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    I was recently diagnosed with a breast cancer tumor. Between stage 2 or 3. after some research, I have decided not to have a needle biopsy and not to follow the standard procedure of mastectomy, radiation and chemo. the recommended surgeon must have had her heart cut out because the whole visit was antagonistic and she just simply advised me this is the way it would be and was not interested at all in answering questions or discussing alternatives. She was very impressed with herself. Her demanding and authoritative attitude actually was a gift to me, because I am not a follower and it kicked my a** into gear to do some research and look for alternative therapies. Of course, this is outside of the insurance box, so the dirt cheap protocol is of interest to me. For the last month I have eaten the anti-cancer diet and lost a lot of excess weight and my BMI is actually within range. I have never felt healthier or had more energy. No fats, no oils, no dairy, no meats, no processed food. I am eating raw vegan with occasional steamed veggies. Heavy on cruciferous veggies. Also green juice (kale, cucumber, celery, green apple and ginger. Also carrot juice (for a detox?). I am a little confused about the DCP steps. I want to set up my plan and begin to hit this thing even harder. I believe I have transitioned my system into a more inhospitable environment for this tumor. I believe the tumor is the estrogen based one, as that is what my sister dealt with about one year ago, but she had surgery and radiation and chemo and now wishes she did not. She is having some serious side effects now.
    So: (1) I am currently taking turmeric capsules and open them to trojan horse the turmeric with raw honey. Can I still do this with the Kelmun protocol. Is turmeric a blood thinner? The DCP appears to be reasonable and I am a fighter. I have chosen life on my terms and not to be railroaded. So are there any of the remaining 10 protocols that would be considered preferred over the others. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



    Hi Roie,

    My understanding is that Turmeric can slow blood clotting, may act as a blood thinner, and can also increase the effects of blood thinning medication.
    According to the DCP, yes you can still do this (Turmeric/Honey) with the Kelmun protocol. See ‘Three Honey Protocol', its one of the protocols that if chosen, can be part of your DCP.

    Preferred protocols will depend on the individual. For example, in my case as I live in Australia, I chose those protocols that I can easily gain access too the items that I require. Another factor of choosing protocols was wether it would integrate and fit within my daily routine. If you believe its hormone based, look at eliminating Xenoestrogens and take Female Formulas that balance your hormones (herbs such as Dong Quai root or Chaste Tree berry).
    If you like, post the list of protocols your considering and see what ideas/responses you get.

    All the best.


    Thanks so much for your quick response and advice. I live in Florida and am so thankful there are folks out there who are compassionate and share willingly their knowledge and experience. I will take your advice and when I have decided on my specific protocols, I will list them and see if anyone has any follow-up advice. I feel as if I am designing my war room and action board. Need to keep track. I am 66 and retired, so I do have the time to put my plan into action. Just never thought cancer would be part of my life, but then again, it is going to be how I handle it. I wish you the best in your journey.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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