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    My father have a glioblastoma, and after surgery, he's now on tomotherapy
    We're using alternative treatments right now, such as :
    Keto Diet
    High dose liposomal Vit C
    Omega 3
    Vitamin D
    And I'm planning to add :
    Sodium R Lipoate
    Naltrexone Low Dose
    Waiting for confirmation of compatibility :
    Artemisinin (artemether)
    Dichloroacetate (DCA)
    In the article about the treatment of stage IV cancer, I'm surprised to not find those treatments.
    Do you know about them ?
    Do you agree using them ?
    If not, why ?
    Thanks in advance



    You might search for those treatments using our site's search feature. It may just be that site leadership does not think a particular intervention is worthy to be considered a Stage IV intervention.

    However since you probably have somewhat fewer options for brain cancer I can understand your question. For example, there was a small study on DCA and glioblastoma.

    Since you are using lipoate, have you also considered Poly MVA?

    Have you considered the possible involvement of dental infections–root canals, etc?

    Any thoughts on curcumin?

    Dr Burzynski's medication supposedly gives a person with GBM a 5% chance of being cancer free after 5 yrs. however it is very expensive and available only in Texas.

    I have additional links about the above subjects in my notes.



    Hey man,

    Your answer is very interesting. Thank you for taking the time

    I'm using Sodium Lipoate based on the method of a French Docteur called “Metabolic Treatment”. It aims to “repair” the mitochondria of the cancerous sell.

    He uses Sodium Lipoate + hydroxicitrate, this with keto diet. I don't know if his book is translated from French.

    So I don't really know about poly MVA. Will check this out tho.

    But that thing about dental root canal is very interesting. As my dad has some dental issue.

    The problem is, I read your link and didn't understand everything. In fact I understood only a little.

    Could you, please, explain me with more simplicity what I have to do / what I have to say to the dentist to do ?

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