural medicine clinic and want to use one:
Clinics Article

But even if a clinic is used, and even if the clinic provides a “home treatment,” still look at the Dirt Cheap Protocol for additional ideas for when the patient gets back home.

If you use the Dirt Cheap Protocol

If you end up using the Dirt Cheap Protocol, we support that protocol (see the bottom of this page). This is the most commonly used protocol on the Cancer Tutor website.

Use at least 14 items which must include the “Required” items. They ARE required because they are so synergistic with each other.
Dirt Cheap Protocol

You might wonder why 14 or more items are required when using the Dirt Cheap Protocol. Fighting cancer is like fighting a fire, you need enough fire trucks.

Cellect, for example, is a powder, but it has many items in it, some which are not listed on the label (due to their low doses they are not required to be on the label).

But some treatments may only have a few items, but if so, one of them is going to be highly alkaline and very powerful. Every protocol is unique.

The rule of thumb is to use exactly one highly alkaline protocol per day plus many non-highly alkaline treatments as well. The major protocols are put together by experts with many years of experience dealing with cancer patients.

The Unlimited Power Protocol and High RF Frequency Protocol

Also, note that there is an extension of the Dirt Cheap Protocol called the Unlimited Power Protocol which is literally unlimited in power because it starts with the Dirt Cheap Protocol and then taps into the Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual.
Unlimited Power Protocol (Expanded Dirt Cheap Protocol)

The High RF Frequency Protocol is also an extension of the Dirt Cheap Protocol or Unlimited Power Protocol by adding a custom liver flush (by definition a “liver flush” kills microbes and parasites in the organs, which have been weakening the immune system) plus a device that energizes the cells in the organs which were weakened by the microbes and parasites in the organs (i.e. the GB 4000). This makes the High RF Frequency Protocol a major cancer treatment with extended immune building capabilities.
High RF Frequency Protocol

The immune system

While both the Dirt Cheap Protocol and the Unlimited Power Protocol deal with the immune system, some special comments need to be made about the immune system.

First, the #1 immune-building product is Transfer Point Beta Glucan. It is mentioned in the Dirt Cheap Protocol but it can be used with any other protocol except the Cellect-Budwig protocol (Cellect has its own immune builders built-in) and perhaps others.
Transfer Point Vendor Website

The “dose” of Transfer Point is, roughly, one pill for each 50 pounds of body weight. All pills should be taken (together) first thing in the morning without food and at least 30 minutes before you eat.

However, if you cannot afford that many pills, then use two pills in the morning without food.

It has also been shown that if the microbes and parasites are removed from the organs (e.g. liver), that this will help supercharge the immune system. It is these microbes and parasites that actually weaken the organs and in turn, the weak organs weaken the immune system.

Killing these microbes and parasites is defined to be a “liver flush.” Here are many ideas for liver flushes (use several):
Liver Flush Article (i.e. Generic Liver Flushes)

Those using the High RF Frequency Protocol, who do the consultation, will be doing a “custom liver flush” that they design for a specific patient.

Another option to add to the other items, which helps the immune system and the creation of neuropeptides is the Bob Beck Protocol. This protocol does not work fast enough to be a stand-alone immune builder, but it is a good option for the immune system in the long term. See this article (it is one of several articles on the Bob Beck Protocol):
Bob Beck Protocol (5 articles)

Another article for killing microbes in the bloodstream (an immune-building process) is this article (use several of them):
Kill Microbes in the Bloodstream

Shrinking tumors

Many cancer patients have tumors, either internal or external. In many cases, these are not life-threatening but cancer patients may still want to deal with them. Unless they are life-threatening, however, they should not be a high priority.

If the tumor is life-threatening, then surgery may be necessary and seek out orthodox medicine.

Liver flushes are always required (several) to deal with tumors or the tumors will likely come back:
Liver Flush Article (use several)

Here is an article on shrinking tumors with natural medicine. Note that the Poydock protocol is required because it is so simple.
Shrink Tumors Article

Also, the “Kelmun Protocol,” if you are using the Dirt Cheap Protocol, has also shrunk tumors quickly.

For external tumors, DMSO/CD (DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide) can also be put directly on the tumor (this is on the Independent Cancer Research Foundation website so don't lose track of where you currently are):
DMSO/CD protocol

DMSO/CD is actually a cancer treatment in the Dirt Cheap Protocol. There is also a supercharged version of the DMSO/CD protocol called the “Perfect Storm”:
Perfect Storm (Supercharged DMSO/CD Protocol)

Tumors are strange. You can get rid of every cancer cells in the tumor and it still may not shrink. But at least it should not get bigger.

Weak patients

There are three electromedicine products which are superb for weak cancer patients: the GB 4000, the Quantum Pulse and the BioCharger. These are very expensive devices but there may be one of these devices which is available to the public for free or for a small fee. Contact the manufacturer for this type of information.

There are also natural products which can get past the “lactic acid” blockade, such as MSM and Vitamin C.

There is a special article for weak patients which includes this information and much more information.
Weak Patients Article

For those who cannot eat whole foods

Many items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are liquid, such as the MSM/LIPH and MSM/Vitamin C, etc. Plus there are pills which can be crushed and mixed with liquids.

For those who are on a liquid diet they should use the Dirt Cheap Protocol and study the liquid protocols article:
Liquid Protocols

Also, see this article:
Water Trick

And of course, there is gentle electromedicine which can be used by those who cannot eat whole foods.
Frequency Protocol

Note that the High RF Frequency Protocol – Plasma can be used all night long as it sends out a signal as opposed to using wires. This is very important to know especially for weak cancer patients.

While the High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact does use wires, we would recommend it for liver cancer and other cancers of the organs as the electrical signal will go right through cancer. It is also less expensive.

Foreign cancer patients (i.e. Outside the United States)

Foreign cancer patients, depending on the country they live in, may have problems importing some products. Scandinavia is even more anti-natural medicine than the U.K. A natural medicine cancer researcher was being considered for a Nobel Prize in Medicine but the offer was withdrawn when the person who wanted to do the nomination realized how corrupt (i.e. pro-drug) Sweden was.

Cancer patients outside the US should immediately start the Dirt Cheap Protocol because many of these products can be purchased inside of any country. As always they need 14 items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

If the patient cannot obtain 14 items, then see this article for more ideas of inexpensive cancer treatments they may be able to obtain in their country:
Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

Also look at the Reference Manual, especially item #16, which links to other websites which mention hundreds of items which can be purchased inside of any country.

So anyone in the world should be able to obtain and afford 14 items for the Dirt Cheap Protocol or substitutions (but remember only ONE highly alkaline protocol per day).

If the patient wants to use another protocol, such as the Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride, they need to contact the vendor or consultant to find out if the key items can be shipped to their country.

Article: Safety rules when using natural cancer treatments.

This article contains key rules, including safety rules, when using natural medicine. An example is to use only one highly alkaline protocol per day. This article is to help prevent common mistakes when people design their own protocol or mix protocols or add to a protocol. It is a very important article.
Safety Rules When Using Natural Cancer Treatments

Article: Common questions cancer patients ask

In addition to this article, the patient and family should study the Common Questions article (which was written by someone else) in order to decide which protocol(s) to use.
Common Questions

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AFTER you have studied this article and the “Rules” article and the “Common Questions” article, if you still have questions or comments, feel free to send us an email:
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