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    Just diagnosed Jan 11 with Uterine Serous Papillary Carcinoma, my regular gyn said he could not help me, advised me to call a gyn oncologist. Which I did, first appointment is Jan 30, seems so far away and I want to start something, I need a plan. Found this website. Will you tell me if I take these things together will they stop or slow down the cancer, will any of them cancel out the other.

    Aloe Arborescens
    Vitamin C 1000mg
    Vitamin D ?mg
    Cancer Diet

    And is the Rife frequency on youtube ok to listen to.

    Please help, I have no insurance, no job and no savings.

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi there,

    First, we encourage you to read through the following links as they contain a ton of information that most first contact patients/care-givers need to know.

    First eMail
    Cancer Myths
    What Causes Cancer

    Our page for uterine cancer is here: Uterine Cancer

    It sounds like the Dirt Cheap Protocol is something you may be interested in. It is recommended that you choose at least 14 items from the list, including ONE alkaline item each day. It looks like you are already taking some of them. 🙂

    I've pasted the entire Dirt Cheap Protocol in point form below. Here is a link to the original article for reference:
    Dirt Cheap Protocol
    Be sure to reference it regularly so you know how to implement each of the items on the list!

    Here Are The Codes For The Individual Treatments:
    (+) means these are things that can be purchased locally and these treatments should be started TODAY,
    (*) means this is a treatment which has cured cancer by itself,
    (**) or (***) means that two or three parts of the treatment have cured cancer by themselves, etc.
    (!) means it is one of the two powerful “Crown Jewels” of this treatment
    (k) means it kills the microbes inside the cancer cells and thus reverts cancer cells into normal cells
    (s) means this item is so safe is can be used several times a day as needed.

    The List
    1. (*!)(+)(k) Kelmun (alkaline)
    see: Kelmun Protocol

    2a. (**)(k)(s) MSM/LIPH and MSM/Vitamin C Protocols – REQUIRED!
    see: MSM/LIPH
    see: MSM/VitC FAQ

    2b. (*!)(+) Beta Glucan – REQUIRED!
    see: How does Beta Glucan work?

    3. Eniva Vibe and/or 90 For Life and/or Cellfood Concentrate and/or Real Salt
    see: Vibe Liquid
    see: Healthy Body Start Pack
    see: Cellfood Concentrate
    see: Real Salt

    4. (*)(k)(s) Aloe Arborescens
    see: Aloe Arborescens

    5. (*) Kelley Metabolic
    see: Kelley Metabolic

    6abc. (***)(+)(k)(s) Three Honey Protocols
    Read instructions at Dirt Cheap Protocol (roughly half way down the page.)

    7. (*!)(k)(s) DMSO/CD (DMSO / Chlorine Dioxide)
    see: DMSO/CD
    see: Perfect Storm
    see: Log Cabin

    8. (*)(+) Asparagus (alkaline) (For Those Who Are Not on Blood Thinners)

    9. (*)(+) Carrot Juice
    see: Raw Food

    10. (+)(*)(k) Stevia (alkaline)
    see: Stevia

    11. (*)(+) Six Lemons a Day (Alkaline)
    see: Six Lemons Video

    12. Phytoplankton: The Super Nutrient
    see: Phytoplankton

    13. (*) Astaxanthin (Super Antioxidant)
    see: Super Antioxidant

    14a. (k) High RF Frequency Generator
    see: High RF Frequency Generator Protocol

    14b. ParaZapper
    see: ParaZapper

    15. (+) Real Sunlight (Optional)

    16. (**)(+) Other Inexpensive Protocols
    see: Inexpensive

    17. (*) Essiac Tea
    see: Essiac Tea

    18a. Ultraviolet Light Therapy (UVA – Immune Building)
    see: Ultraviolet

    18b. More Ideas To Kill Microbes in the Bloodstream (Immune Building)
    see: Kill Microbes

    19. (*) Liver Flush (Deal With “Root Cause” of Cancer – REQUIRED OF EVERYONE To Build Immune System)
    see: Liver Flush

    20. Dealing With Pain
    see: Pain

    21. The “Cancer Diet” For This Protocol
    see: Cancer Diet

    22. Totally Optional Immune System Protocol – The Bob Beck Protocol
    see: Bob Beck Protocol

    23. The Importance of the “Will To Live”


    I hope that helps, and let me know if you have any questions.



    Hi Nonna,
    I am almost identical to you in diagnosis and budget. I had a complete hysterectomy in Dec.'16. They gave me a diagnosis of Endometrial/Uterine Cancer State IIIa, but stated that my lymph nodes were clear. I've been researching since my surgery in December and have decided the Dirt Cheap Protocol is the way for me to go. I added to that the Apricot Kernals for B17. I cannot do any of the things on the list which require a large up front payment, but I can do plenty of the other. On top of that, I knew that I knew that I knew chemo was not for me. I have 4 grown daughters who are upset with me, an ex-husband who calls me daily (undoubtably pushed to do so by his daughters) but I have a God given sense that I will be fine.

    I began the protocol in earnest on Monday 1/23/17 with what I had been able to accumulate so far, and adding things every day.
    I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I believe God has given us everything we need here on earth for our lives. I hope this encourages you.
    Proverbs 3:16-18
    16 In her right hand
    Wisdom holds a long life,
    and in her left hand
    are wealth and honor.
    17 Wisdom makes life pleasant
    and leads us safely along.
    18 Wisdom is a life-giving tree,
    the source of happiness
    for all who hold on to her.
    Please feel free to contact me. We can do this walk together if you would like.



    Hello Leakayel,

    Yes, I would very much like to do this together. It is so terrifying. The waiting is just horrible. I was diagnosed on Jan 11, a day before my 60th birthday. My gynecologist,basically just said “you have cancer and I can't help you”. I see the oncologist on the 30th. During the wait I have been trying to do as much as possible to starve the cancer and build up my immune system. I have been a practicing vegetarian for 45 years, cheated with fish every so often. Now I am trying a vegan diet, carrot juice, aloe juice, paw paw, a turmeric blend and a green raw superfood blend. Using meditation and affirmations from YouTube to try and get some sleep at night. Not knowing what comes next is making me crazy, how fast do I have to make a decision on Monday regarding surgery and treatment? Are they willing to do integrative or just conventional? Please stay in touch, I will be praying for you.

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi Nonna,

    First, it can be a great help to have someone to talk to who is going through the same things you are. I think it's great that you both have connected!

    When you speak with your medical team on Monday, be clear that you would like to include integrative treatments and ask them how they can help you with those goals. The more you share with them about your desires, the greater the chance they can help you structure a plan that best fits your situation.

    Best of luck, and we are here any questions you may have!



    Hi Nonna,
    I'm not sure how to calm your fears, except to help you know there are options.

    I may look at the medical community different than some. I was raised in a chiropractic family, with no medical interventions ever. At 57 yo, this diagnosis was a huge surprise since I have never been sick. I was never vaccinated and rarely used any otc meds for anything. So I went into this ‘knowing' there had to be a better way.

    I saw my oncologist verbalize in a manipulative way when he saw my daughters become emotional. After having refused to express treatment in numbers he then began to predict death in number of months. He lost my respect at manipulation and I knew God let me see clearly that he could not answer my integrative or natural questions. His suggestion for building my immune system was to take a woman's one a day vitamin. Even I know more than that. I am not angry with him. I recognize that his education has given him tunnel vision and he is ill-prepared to care for me on the path I have chosen.

    This past weekend was a study weekend for me. I took every item listed on the Dirt Cheap Protocol and researched that item completely. It took all weekend because each website leads to another website. But it really helped me understand which was for me and which was not. I feel good about the items I will use. I know which I am using to Kill the cancer and which I am using to build my Immune system. I've added some things that are important to my thyroid and adrenals. I highly recommend you take the time to study. It will help you ask good questions.

    I'll be praying for you that you find the path this weekend that you know you must go on.

    ***Note to Tara: Would you like us to share emails and take this off the forum?

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor


    That is excellent advice!

    I am always available via email at if you have any questions.

    I have no problem with this being on the board if you are both okay with it!



    Thank you Tara and Leakayel for your advice and encouragement. I seem to be hitting a brick wall. My oncologist canceled my first appt on Monday due to an emergency operation. Meet with her today. She told me that my cancer is very aggressive and fast growing and she has no surgery openings for at least 8 weeks. I should find another Dr. She gave me 2 referrals and neither of them take my insurance. Ordered CTs but didn't give me any authorization numbers, it could take up to 3 days to get the numbers. I am concerned about the radiation from the CT, if it might cause it to spread. She said we had to do it to see if it has spread. She told me that my cancer was just bad luck, and she suggested that diet would not help and that I should take a multi-vitamin. Also spoke about chemo, and that I could come back to her after the surgery for chemo – really stressed that. Soooooo my daughter found a hospital in NYC that will accept my insurance and the Drs. are willing to schedule surgery asap they just need whatever test results I have. Then a consult and hopefully really soon after that surgery. I will continue with my diet, the paw paw and whatever else I can find. I have to decide if I should continue with the paw paw or try some of the other items such as the baking soda. I read that the baking soda will cancel out the paw paw. Do you have any idea which might be stronger?

    How are you feeling? and are you satisfied with your choices. I did a lot of research this weekend, I am still a bit confused and totally overwhelmed. I still don't even feel sick. It's just so unreal. I'm just numb. I really just need to know if it has spread, get the surgery done and come up with a plan.

    Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Best of luck with the surgery, Nonna. Please keep us posted on your recovery!

    When you have time, here is our page on uterine cancer and our suggestions:



    Hi Nonna,
    So far I am satisfied, but have not had any more check ups that might tell me otherwise. I can tell I have more energy than I've had in probably 2 years. I'm sure that is from having that dead uterus removed as well as the juicing I am doing. My incision from the hysterectomy is not healing well. I had an abcess and now it just seems to be lingering in an open state. Since I have never smoked and I am not diabetic, they have no idea why it is going so slow. I think I will juice even more than I was so that I get plenty of nutrients in there for healing.
    I don't know much about pawpaw. I will have to research it. I am focusing on trying to be more alkaline, so the baking soda treatment is good in that respect.
    Please let us know when you have your surgery. I hope all goes well for you!



    Hi Tara, Thank you for your good wishes. I Have a new oncologist and surgery is scheduled for March 2. I had some CT scans done and they all showed no evidence of mastastic disease. My CA125 was 62.2. They told me to stop all supplements etc 1 week before surgery. I would like to start back on them as soon as possible. I am currently drinking 32 oz of carrot juice a day, taking PawPaw, beta glucan, 8 oz of aloe juice ( thinking of upping this to aloe arborescens) will that neutralize the pawpaw?, I am following a vegan diet – lots of alkaline foods, lots of ginger both fresh and powdered, also tumerick and once a day green vibrance drink. I would like to add more but I am not sure if anything is neutralizing anything else. I have also started yoga, meditating, and have been doing coffee enemas daily. Is there anything that you can suggest. Thank You So Very Much for all your help and compassion.

    Best Wishes, Liz



    Hi Leakayel

    Glad that you are happy with your choices and that you are feeling better. it is so overwhelming trying to find the right combinations. Hope that your incision has started to heal.

    Did you have robotic surgery, that is what they want me to have and that is part of the delay, there are not many drs. where I live that do it. I saw a new oncologist on the 15th, she scheduled my operation for March 2. She stressed that it is a very aggressive and fast growing cancer and she advised that chemo and radiation would probably be needed after the surgery and staging. She saw that I was not comfortable with that idea and backed off and said there was still about a month, don't worry about it yet, which was very comforting. As with you, my daughter and boyfriend were there and she saw the fear on their faces she backed off, which I really appreciated. She was so totally different from the first oncologist that I saw. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and she was meant to do my surgery.

    I found this woman on youtube that is totally inspiring, her video was called Bridget Heals Cancer, and from her blog I found this woman Barbara O'Neill that talks about the acid/alkaline balance. It's so very informative – here is the link .

    I wanted to try the baking soda but read that it cancels out the pawpaw. I firmly believe in the pawpaw – that it is killing cells and it also had a side effect of lowering my blood pressure. I'm hoping that when they do the pre-op blood work that they do another CA125 so I can see if the number has gone up or down, I will definitely attribute that to the diet and pawpaw.

    Have you checked out Chris Wark his website is Chris Beat Cancer, great information and interviews with survivors. 10 part series is here on cancer tutor and on you tube. The 4th one is tonight and deals with the anti-cancer diet. Starts at 9.

    l have met some wonderfully compassionate and very helpful people, yourself included and I thank you. Please, let's stay in touch.

    Wishing You the Very Best, Liz



    Hi Liz,
    I'm so sorry I've taken so long to respond. I have many distractions going on that keep me from being able to focus here, on my treatment or research. I've been sick and I think that is because my immune system is being taxed too much. I've started a therapy just for building up my immune system, so hopefully soon I will see that turn around. UBI therapy.
    Hope all is well for you!



    Hi Leakayel, I'm sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope the UBI therapy will work wonders for you. I had not heard of it, just looked it up, it looks amazing and very promising.

    I had my surgery on the 2nd, a long surgery – almost 5 1/2 hrs – with no problems. The surgeon called last week to say so far it looks like it was contained just waiting for 1 more result. She staged it at 1A. I meet with her tomorrow the 15th. She wants to refer me to an oncologist to discuss treatment options because of the cell type. I believe that the vegan diet, the supplements, the herbs, spices, juicing, vitamins, teas, positive affirmations, exercise, meditation and research started improving my health way before the surgery. I did stop takingbeverything but the Beta Glucan 1 week prior to surgery, figured the extra immune support could only help. Started it all the day after I got home and added quite a few items to my routine.

    I will continue on this path with monitoring and testing to measure my progress. How are you planning on monitoring, what tests will you use?

    I'm also going to look into seeing a nutritionist that specializes in cancer.

    Wishing You the Best, Liz



    Hi. I had endometrial cancer in approx. 2006 and was given a full hysterectomy and they took out a line of lymph nodes and everything was clear. I was told that there was a 95% or better chance that this was cured and it would never happen again. I thought ‘no duh' because you took everything out. I went for all of my cancer check ups up to the 5 year free mark and after that they said I was clear and good to go. I bopped it out of my head and moved on with my life. Now 10 years later I have endometrial cancer again! Unbelievable. THe body part no longer exists but I still have gotten the cancer again. They explained it all and I understand what they told me but my brain can't wrap around it. Bottom line they want me to have radiation for a 60% cure rate now and there are a lot of very unpleasant side effects that may occur and one is my vagina may close up completely! I will have to insert a plastic tube into it daily after all the radiation is over and do the insert/dilation for 2 years! It still may be disfigured. My colon may have to be cut apart and pieced back together in a few years as a result of radiation and it may affect my bladder too. Bottom line is regular doctors don't support natural cures with no side effects and insurance companies won't pay for natural cures either.

    So, I want to know if the other ladies on here that have had endometrial cancer, if they are getting positive results from using the natural methods explained here? How long did you use the method and which method did you use before you started seeing a reversal in the cancer situation?

    Please reply as soon as possible because I”m supposed to get some BB's injected in my vagina next week so I can start radiation. I do not want to do this but I want to live for many more years because I still have a lot of living to do (I'm only 47 and was 36/37 the first time I had it).

    Thank you. May God bless you all.

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