Because we cannot provide 30 pages of information for every email we receive, it is critical to study this article. In fact, consider this article to be our first email answer to you. A lot of work has gone into this article based on answering thousands of emails every year from cancer patients. We know what you should be asking.

So please study this article before you send us an email.

Important note about the Dirt Cheap Protocol

The Dirt Cheap Protocol is the most commonly used protocol on this website. We cannot tell you how many emails we have gotten from patients who do not understand that 14 items which are in the Dirt Cheap Protocol need to be used if that is the main cancer treatment.

You can add things to the Dirt Cheap Protocol, but do not substitute items.

There are no exceptions because the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are very synergistic with each other. Most of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are reverting cancer cells into normal cells. Fighting cancer is like fighting a fire, you need enough fire trucks that are doing the same thing and are synergistic with each other. That is why you should not substitute items.

If you want to add items to the Dirt Cheap Protocol, that is fine, but remember this rule: ONLY ONE highly alkaline product per day should be taken by a cancer patient. Baking soda, cesium chloride, Cellect (which contains cesium chloride), Stevia, asparagus, wheatgrass (and just about anything that is green), etc. are all highly alkaline. Only ONE highly alkaline item each day.

A cancer patient should become familiar with the symptoms of alkalosis (i.e. too much alkalinity). Copy and paste this into Google:
“symptoms of alkalosis”

There are other very good cancer treatments on this website, such as the Cellect-Budwig, which comes with expert support. There are several very good treatments discussed on this website, but if the Dirt Cheap Protocol is the main treatment use at least 14 of the items in that protocol as a minimum. It is mentioned in that article that the Dirt Cheap Protocol can be expanded.

And remember to use only one highly alkaline protocol per day.

Be sure to read the “Type of Cancer” article for your type of cancer for specific recommendations and read the article for the main treatment you are planning on using.

Study this article before sending us an email.

Did you know that about 98% of the cancer patients who begin their cancer treatment with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are dead within 5 years. Yet the cure rates for many natural cancer treatments yield cure rates of 90 percent or more. If you did not know this then see this article first and then come back to this article:
Why Everything You Know About Cancer Is Wrong

The chance of surviving your cancer is a direct function of how well someone in the family does their homework. Even if we do answer your email it is impossible for us to include several pages of information about the articles this article links to.

For example, your email may not make it clear that the patient is very weak so we may not tell you about the “Weak Cancer Patients” article. Or even if you do mention it we may forget it by the time we deal with other issues in the email.

Someone in the family of a cancer patient, or the patient himself or herself, must study the articles linked to in this article.

We deal with thousands of cancer patients every year and do not have a 10 person staff to spend 2 or 3 hours on the telephone or Skype to consult with each patient. That is why we write so many articles. And that is why people have to read the articles which are relevant to their situation.

However, patients on the Cellect-Budwig protocol can pay $250 to do a 2 hour Skype consultation with Mike Vrentas, but even Mike can only do 2 or 3 consultations a day and he is frequently behind in doing consultations. Other vendors may also do some level of consultation.

This article has the information in it that is critical for a patient to survive their cancer. This article will tell you how to email the Independent Cancer Research FoundationĀ  cancer researchers, but more importantly, it will tell you how to survive your cancer without emailing us, especially if you use the Dirt Cheap Protocol, which is the most commonly used protocol on this website.

Please READ THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE as it will answer the questions of many cancer patients so that an email is not necessary! Trust us, we know what questions cancer patients ask or should ask.

Furthermore, our email answer to you will not be able to include all of this information. So let us begin.

Important issues

1. Pretty much everything everyone knows about cancer comes from the media and is dead wrong – literally. As one example, cancer is NOT caused by DNA damage. Any cell biologist who thinks that DNA damage can cause cancer (i.e. low ATP energy) should change professions because they are too stupid to be a cancer researcher. While in theory, it could, the probability of it happening is so low it is doubtful there are 10,000 cancer patients worldwide who have cancer due do DNA damage.

The real cause of cancer is a special kind of bacteria that gets inside of cancer cells and blocks the production of ATP energy (which is the very definition of a cancer cell). So the first thing everyone needs to do is study the “What Causes Cancer” article:
What Causes Cancer (Must Read)

The key to understanding the “What Causes Cancer” article is to understand that if you can safely kill the microbes which are inside the cancer cells the cancer cells will revert into normal cells. Very few people know this but the fact is that it was being done in the 1930s by Dr. Royal Rife. And the fact that there are microbes inside of cancer cells was known in 1890 by William Russell (not a misprint).

Note that some natural cancer treatments, particularly in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, are designed to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and thus they are designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells. If you don't understand that, read the “What Causes Cancer” article again.

If you kill all of the microbes inside of cancer cells the cancer cells will REVERT into normal cells. That is just as good as killing the cancer cells and in fact, it is better. It is better because things that kill microbes inside the cancer cells also kill microbes in the bloodstream and this is an immune builder.

2. For those using a home treatment, designate someone in the family of the cancer patient to be the “cancer researcher.” This is critical for the family to maximize the benefits of natural cancer treatments. Someone needs to do their homework. We mentioned this above, but it cannot be emphasized often enough.

3. Look under the “Types of Cancer” section (e.g. Bile Duct Cancer). Read the article for your type of cancer. This article will mention the recommended protocol for your type of cancer. The recommended protocol will usually be either the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride or High RF Frequency Protocol.

4. Read the article for the recommended protocol. This article will be linked to in the “Complete Protocols” section. This article will tell you how to use the recommended protocol and who to work with.

5a. Clinic Treatments: while this website talks about home treatments for cancer, did you know that there are many clinics which use natural cancer treatments, many of which are run by medical doctors who have switched from orthodox medicine to natural medicine? For those who can afford it, this is where they might want to begin.

This article lists many natural cancer treatment clinics, but be aware that health insurance will generally not pay for natural cancer treatments even if a medical doctor is involved. (Note: at the very bottom of this article are links to other websites that list many more natural cancer clinics than our article lists.):
Natural Medicine Cancer Clinics

5b. For those who cannot afford a natural medicine clinic, but they have a whole life insurance policy, there is a way to sell this whole life insurance policy (even if the patient is still alive) to obtain funds to use a natural medicine clinic. Generally, the funds will be more than are needed for treating cancer. It is called a “Viatical Settlement.” Here is information about this resource:
How To Fund Your Treatment Without a Loan

6. For those who cannot afford, or cannot obtain, the recommended protocol – the Dirt Cheap Protocol is recommended. At least 14 items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol should be used. It is by far the most commonly used protocol on the Cancer Tutor website due to the lack of funds of those who start their cancer treatment with orthodox medicine. In many cases, an oncologist will not send a patient home to die (remember their treatments are worthless) until they run out of money.

7. For those on the Dirt Cheap Protocol, especially if they live in a foreign country and cannot obtain enough items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, there is an addendum to the Dirt Cheap Protocol called the “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” article which offers, even more, options:
Inexpensive Treatments

8. If the patient is using the Dirt Cheap Protocol as their main cancer treatment, it is important to note that natural cancer treatments can be made unlimited in power, even if a person lives in a foreign country and cannot obtain some key items. To achieve this use the following 4 articles:
a) Dirt Cheap Protocol, at least 14 items,
b) Whether you can get to 14 items or not, study this article for more ideas,
Inexpensive Treatments (For even more ideas or if you cannot get to 14 items)
c) Here is the Unlimited Power Protocol, which is mentioned in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, for more ideas,
Unlimited Power Protocol
d) And the Unlimited Power Protocol links into the massive Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual. In fact, every cancer patient should study thisĀ  Reference Manual. Here are examples of sections in the Reference Manual:
#1 – treatments to kill cancer cells,
#2 – treatments to revert cancer cells into normal cells,
#3 – liver flushes for immune system,
#4 – immune system supplements,
#7 – treatments for those who cannot eat,
#10 – treatments for weak cancer patients
#16) – long list of natural cancer treatments:
Here is the article: Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual is a must read for the family-designated researcher. Item #16, for example, links to other websites which list hundreds of other natural cancer treatments, many of which can be obtained in any country.

A cancer patient could use 50 natural cancer treatments that have cured cancer by themselves. But usually only 14 items are needed from the Dirt Cheap Protocol or another major natural cancer treatment is used.

When working with an expert make sure you keep this person informed of what you may be adding to their protocol (and generally they do not like people adding things to their protocol for multiple reasons).

The point is that while only 14 items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are generally needed by a cancer patient, the power of natural medicine is unlimited and a person could use dozens of natural cancer treatments. But remember the rule about only one highly alkaline item per day.

If the patient is weak, study this article also (e.g. Quantum Pulse, etc. can energize cells and other things can get past the lactic acid blockade):
Article for Weak Cancer Patients

If the patient has tumors that need to be dealt with, use 3 or 4 items from each of these articles:
Liver Flush (treatments to kill parasites in the organs for immune system)
Shrink Tumors

Note that in some rare cases tumors need to be cut-out by orthodox medicine immediately because they are in a dangerous location and may present an imminent danger to the patient by pressing on an important body part.

9, There are certain juices which are not alkaline, which fight cancer and do not interfere with any natural medicine cancer treatment. So these items can be added to any natural cancer treatment because they will not interfere with any of the other treatments. These juices are:
XanGo Mangosteen Juice
Tahitian Noni Juice
NingXia Red (Wolfberry Juice)
Goji Juice (e.g.
Blueberry Juice

10, As can be seen from the prior items the power of natural medicine is unlimited, it just takes someone to do their homework. A person could use 20 items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, each of which has cured cancer by themselves, and 30 more items from the Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual, especially using item #16. I don't think anyone has ever done this, but my point is that it is an option.

11, There is a Cardinal Rule, which cannot be repeated often enough if a treatment is not working get back to us and let us know. We can add things to the protocol as needed. This also lets us know which treatments may need to be strengthened.

Other important comments

We are well-aware that in many cases someone in the family of a cancer patient has been brainwashed by the media and worships orthodox medicine and strongly opposes the use of natural medicine. For such naysayers have them STUDY this article:
Article: Why Everything You Know About Cancer is Wrong

After someone claims to have read this article give them a quiz about the cure rates for orthodox medicine versus natural medicine.

Also, have them study the words of this popular song:

And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information
Oh, they can bend it all they want
John Mayer
“Waiting on the World to Change”

Nowhere is the greed of the media more evident that when talking about cancer and other major health issues.

Also, make sure the naysayers understand that the media and the pharmaceutical industry are both owned by the super-rich who work together to get richer and richer. They do not care about the lives of the “little people.” You are among the “little people” they don't care about.

Big Medicine couldn't care less whether you survive your cancer. All they care about is your health insurance money.

You would not believe how many articles on this website are dedicated to exposing the corruption in orthodox medicine. Here are two free eBooks as just a couple of examples:
(Optional) Introduction To Alternative Cancer Treatments (14 chapters)
(Optional) The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine (13 chapters)

Also, before you send us an email please read two key articles, which were written by two different people so there may be some overlap. These are about the general principles of natural cancer treatments.

First, read the “First Email” article:
First email article

Second, read the “Common Questions” article, which was written by a different person, so it also may answer your question:
Common Questions Article

Third, after reading the above two articles you should have a perfect understanding that natural cancer treatments can gently kill cancer cells, safely revert cancer cells into normal cells and that there are several ways to help build the immune system so the immune system can help deal with cancer.

It cannot be repeated often enough: fighting cancer is like fighting a fire, you need enough fire trucks.

Fourth, please be as brief as possible if you send us an email. We already know what cancer is. We need to know what kind of cancer you have, where has it spread, what treatments you have used (orthodox or natural) and other relevant information. But the email should be as short as possible to get your information and questions across.

Fifth, when you reply to our emails, always click “REPLY”, do NOT create a new email. We need to quickly access all of our prior correspondence every time.

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