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    Joe Shuttleworth

    Would like to know of protocols for Multiple Myeloma that people have found successful. Need treatments that are reasonably priced. My naturopath wants me to do Vitamin C IV and Mistletoe. How have these worked for patients?





    In my opinion, you should get these products.

    Cat´s claw
    Equinacea angustifolia

    Follow an anti cancer diet, without meat and dairy products. Drink vegetable juice (beetroot, carrot, cabbage (or some other from the cabbage family), 1 garlic clove, an apple, and 10 drops of lemon juice). Eat whole grain, like oat, flax seed, wheat germ…. Your meals should follow this quantity order of food. Am excelent breakfeast, a good lunch, and a poor dinner. At dinner, eat only soup OR fruit of the same spieces.

    Do a heavy metal cleaning with coriander and chlorella, selenium, Alpha Lipoic ácid, and vitamine C

    Exercise your body by walking 45 minutes/day, 3 – 4 times a week. Take a shower after exercise.

    Do 10 deep inspirations every morning and before sleep, and keep your bedroom window with a tiny open, to enter some fresh air, night and day.

    Get every day 15 minutes of sun bath, before 10am, or after 5pm. Don't apply sun protector.

    Do what you can to have a good sleep….

    And the best of all, pray to God. I have seen good results with people who pray. It's very simple, talk to God as you talk to a friend. Tell Him everything that scares you, your needs, your sorows, and ask for His forgiveness. You will experience a sensations of peace, that you need….do this every time, every day… every seconds…

    If you are doing chemo, 3 days before, and 3 days after chemo, take 3 cups/day of fresh ginger tea. 1 day after chemo, add the mistletoe and dandelion tea, separate from the ginger tea.

    Use this mix: 1 coffe spon of safron (turmeric) + 1 coffe spoon of ginger (powder) + a little little bit of black pepper powder + 1 soup spoon of flax seed oil or olive oil. Mix these and swallow with soup, every day….

    Use alkaline water. If you dont't have it, put a tea spoon of baking soda in 5 liters of bottled water, previously filterd….

    I hope this can help you to treat yourself or someone else you care….

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