A Tough Decision

It is a tough decision to decide between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine. All of your life you have heard good things about orthodox medicine, and all of a sudden you find people who tell you that alternative medicine is better.

Perhaps you have also read some of the anti-alternative websites, such as quackwatch, B.C. Cancer Agency, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, etc. which state that alternative medicine has not been “proven” to work. If you have read some of these sites, then you need to read this chapter from my free, eBook:

Case Study of Scientific Corruption

While Vitamin C therapy is not one of the “Top 100” alternative cancer treatments, my tutorial discusses how it can be used to your advantage.

If you haven't completely read my flagship article, or if you haven't read it in a few weeks, READ IT AGAIN.

“Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments”

Also, read at least the first two chapters of the book: Alive and Well, by Dr. Philip Binzel. Laetrile is not a fast-acting treatment, so I do not include it as a “major” treatment, but the first two chapters explain the politics of cancer pretty well. The chapters can be found at:

Alive and Well

Also, read a summary of a book by Tim O'Shea. The book itself is not available, but this summary is quite good:

Conventional Medicine Vs. Holistic: A World of Difference (This is a Mirrored Site)

What It Boils Down To

It is a tough decision, but it boils down to the “Timeline” I discuss in my “Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments” article. Which treatment, orthodox or alternative, will allow you to live the longest.

You must ask orthodox medicine what the probability is that you will be alive in 15 years if you take their treatment. Then you must weigh the pain and suffering.

Also, know that if your cancer has metastasized, there is a low probability that orthodox treatments will cure your cancer and you will be alive in 15 years. Don't be fooled by their “5-year cure” definition.

With alternative medicine, there will be no pain and suffering (caused by the treatment), your immunity system will be rebuilt and many of your cancer cells will be killed.

Can alternative cancer treatments cure you? That depends on a lot of factors. Mostly it depends on whether you already have a major organ (usually the liver) that is already dead. But secondly, it depends on whether you are willing to stay on a good alternative cancer treatment.

It is critical if you pick alternative medicine that you use a solid treatment plan. This article will help you know whether your plan is powerful enough:

Rule of Thumb Article

And finally, you need to read the last chapter of my free eBook. This is a summary chapter that pretty well summarizes what is going on. The chapter also includes a brief summary of the book:

Who Do You Believe – Follow The Money Trail

Best wishes no matter what you pick.