FAQ – Why Do You Emphasize the Grape Cure?

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FAQ – Why Do You Emphasize the Grape Cure?

First of all, most alternative cancer treatment web sites sell products, and obviously they are going to emphasize and pitch their products. Since no one profits from mentioning the grape cure, few web sites even mention it and there are very few testimonials on the internet for it (most testimonials are requested by vendors and there is no vendor in this case).

But in looking at that statistics, a person must get the big picture.

It has been claimed there have been more than 45,000 Breuss patients who were cured of their cancer, but I have never seen one of their testimonials on the internet.

Likewise, of the 33,000 Kelley patients, I have never seen one of their testimonials on the internet, except on Kelley’s own web site.

Additionally, of the tens of thousands of laetrile patients who have been cured of cancer, I only see testimonials on web sites that specialize in laetrile and in books on laetrile.

It is bizarre how certain treatments, which involve things you can buy at a health food store or at little known web sites, do not have testimonials on the internet.

The fact of the matter is that only a very small percentage of people in the world have their own web sites, and fewer still know how to get their web site on a search engine, and fewer still know how to get their web sites to be ranked high by the search engines.

On the other hand, testimonials for proprietary products, such as Better Way Health Beta Glucan [Recommended], MGN-3, Noni Juice, etc. are fairly common. The exception to these rules is that I do see Budwig testimonials, Raw Food diet testimonials, and a few others, which do have a lot of testimonials on the internet.

It is a mystery to me why some alternative treatment testimonials get on the internet and others, which are just as good, if not better, do not get on the internet.

In any case, due to the lack of individual testimonials on the internet for the grape cures, I pondered whether I should even write my grape cure article. The justification for doing these things is based on several sources:

  1. Scientific evidence for the cancer-killing nutrients in grapes, coupled with the evidence that it is known that some of these nutrients bind with glucose, and thus MUST get into the cancer cells in large quantities.
  2. The Grape Cure,” by Johanna Brandt (she had no vested interest to lie about her experiences). The fact that she is the one that developed the 12-hour fast, and in hindsight it was such a fantastic idea for any type of juice, is proof she was no fluke.
  3. The testimony of Shackleton, who also wrote a book,
  4. The fact that the grape cure meets all of the requirements of a vegan diet which uses ONLY foods that are known to treat cancer,
  5. The testimony of Walter Last, a HIGHLY respected cancer expert in Australia, who stated that thousands of people (I assume in Australia) had been cured with the grape cure, and
  6. The fact that cancer cells steal all types of nutrients from normal cells (thus they steal the cancer-killing nutrients in the grapes as well)
  7. I have a cousin who is a retired chiropractor. One of his patients told him he had cancer. My cousin told him to go to a bookstore and buy the Brandt book. He went on the treatment. Six months later he died of causes totally unrelated to his cancer. At autoposy they could find no trace of his cancer.

The grape cure is high on my list because it is so cheap, so easy to use, so easy to self-administer (which is key to much of what I do), and there is plenty of evidence it works, when done right.

In addition, newly developed products such as high-quality colloidal silver and the product Cellect, can easily be added to the grape mush to supercharge the protocol.

Will there be more testimonials on the internet as a result of my web site? Probably not.

When Johanna Brandt developed her grape cure, I have no idea what was in the water of her day (e.g. was chlorine in her water?). Because of these, and other questions, it is critical that any grape cure diet today take into account the water that is used in processing, the water that is used in the homes, the heat processing that is required by law during processing, and so on.

These are the reasons I recommend that at least 50% of the grape mush be composed of raw, whole grapes that have never been heat processed and preferably have their seeds.

Remember that if grapes did not have any cancer-killing nutrients, or if they were improperly used when putting together a treatment plan, grapes would simply “feed” cancer cells because of their high sugar content. This means that eating grapes amounts to a race between the glucose feeding the cancer cells and the nutrients that kill cancer cells getting into the cells.

Because of these things, it is essential that anyone on the grape cure follow the recommendations in my article to the letter! It is essential that chlorine, heat processing (e.g. Pasteurization), etc. be understood and taken into account. Natural grape enzymes must be present whenever eating the grape mush. Chlorine cannot have touched the grapes AT ANY TIME, etc.

I should also note that this website does NOT endorse the Wortman grape cure. His treatment simply doesn’t work.

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