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    Hi forum,
    I just read the article about the Dandelion root protocol, at the end it provides a link for a root vendor. I would like to know, is it effective if it comes from a vendor, or growing, drying it and processing it yourself, the way the article describes it?



    Hello Maribel
    I am using dandelion root to treat my oral cancer with very satisfying results.
    Cultivating your own dandelion, picking the roots at the right season, then drying and cutting it yourself would obviously be the ideal.
    If you have the acreage necessary to get the necessary quantity, if you are prepared to wait the many months needed for the crop to be ready, then have the equipment, time and physical energy required to do the drying, cutting and sifting that would be great.
    If, like me you need to treat a cancer right now and do not have access to all the above you may have to do like me and use some dried vendor tea. I do not use the vendor from the link, but it looks OK to me.
    Side effects were a bit of bloating at first, which reduced to a bit of flatulence.
    Preparing the tea is special and just tea is often not enough. I'll tell you more about it if you ask.



    Hi Ozie,
    I'm happy to hear that the cancer is responding to this tea. I don't have cancer but would like to take the tea for prevention. What kind of special preparation needs?

    Thanks in advance.



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    This forum is badly crippled. I keep on trying to reply, some day I may get through.
    Hi Maribel,
    For prevention just the tea is probably sufficient. I take 3 mugs a day.
    Roots should be raw, cut and sifted. Fresh should also be OK.
    Bring to the boil quickly. I pour two teaspoons into 200ml of boiling water -3/4 US cup.
    Let it boil for 1 minute, this inactivates enzymes that would otherwise quickly degrade active principles.
    Immediately cool down quickly by adding 50ml -1/4 US cup- of very cold water. More active principles will survive the heat.
    Let it stand for 10 minutes, strain, it is ready.

    Dandelion tea may get you to urinate more often, not a bad thing. Don't forget to drink more.
    Good luck.

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